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    pip & grow Launches All-New “Mindful Method for Sleep” Program for Babies

    Two Data-Driven Courses Emphasize Mindfulness to Lower Stress and Improve Sleep for the Whole Family

    Known by parents around the world for its safe, simple, and sustainable baby boxes, pip & grow today announced the next phase of its mission to provide families with safe, restful sleep with the release of its Mindful Method for Sleep program. Created by infant sleep, infant health, and health communication experts, pip & grow’s two data-driven courses are backed by science and use mindfulness to calm parents and caregivers, which in turn, reduces baby’s stress and improves sleep.

    “Babies are wired to wake up every couple of hours when they’re born, but there are things that parents can do to encourage baby to sleep in longer stretches,” said Amber Kroeker, MPH, Infant Safety Expert, and Co-Founder, pip & grow. “One of the most important things for parents is to remain calm and be mindful that baby can sense your anxiety and stress. As tough as it is, especially when you’re exhausted, parents must create a consistent, calm environment for baby if they hope to improve sleep for the whole family.”

    Hosted by Liz Harden, MPH, pip & grow’s Mindful Method for Sleep program consists of two courses, Stellar Sleep 101 and Stellar Sleep 102. The first course sets your infant up for sleep success, providing valuable data-driven, educational insights for parents and caregivers. The second course provides parents with two options to mindfully teach your child to sleep independently based on yours and your baby’s unique needs.

    “We are thrilled to introduce pip & grow fans and tired parents alike to our newest offering, the Mindful Method for Sleep,” said Kate Compton Barr, Co-Founder and CEO, pip & grow. “As parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to make any meaningful changes when you’re sleep-deprived and questioning your abilities as a parent. We created this course to provide parents with simple solutions that can help calm their anxieties, pay attention to their own nervous systems, and create those pro-sleep vibes in their babies.”

    The Mindful Method for Sleep retails for $87 per course or $150 for the duo and is available direct-to-consumer through the company’s website at www.pipandgrow.com/sleep-courses. Providers, such as doulas, lactation consultants, nannies, etc., community organizations, including hospitals and non-profits, and corporations/HR departments can also purchase the courses for customers, patients, and employees by emailing pip & grow directly at hello@pipandgrow.com.

    About pip & grow:

    pip & grow launched in September 2016 with its Smitten Baby Box, a sustainable, easy-to-use option for safe sleep. The Smitten Baby Box is trusted by parents nationwide, and the company has experienced unparalleled success working with community organizations, including hospitals and non-profits, to provide their baby boxes to families in need. In March 2021, the company unveiled its Mindful Method for Sleep program consisting of two data-driven courses that emphasize mindfulness to lower stress and improve sleep for the whole family. pip & grow is led by CEO, Kate Compton Barr, a Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneur. For more information, please visit www.pipandgrow.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.



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    Four Ways To Help You Get Forty Winks

    We all know that sleep can have so many physical and mental health benefits, but sometimes it just feels impossible to drift off. The stresses of modern life mean that more people than ever are suffering from insomnia. The rise of technology and the fact we are constantly reachable by work has meant that our homelife has been affected, and our sleep has suffered as a result.  


    Though there is no single cure that is guaranteed to fix it, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

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    Get Into A Nightly Routine


    You will find it much easier to sleep if you get into a nightly routine. Go to bed at the same time each night, and try to keep this going on weekends as well. Your body should then find it easier to adapt to a wake-sleep cycle. Try to find some relaxing activities to do just before bed. Many people like to have a shower or bath as a way of soothing their bodies. Others enjoy some gentle yoga. Try to avoid watching TV or movies as some studies have shown these can interfere with your sleeping patterns. Think about removing all technology from the bedroom completely. In a world that is so interconnected, it can be nice to have a room that is a place to simply switch off. Instead try listening to some calming music or reading a chapter of a book.


    Avoid Eating and Drinking Too Much Close to Bedtime


    Try to limit the amount you eat and drink when you are approaching bedtime as this can interrupt your sleep. Getting up to go to the toilet can totally interfere with your sleep, so try not to drink much one hour before bed. Before this however, apple cider vinegar has been found to provide certain health benefits. Find out more at The Alternative Daily. Caffeine and alcohol are two other substances that have been proven to disrupt sleep, so again these are best avoided late on in the evening time.


    Get Comfortable


    Try out some different sleeping attire to find out what you are most comfortable in. Also, vary the different types of duvet and blankets depending on how warm the night is. If you are someone who gets easily disturbed by noise, try out sleeping with some ear plugs in. Similarly, if you find light disruptive to your sleeping pattern, try out an eye mask. An alternative is investing in a blackout blind that totally blocks out the light from your window.


    Find A Way of Clearing Your Mind


    This can be the trickiest one. With so many stresses in modern life, one of the main causes of insomnia is simply having too much on your mind. A technique that some people use is writing everything they are worrying about down in a notebook and coming back to it the next morning. Another way is through meditation, which is the process of clearing your mind and existing in the present rather than being consumed by the events that cannot be changed in the past or future.


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    Big Night Out? Preen Yourself Presentable

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    We’ve all been there. You enjoy yourself a bit too much on a wild night out and start to regret it slightly when you wake up in the morning. You wouldn’t trade the fun for anything, but it might be nice to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy instead of like you’ve just taken an 18-hour flight. On top of not feeling too great, you don’t exactly look amazing, either. You’re still tired and you look a little pale, but you’ve got places to be. Maybe you even have to be at work. If you’re panicking, don’t worry too much. You can make yourself presentable, and no one will be able to tell what you got up to last night.


    Start with a Shower


    Before you do anything, get in the shower. Or if you have time, take a relaxing bath. The warm water will loosen your muscles and help you to start feeling a bit more human. You’re probably a little sweaty from the night before too, and you certainly don’t want to leave the house smelling of sweat, smoke, or anything else unpleasant. If you’ve got a headache, give your scalp a little massage when you wash your hair, and it should help you let go of some tension. If you need to wake up a bit faster, try a cold blast from the shower.

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    Curing Your Hangover


    Helping yourself to feel better will help you look better too. You won’t have such a miserable expression on your face or find yourself wincing through the day. If you’re smart and well-prepared, you might have taken one of a number of available hangover helpers the night before. They’re meant to stop you getting a hangover in the first place. But if you haven’t taken one, everyone has their favorite hangover cures. From sugary drinks to fried breakfasts and healthy smoothies, you’re sure to have something that will help you feel better. Make sure you have plenty to drink and try to eat something too.


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    Dealing with Tired Eyes


    Your eyes can give you away if you wake up feeling worse for wear. Even if you haven’t been drinking, when you’re tired, your eyes can really show it. If you can get them looking a little more normal, you’ll look and feel better. First, deal with any puffiness using your preferred method. It might be cold spoons, teabags, or a fancy beauty product. Bloodshot eyes don’t look great either, but some eye drops can help to soothe them. And, of course, doing your eye makeup will hide all manner of sins.


    Get Glowing


    If you’re looking a little sallow after a night out, it’s easy to fix. Start by moisturizing so your skin is smooth and hydrated. You’ll look much more fresh-faced once your skin is looking a little healthier. Next, you can apply some foundation, perhaps some bronzer, and an illuminator. Give your skin a brighter look so you appear more radiant than you feel.


    You can turn a good night out into a good morning if you take the right steps. You’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.

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    Incredible Sleep with @Pillo1

    There is no beauty secret that is older or truer than a good night’s rest. During our sleep every night our skin cells regenerate, our bodies rest and our organs digest food. Beside drinking a lot of water, eating tons of fruits and veggies – the only other thing you need is SLEEP!

    Dr Hall’s Pillo1 is a special designed pillow that maximize your sleep and comfort in every way possible. A ton of pillows does not make better sleep but the right shape pillow will help. The Pillo1 ensure you have the right alignment and heal while u sleep.

    The Pillo1 I got is a size medium and because I don’t have a sham, I used two pillow cases on either side to ensure it is covered. It is so comfy and I can’t wait to take turns using this every night and for midday naps. The pillow is made of antibacterial latex from the milk of a rubber tree. Dr. Hall’s PILLO1 offers a 30 day risk-free guarantee! If you do not experience neck pain relief in 30 days, send it back and we will refund your money. There is nothing to lose but a pain in the neck.

    Looking forward to better night sleeps ahead!

    Get yours at Pillo1.com

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    Beauty Sleep 101

    Guestblog by Kaitlyn Bracken

    From here out, if you snooze, you definitely won’t lose. You might not feel sexy while you sleep, with drool and serious bedhead, but sleeping makes you sexy–there’s no better time than bedtime for beauty.


    With these five tips, you’ll beautify your body from head to toe without even lifting a finger:

    1. Wake up younger with DNA/EGF’s Night Renewal, a rich bedtime lotion that prevents wrinkles and spots, and also leaves your skin radiant, firm and hydrated. Sleep is necessary for building new skin cells, and skin regeneration is more active at night—DNA Night Renewal maximizes your sleep cycle’s repair activity, restoring the youth of your skin.

    002__DNA EGF

    2. After moisturizing, don’t lay your head just anywhere to rest—in fact, mushing our faces into our favorite pillows causes wrinkles from repeatedly folding our skin in the same places. But fear not, the sleep Gods are here to introduce Pillo1: Made from breathable, comfortable Talalay Latex foam, this pillow prodigy features a lightweight, ultra-soft covering that’s clinically proven to improve your sleep quality—bid your bags and red eyes goodbye!


    3. This summer the soaperstars of van der Hagen debuted the latest collection of luxurious suds, a line of Gentle Glycerin Soap Bars. Glycerin products hydrate and soften skin while also aiding the healing processes of wounds. Our complexion most effectively utilizes active ingredients when our bodies aren’t performing other functions, so unwind with a relaxing shower or bath before bed, and rinse with Gentle Glycerin Soap soak up the benefits.


    4. The controversy of wearing socks to bed seems to be a forever-lingering mystery insolvable even by Sherlock Holmes. But, it’s clinically proven that socks while you sleep prevent feet from cracking, fungi an infections. Socks lock in moisturizer for smooth feet, but don’t just rock any sock. Foot Cardigan is a silly sock-subscription that turns your feet into fashionistas, and every month you’ll have a new pair in your collection.


    5. Bed-head can be a nightmare, to say the least. With Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener, you can battle the beast overnight. Not only will you strengthen your hair, but also wakeup to soft, manageable locks.

    pic via nordstrom.com
    pic via nordstrom.com
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    Better sleep options with @coyuchi

    Do you know what you sleep in?

    Coyuchi is the first company to bring you organic bedding in the US! Choose from many different eco-friendly and natural bedding options for a better sleep.

    Granite Peak CollectionIsland Light Collection

    Their signature bedding is made of 100% certified organic cotton and they also have bath linens and baby items. Other materials include linen, cashmere, and pure, natural fibers.

    “Anything wrinkle-free has added polyester or is coated with chemical resin,” says Karyn Barsa, CEO of Coyuchi. “Also, skip super high thread counts: The thin threads may be strengthened with—you guessed it—more chemicals. Organic cotton, by contrast, simply softens over time, and generally lasts longer.”

    Morning Sunshine CollectionWoodland Walk Collection

    Be comfortable & healthy in your home with Coyuchi!

    ‘Tweet’ @coyuchi and ‘Follow’ them on Facebook!