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    Oxyfresh – the easiest way for keep your dog’s kisses fresh!

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    Most pets hate having their teeth brushed. Thankfully, Oxyfresh has pioneered a “No Brush Solution” for your furry friend. Finally, pet home dental care made easy! This non-toxic water additive is for both dogs and cats. The patented blend of Oxygene and zinc safely neutralizes bad breath and helps improve overall dental health, protecting them from periodontal disease, plaque and gingivitis. Completely tasteless and odorless, even the most persnickety of pets can’t detect it.

    I have to be honest, since Niko’s arrival, Cami has taken a backseat in terms of priorities!  We still take care of her daily with 2 walks and plenty of loving but we haven’t gone to dog park or the pet store as often now! She has been such a good girl and Oxyfresh is an easy way for us to make sure her teeth stay in great shape through her drinking water. It is very easy, just a splash in her water bowl and that’s it!

    Now that we have used it for just over 3 weeks – I have zero issues with her licking the baby!

    Key Benefits

    • Veterinarian recommended to clean teeth, fight periodontal disease, freshen breath and strengthen gums.
    • Exclusive teeth-cleaning blend of proprietary Oxygene and zinc acetate for a proven oral hygiene solution.
    • No hassle or messes by just adding it to your pet’s water; the formula activates in your pal’s mouth with every sip.
    • Tasteless and odorless so your picky pal won’t even know it’s there and it’s safe to drink.
    • Made in the USA with no animal testing or animal byproducts!
    • No brushing required.
    • Cleans your pet’s teeth and gums.
    • Odorless and tasteless.
    • Safe for both cats and dogs.
    • Veterinarian recommended brand.

    New look, same great formula! This product has recently undergone a packaging change. Customers may receive old packaging during this transition.

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    Feed Real Food: Freshpet is real, all natural pet food made from scratch

    Just like us, our pets may suffer from Diabetes. Being obese or overweight can contribute to this condition, and since November is National Pet Diabetes Month, we want to offer information about this that you can share and publish. We also recommend fresh pet food for your pets!

    • It may surprise you to learn that dogs and cats can both suffer from Diabetes, also called diabetes mellitus. 1 out of 100 dogs has it by the age of 12 and between 1 in 50 or 1 in 500 cats will also have this condition. In diabetic cats and dogs, their pancreatic cells produce little or no insulin, or there is an abnormal response to the insulin that is produced.

    The effects upon your pets are life-changing. For dogs the most common diabetes-related issues include

    • Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia (that may be induced by incorrect insulin dosing)
    • Ketoacidosis (ketones and high acidity in body fluids)
    • Cataracts
    • Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia (that may be induced by transient remission or incorrect insulin dosing)
    • Chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)
    • Poor grooming and dry, lusterless coat
    • Recurrent infections
    • Ketoacidosis (ketones and high acidity in body fluids)
    • Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve dysfunction resulting in an abnormal stance)

    To manage your pet’s Diabetes, you must visit your veterinarian. And, as part of the treatment, they will most likely recommend not only insulin therapy but also a program that includes what to feed your pet (wholesome, real foods such as found in Freshpet) as well as quantity and timing of each meal. Exercise will also be part of this program since many pets are overweight. With the correct wholesome food, exercise and management with your vet’s assistance, your pet can live a healthy life!

    Freshpet: Freshpet is real, all natural pet food made from scratch with the freshest ingredients in their kitchen. Freshpet meals are crafted using real meat and veggies you can see. They never have any preservatives – that’s why you’ll find their products in the fridge in the pet food aisle.