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    Some New Toys Keep Meow Meow Busy from Early Morning to Late Night

    If you are a pet owner like me, you should totally understand the feeling that you want to play with your pets, but you have to work, cook, clean, or there are a lot of other things we have to take care of. Our worlds have so many stuffs around, but for our pets, their whole world is us. So sad, right? But the good thing is we can find some cool pet toys to keep them busy.

    Sorry Meow Meow, please keep away from my flowers. I mean your toys, not my fresh flowers! It is quite urgent to get something fun for him. Because I also don’t want to see he is getting bored, or he is meowing around.

    Gladly, I got two great toys for him. He is just getting crazy and nuts about them. I have to let you guys know these two cat toys. You should totally get them to keep your cats active, busy and happy!

    Crazy Ribbons

    Thanks to the Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons, cats remain active and entertained. Ribbons will attract your cat and stimulate his hunter instinct.

    EYENIMAL Crazy Ribbons features

    • Ribbons turn on themselves and change direction to attract the cat
    • With or without automatic timer
    • Power supply: 3*1,5V LR3 batteries (not supplied)
    • Dimensions: 23,2*18*8 cm
    • 2-year warranty

    Chase Me! 

    Like Crazy Ribbons, the Chase Me! is an interactive toy designed to help indoor cats stay engaged. It features a motorized wand with ribbons that move and change directions, attracting cats’ attention and encouraging them to play. The Chase Me! has four speed settings — slow, medium, fast and random — to keep cats entertained for hours.

    EYENIMAL Chase Me! features

    • Motorized ribbons wand, moves and changes direction to attract the cat
    • 4 speed settings: slow, middle, fast and random
    • Power supply: 3*1,5V LR6 batteries (not supplied)
    • Dimensions: Ø22*8 cm
    • 2-year warranty

    These fun toys are from France-based Eyenimal NumAxes and California-based Ideal Pet Products’s collaboration products. They are excited to unveil a variety of new and updated products for pets and their owners, including stimulating cat toys, pet monitoring cameras and more. The union of two leading French pet products companies, Eyenimal NumAxes has a long-standing reputation for developing innovative products that combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. All Eyenimal NumAxes items are designed and manufactured in France and distributed in the U.S. by Ideal Pet Products, the company’s exclusive supplier for North America. For more information on these innovative products and the companies behind them, visit https://www.numaxes.com/en/ or https://www.idealpetproducts.com.

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    All natural Jax and Cali extra large pet wipes make cleaning paws and body a snap

    Jax & Cali® Paw and Body Wipes (now available in 25 count individually wrapped wipes packages), provide a natural, durable and effective way to secure the health of pets through cleanliness. These superior, textured wipes ensure sanitation through the removal of dirt, allergens, bacteria and potential carcinogens that can be found on a pet’s paws and body after being in the elements.

    “I don’t think people realize what dogs can track into their house,” says Gail Beregovich, President of Jax & Cali. “Besides the obvious dirt and mud, which can wreck havoc on your floors and furniture, there are also allergens, bacteria and other things which you don’t want to have in your home. These wipes are an easy way to quickly wipe down a dog’s body and paws so everybody can be happy, healthy and clean.”

    These all-natural wipes (now available in 25 count packages)
    contain no harmful chemicals
    and are specially formulated to cleanse, nourish and protect.

    These pH balanced fragrance free wipes (MSRP $6.59) cleanse, nourish and protect using vitamins B3 and E. They do not contain things like alcohol, parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. They are hypoallergenic and are PETA certified as cruelty-free and vegan. Their extra-large size, super thickness and textured surface make them easy, economical and effective to use. Just one wipe will provide a full wipe down including all four paws. Each wipe measures 8” x 10” and are available in 25 count individually packaged wipes that are easy to carry for clean-ups on-the-go.

    “These wipes are a great way to provide your dog with a quick clean-up after a walk or trip to the dog park,” said Beregovich. “Everybody will be happy and healthy when the nasty things that can be found outside aren’t brought into the house.

    About the Company

    Jax & Cali is a female owned and family operated indie brand located in Miami, FL. When you open any Jax & Cali package, you will find an all-natural, holistic product. At Jax & Cali their mission is to protect our pet’s health and the homes they live in through cleanliness. By eliminating dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other potential carcinogens that are tracked inside our homes, your pet will not be ingesting toxins that can hurt them nor lead to fatality. For more information about Jax & Cali products please go to www.jaxandcali.com

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    Surfs Up with @BodyGlove Pets

    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.34.27 PMJacob is the only dog in the neighborhood with the Body Glove rash guard.  Do dogs surf?  Lately we have been couch surfing because of the serious cold weather here in New York.  But today, with a bit of sun and a lot of wind, we put on the Body Glove Pets Rash Guard.  Great for an ‘undershirt’ with itchy wool sweaters or extra coverage when wearing a jacket.   Even if you are not ‘surfing’ a rash guard can be totally great for hiking the woods and of course swimming!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.39.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.39.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.40.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.40.20 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.40.38 PM

    Rashguards are especially great for hot days because shirt will keep your dog’s coat cool all day long. Sun shirts are comfortable, super soft and offer 4-way stretch. Fabrics are quick drying, so no more worries about saggy shirts. Shirts are made from chemical-free, UPF 50+ sun protective Nylon/Lycra fabrics to protect your pooch from harmful UV rays.

    Check out more on http://bodyglove-pet.com/


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    Wipe the smell away with @Reviver

    REVIVER is the first ever odor neutralizing clothing and hair wipe. Wipe away the everyday!


    I received a handful of REVIVER products last week and I just loved the packaging and the concept. Just wipe wipe wipe. You can reuse it, it has Vitamin E, Aloe and can neutralize the everyday stinky!


  • My Dog Jacob

    Goose Down-Filled Dog Coat from @JoyPetsProducts

    Sky Blue Silver Grey Goose Down Coat from Joy Pet Products

    We are on the last legs of summer right now and fall means one thing for dog owner – Time to shop for coats! We recently tried a brand new coat from our friends at Joy Pet Products. You know it is filled with real down because it smells like down pillows and down duvets! The down that Joy Pets Products used is cleaned between 10 – 15 times and the standard is 2 – 5 times because of dog’s sensitivity to smell.

    The Joy Pet Products Goose Down Filled Dog Coat has a removable poly fill hood and a 3M reflective piping for safety. This new version of the dog coat feels lighter than their previous Original Goose Down Filled Dog Coat because its made with soft water resistant nylon on both sides. It is super warm for short coat wimpy dogs like Jacob because it still has the same high fill power white goose down.

    The best part of these nylon coats without the fleece layer is that they prevent shedding inside the coat and fur bits getting stuck. They are fully reversible for two different looks, adjustable fit and machine wash and dry for easy wear – easy care.

    Side view of the coat – The hood is a bit small to actually use but it is cute and removable!

    *The hood is actually meant to be worn as shown on our site to give extra neck coverage.  It’s helpful for dogs who have longer bodies but don’t need a larger size coat.

    It is also reversible grey.

    This coat is available in Sizes XXS through XL for $129.99 Made in Canada or USA.


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  • My Dog Jacob

    HyperPet Slingshot Pig

    Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot Toys…Thumb released slingshot dog toy with squeaker

    • Made with durable ballistic material
    • Bungy neck launches toy up to 100 feet!
    • Available in several fun animal designs, colors and sizes
    • Meets or exceeds child toy safety standards
    • Floats in water for summertime fun!

    As you all know Jacob loves his soft toys. He has never been a real fan of Kongs or other Rubber toys – But he surely loves to run and play.  When we got this HyperPet Slingshot Pig, we were excited to test it out.  We got the mini flying pig in green.  Here is the first look.

    After one day, some pulling and tugging, the Slingshot Pig got a little stressed out.  I couldn’t sling it properly because I don’t know how but we were able to Nerf ball it. Then that scared Jacob when it hit the wall and he didn’t love it.  The piggy got gutted shortly after that. 1 point for Jacob, 0 points for the Slingshot pig.

    Maybe a great toy for a Border Collie or a water dog?

    We rate this toy 3 out of 5 bones