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    Your New Best Friend on Petfinder.com

    I woke up early to write this post because it has been on my mind all last night and the entire week. I have a neighbor who does NOT take care of his dog. His dog is in kept in filthy conditions with flies all over him and hardly any water. He has never been out of his kennel for the past 2 months. Furthermore, the dog is sweet as can be. He only barks when he is hungry and I can understand that.

    He is black but actually covered in dust.


    The worst part is, I wrote to the local humane society and I got ZERO response. It is because the shelter is already FULL of pit bulls and why would they want to take in one more.  There are so many worst and tragic stories out there, they can’t save them all – I guess. What a pity. It is annoying enough that people continue to breed dogs, sell them and they all end up in shelters and Craigslist.  Millions of dogs are killed each year because they are unwanted.

    This weighs on my heart heavily and I urge you all to seriously make some room in your heart and home for an unwanted pet this holiday season. They will change your life in ways you never can imagine. Humans and animals are suppose to live in peace and harmony. We have so much to learn from one another and the system is broken right now.  Rescue a pet in your area using Petfinder.com and find your new best friends.

    November is Adopt-A-Senior pet month!

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    @PetFinder Seal of Approval

    Petfinder, the online leader in responsible pet ownership, has been committed to animal welfare and the organizations dedicated to the cause since its founding in 1996. To date, Petfinder has facilitated more than 20 million pet adoptions and, as a go-to resource for millions of pet parents, is extending its value through the launch of the Petfinder Seal of Approval – a special designation for partner products, services, brands and initiatives that have met strict pet-friendly criteria.

    With the announcement, Petfinder is happy to acknowledge the first three recipients of the Petfinder Seal of Approval: HomeAgain, PetFirst Healthcare and Thundershirt. Each brand has been vetted to ensure that they have:

    – Not been involved in invasive or harmful testing on animals during the past 10 or more years, and has no current or planned involvement in invasive or harmful testing on animals.
    – Not been involved in the promotion of the sale or breeding of animals during the past 10 or more years, and have no current or planned involvement in the promotion of the sale or breeding of animals;
    – Not had a record of animal injury or death due to product or brand use for at least the past 10years, and brand does not currently support events or initiatives that cause or promote animal injury or death and has not supported such events or initiatives for at least the past 10 years; and
    – Demonstrated a commitment to explicitly and positively impact the welfare of animals through donations, promotions and/or financial support.

    “Petfinder is committed to responsible life-long relationships between pets and people, and that is a commitment that we look for our partners to take seriously,” said Iain Langridge, General Manager of Petfinder. “The Petfinder Seal of Approval extends the trust and authority of our brand to like-minded supporters of animal welfare, and we are pleased to award the Seal to HomeAgain, PetFirst and Thundershirt – and look forward to adding more socially responsible partners to our program.”

    “When I co-founded Petfinder 16 years ago, businesses dedicated to our cause were the exception and not the rule,” added Betsy Banks Saul, Co-Founder of Petfinder. “Today, I am proud to see that group growing and extend my thanks to the companies that have made that important commitment by supporting Petfinder and its 14,000 members shelters and rescues, enabling us to unite countless pets with their fur-ever homes.”

    Partners who qualify for the Petfinder Seal of Approval are invited to use it across their branded communication channels, including product packaging, advertising, marketing and communications. By purchasing products that feature the Petfinder Seal, consumers are supporting brands that are actively striving to make life better for pets.

    For more information on the Petfinder Seal of Approval, please visit petfinder.com/sealofapproval.

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    If you are in the Echo Park area in LA and looking for a friend… adopt Scruffy!
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