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    Mid Winter Pick me Up from @SitStayGoodDogs Treats

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    When the weather looks like this outside, Jacob is sleeping!  He hibernates until at least spring, sleeping over 20 hours a day, playing with his stuffed toys and taking short walks bundled up like Ralphie from Christmas Story. Inside fleece, outer waterproof jacket, boots. Yup!
    This morning, a great surprise came from FedEX from our friends at SitStay.com.  It is the destination site for ‘Good Dog’ approved treats and supplies.  We received their all-natural Valentine’s Day treat collection…American-made, high quality delicacies from their premium doggie deli.  The treats feature love-inspired names, personalizable Valentine’s Day cards and delicious ingredients including:
    • Love Licks – The jumbo all-natural bison heart & tongue patties are made from USDA inspected, free range bison tongue and heart. The perfectly paired proteins are packed with nutrients and are guaranteed to get you kisses galore from your adoring pet! SRP $11.99
    • Heartbarkers – Truly a treat from the heart! The USDA inspected, 100% beef heart slices are naturally full of health benefits for dogs. High in protein and low in fat, these crunchy delicacies are the rewards that won’t break his heart! SRP: $15.99
    • Love Birds – Your dog will flock to your side once they get a taste of these love birds!  Each poultry packed bag includes 100% USDA inspected, human-grade chicken & turkey breast fillets. These wholesome single-protein-source rewards are the perfect way to share your featherless love with your canine companion. SRP: $13.99


    The Valentine’s Day treats are inspired by Shindig Dog, a new brand of dog treats for the occasional celebration, and are available on SitStay.com.  Featuring one of the largest selection of dog treats available online, SitStay.com’s deli is the online destination for Fido’s favorite foods and exclusive treats available to you 24/7.


    Wake up grumpy, I got something good for you!


    Love Birds is Jacob’s first choice, then Love Licks then Heart Barker.

    All three treats were delicious, fresh and crunchy – Jacob loved them and wanted more!

    IMG_5588  Delicious!  Give me more!

    The perfect Valentine’s Day present for the love of my life <3


    SitStay believes that “we don’t own pets, they own us.”  Since 1996, we have nurtured relationships between pets and their owners by discovering products that are healthful, enriching and “good dog” approved, and delivering these pet products to your doorstep. We aren’t just a business, we are first and foremost pet parents seeking only the best treats and toys available for our dogs.  Working closely with companies throughout the pet industry, we uncover great products and unleash them to you.  Our philosophy is simple: share products that empower pet owners to raise happy, healthy and good dogs. For more information, visit www.sitstay.com.