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    Coty acquires Philosophy

    COTY INC. TO ACQUIRE PHILOSOPHY, INC. – Yep! That’s right. I just received this press release. How exciting. Two great beauty brands are come together to create a stronghold as a pillar in the industry. I think this is a great move for Philosophy. When I heard the the founder Cristina Carlino speak at CEW about her experince in creating products for the ‘forgotten woman’ I knew exactly what she meant. These products have landed time and again on Oprah’s favorite things. This now, will become yours as well. Big congrats to Cristina for being a success story and for inspiring dreamers like me.

    Beauty Giant Adds Premier Skincare and Cosmetics Products to Its Coty Prestige Division

    NEW YORK, November 23, 2010 — Coty Inc., a leading global beauty company and philosophy, inc., a premier skincare and cosmetics company, today announced that Coty has agreed to acquire philosophy from The Carlyle Group, a global alternative asset manager.

    The acquisition of philosophy will allow Coty to further strengthen and expand its Coty Prestige division, which will manage the philosophy portfolio. philosophy is a beauty brand focused on skin care, with an important presence in fragrance, bath and body and color cosmetics. Founded in 1996, philosophy has created a strong emotional connection with its consumer, thanks to the unique combination of brand approachability and product performance. The philosophy product line, which is sold in QVC, Sephora,

    Ulta, Nordstrom and other premier retailers, is expected to generate sales of more than $200 million in 2010 and consistently earns top beauty industry awards.
    “philosophy is one of the beauty industry’s most prestigious brands and a fantastic addition to the Coty family,” said Bernd Beetz, CEO, Coty Inc. “This acquisition will allow Coty to strengthen its presence in the skincare category, which is one of our key strategic objectives.”

    “philosophy is a perfect fit with Coty. We have a common focus on innovation, passion for brand development and entrepreneurial culture,” said Michele Scannavini, President, Coty Prestige. “We believe the brand still has significant growth potential in the US and tremendous opportunities in the international markets.”

    “philosophy’s success is driven by providing women with products that deliver results and inspiration. We thrive on innovation and are extremely excited to join Coty, a company that shares our passion for delighting consumers with superior products. We look forward to significant growth as part of the Coty global portfolio of brands,” said Ken Stevens, CEO, philosophy, inc. He added, “I am grateful for the wise counsel and confident support that Sandra Horbach and the Carlyle team always provided to me in the running of this business.”

    “philosophy has achieved great success under our ownership thanks to the hard work of Ken Stevens, his management team and philosophy’s many devoted associates,” said Sandra Horbach, Managing Director of The Carlyle Group. “We recognize and thank philosophy founder Cristina Carlino for creating this unique brand and for her years of dedication to the company. Coty is an outstanding partner for philosophy, and we wish them continued success.”


    “My dreams were bigger than my debt. And I had a really really big debt.” – Cristina Carlino Founder of philosophy beauty

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    CEW with Cristina Carlino

    June has been a whirlwind month for me!

    Last week I went to the CEW event in Santa Monica and was blown away by the passion and inspiration that Cristina Carlino imparted on all us beauty hopefuls.

    The crowd and venue were both beautiful and I am so excited to be going to the NYC event this week with Bobbi Brown.

     She talked about how her target demographic was the ‘forgotten woman’ – the mother, the teacher, the nurse, the woman who does not have a good relationship with her mirror or the one who has not bought a lipstick in a long time.  

    They focused on beauty and love and not the intimidating BEAUTY and GLAMOUR that is often protrayed by the mainstream media.

    “My dreams were bigger than my debt. And I had a really really big debt.” – Cristina Carlino Founder of philosophy beauty
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  • Los Angeles


    I am flying back to LA tomorrow for this very special event in Santa Monica put on my Cosmetic Executive Women.  I am so excited and will tell you all about it on Weds.  If you are interested in joining CEW or attending events like this, click here.

    Top 10 List: How to Build 

    a Beauty Brand

    Cristina Carlino


    Tuesday, June 15, 2010 

    Fairmont Miramar Santa Monica 
    Santa Monica, California

    6:00PM – 8:00PM

    skinnovator for the past 22 years, Cristina Carlino has been the brains behind the Philosophy beauty brand since its inception. An accomplished author, inventor of the “micropeel,” and the creator of a medical skincare company, BioMedic, Carlino noticed a gap between the quality of the skincare offered in doctor’s offices versus what was sold in department stores. In order to fill the void, she leveraged BioMedics research and technology into a more affordable and cool cosmetics, health, and wellness line that could be enjoyed by all. And so she launched Philosophy in 1996 and took the beauty scene by storm. Touted for fast and effective do-it-yourself vitamin C peels, nearly edible food-inspired body washes, natural-looking makeup, and clean-smelling fragrances, Carlino’s revolutionary formulations have proven to be a successful marriage of science and fun.

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    Dessert on your Face

    Cake on your face is only fun when your makeup isn’t ruin but.. dessert on your face and body seems to be the business these days. Have you heard of CAKE? This line is Canadian. They have collaborated with Barbie and Cake has all sorts of scrumptious scents for body products and makeup.

    Then i saw this Open Sundae‘s line. It’s hand made and Canadian too! I love the packaging and the concept. I think these are the best presents you can buy someone for birthdays and housewarming!
    Then I saw this Dylan’s Candy shop stuff. I first smelled this in the Sephora at Hollywood and Highland. I like it for the first 10 seconds then it was just too sickly sweet. 
    Then of course there is Philosophy with their dessert scented bath products. I don’t mind these because they wash off. But, i never feel truly clean when im scrubbed with ‘cake’.  

    What do you think? Do you like dessert smelling body products?