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    The Unscented Beauty Trend

    As the summer trend of minimalism continues, we are seeing a lot of clear, sheer and mono chromatics. It is no surprise that this has now also translated to the trends we see in beauty. Unscented products are gaining tremendous popularity and works great for summer days because of the layers of scents we carry with us everyday. From shower items to deodorants, perfumes, hair products  – take on this trend but eliminating at least one layer of scent.
    The leader in unscented products is Shea Yeleen. Carried in natural beauty retailers, you will feel a real difference once you try these products.  Shea Yeleen’s natural fair trade beauty productsyou’re not only doing something good for your skin, you helping the women from sub-Saharan Africa who source the shea to pay for regular, every day necessities their children need such as education, clothing and food.
    To learn more about the shea butter producers Shea Yeleen works with, please take a few minutes to watch the following short documentary:

    Unscented Body Balm

    This 100% unrefined, natural shea body balm moisturizes and protects the skin from daily elements leaving your skin healthy, smooth, and beautiful!
    Excellent for your dry, irritated, and sensitive skin; $19.

    Unscented Body Butter

    Packed with 20% natural, unrefined shea butter, this ultra-hydrating formula is rich in vitamins and will instantly smooth your skin, leaving it glowing; $19.

    Unscented Shea Butter Soap

    This fragrance-free shea butter soap will gently cleanse and soothe skin, leaving it fresh and moisturized; $5.50.

    Ingredients: Saponified Organic Base Oils of Safflower, Sunflower, Palm, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Rosemary Extract, 

    Organic Annatto Seed Powder, Organic Rosemary Leaf Powder. 

    All Shea Yeleen products are available at www.SheaYeleen.com as well as select Whole Foods stores.

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    Winter Kissable Lips @outofafricashea

    • 100% pure & unrefined shea butter
    • Contains vitamin E
    • Naturally rich in moisture

    The amazing California based beauty company has created the best balm to save winter lips. Besides the heat, the cold and the licking of lips – this is a must have. When you are looking for lip balms. It is most important that it contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter.

    Out of Africa works with women’s cooperatives in West Africa to harvest and crush only the richest shea nuts. Their shea butter is made by hand in order to maintain maximum healing properties.

    Out of Africa Shea Butter products contain the highest concentration of pure unrefined shea butter, providing the ultimate in skin hydration and healing.

    These lip balms are created with 100% natural ingredients; no parabens or sulfates; and are  vegan and eco-friendly. Be aware – there are many distributors of shea butter in various sizes, containers, prices, and types, but not all shea butter products are created equal. Some products contain a significant amount of potentially irritating additives and very little real shea butter. Shea butter should be a creamy color; shea that is pure white is highly refined and may no longer contain maximum healing properties. Shea butter should never be green, extremely hard or greasy.

    Out Of Africa shea butter products contain 100% pure, unrefined shea butter from West Africa.
    Unrefined shea butter is superior because it retains all its natural nutrients, especially vitamins A and E. Compared to other natural butters or oils, shea butter contains far more of the vitamins and other valuable phytonutrients essential for healing.

    • Provides exceptional hydration and elasticity, benefits that keep skin looking youthful and healthy.
    • Absorbs quickly into skin without the greasy residue of beeswax or mineral oil-based products.
    • Excellent for treating dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

    Out of Africa® is in partnership with a number of women’s cooperatives in Benin, West Africa to harvest the finest shea butter each year by hand selecting shea nuts with the lowest acidity levels to provide the best healing and nourishment your skin deserves.

    Winter Essentials

    The job opportunities provided to the local women’s cooperatives through our factory in West Africa allows these coops to in turn provide income, health benefits and education to families in the community.

    Out of Africa® further supports the Benin community thru its School Children Unite program. 5¢ to 30¢ from each product sold is contributed to help provide medical care and education to the children in West Africa.



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    Shea Indulgence comes Just in Time for the Holidays!

    Shea butter-enriched lotions are my weakness. They smell delicious, they keep skin hydrated and they’re a 10/10 on the “pamper me” scale. So I’m really happy to see Essence of Beauty come out with a Shea Indulgence collection just in time for the holidays!

    Shea Body Care Collection Kit

    This fantastic line is available exclusively in CVS stores — but don’t let the inexpensive price tag fool you. The Shea Indulgence collection gives any expensive skincare range a run for its money. Why? Because Essence of Beauty knows their stuff. They’re passionate about the products they create, enriching all their formulas with revitalizing passionflower seed and rice bran oils, antioxidant-rich vitamins, soothing aloe, and of course, renewing shea butter.

    But what they leave out of their skincare range is equally as important. Every Essence of Beauty cleanser, butter scrub and lotion is free from parabens, artificial dyes, phthalates, petrolatum, and gluten.

    Take a peek at what the master perfumers have to say about Essence of Beauty:

    Now onto their Shea Indulgence collection:


    Butter Scrub ($7.99): This product is divine, removing dead skin cells and renewing your skin. I use this as soon as I step in the shower and the smell is wonderful! Think silky shea butter mixed with coconut milk and creamy vanilla.


    Cream Shower Cleanser ($6.99): This shower cleanser is cheaper than the one I ordinarily use but is twice as great! It lathers up in an instant and pampers your skin while showering. Believe me, I’ve given my other shower cleanser the flick after using this.

    5042846216-1 5042846299

    Body Butter ($7.99) and Body Lotion ($6.99): Both these products are great for after-shower pampering. Work the body butter into those dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees, and heels (great for winter!), and use the body lotion to keep skin soft and smooth.

    And because the holidays are right around the corner, Essence of Beauty also has a great Shea Indulgence Body Care Collection for gift-giving (the 3-piece set above, $9.99). So good!

    Like CVS Beauty Club on Facebook and enter the Essence of Beauty Fine Fragrance Instant Win Game. They’re giving away 100 prize packages, including a full line of your signature scent and a $500 gift card to CVS/pharmacy!

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    Nourish & Shine by Jane Carter Solution

    Although I love experimenting with shampoos and conditioners, I am steadfastly devoted to about 2 or 3 leave-in hair products, none of which contain oils.  When I wear it flat-ironed, any oily product will leave my fine hair limp.  And whether straightened or curly, my biggest issue is that no matter how carefully I apply product just on the ends, it will inevitably migrate to my forehead and temples within minutes, creating a serious oil slick!!

    I decided to give Nourish & Shine ($22) by Jane Carter Solution a try because I recently had my hair colored and felt it needed a little extra moisture than my normal regimine provided.  This sample had just been sitting around awaiting my review, but ignored because of its seemingly oily nature.

    I never thought I’d be so impressed by a shea butter-based product!  Jane Carter Solution somehow succeeded in developing a product that provides intensive moisturizing benefits without the oily side effects.

    A little goes a long way with this delicately sweet-scented balm.  I used it on my hair both after flat-ironing it and after air-drying it. Each time my hair soaked up the moisture without being weighed down, sticky or oily.  The product can also be used to smooth dry skin, but my hair’s been too selfish to share!!



    P.S.  You’ll love the 100% natural list of ingredients: Shea butter, Kokum butter, Illippe butter, Mango butter, Vitamins A, D, & E, pear and grapefruit essential oils.

    For more information: www.janecartersolution.com


    kisses, Olisa
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    Why I LOVE it: Women’s Gold

    I wouldn’t know where to begin the list of the many benefits that using shea butter brings. Since my beauty/skin care detox this is ALL I have been using on my face and body, and I LOVE it! I prefer to use unrefined shea butter instead of products that claim to contain shea butter as the refining process diminishes a lot of the vitamins… No thanks. Unrefined shea butter retains ALL its natural vitamins. I’ve heard that some people don’t like the smell, but I think that they are so used to using scented products that the lack of fragrance bothers them. Poor things. It doesn’t smell like anything…

    I definitely understand why it’s called “Women’s Gold”.
    Shea Butter Trivia:
    ♥ Shea butter is also known as karite butter, and is made from the nuts of karite trees (aka Mangifolia trees) that grow in the West and Central African regions.
    ♥ Destruction of the shea tree is forbidden in most parts of West Africa, as the nuts provide a valuable source of food, medicine and even income.
    ♥ Shea butter is sometimes referred to as “Women’s gold” as there are women that are employed in the production of shea butter.
    ♥ Shea butter is used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, and stretch marks. It’s an excellent moisturizer, as it promotes cell renewal, diminishes wrinkles, and increases elasticity and circulation.
    ♥ It also contains cinnamic acid which helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
    ♥ Shea butter also protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage. It contains vitamins A and E, and has also shown antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Why I love it? Because it’s 100% natural, it doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or ingredients, and it doesn’t cost me an arm, a leg, or my health to enjoy its benefits! Who can use it? Everyone… actually it’s not recommended for people with nut allergies. Sorry.
    peace, love and health


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