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    Fashion Weeks’ Street Style Tendencies

    When it comes to fashion, it’s difficult to say what exactly you should look for in trends. Sometimes it seems like the designers are all about functionality, other times it’s like they are trying to shock you and challenge the norms. There are also those designers who simply create styles that they find beautiful. Designers differ in their approaches and opinions, but street style is where fashion truly comes to life. We bring you street style tendencies from several biggest and most popular fashion weeks.

    New York rocked the prints


    It seemed like New York was all about prints! Girls wore different outfits, but they all had one thing in common – at least one of the pieces had some interesting print. With that in mind, whether it’s a vintage plaid shirt you discovered in your mum’s closet, a geometric print mini skirt you fell in love with, or a simple striped turtleneck that makes you look like you just came from the ‘70s, as long as you have a piece with a print, you’ll fit right in.

    Paris was all about seduction


    One thing’s for sure: Paris has always loved female beauty, and as the city of love, it’s only natural that ladies love to show off just how attractive and seductive they are. Long, warm coats under which you can spot a leather mini skirt and a crop top, skinny jeans, stiletto heels, thigh-high boots, wide belts that show off the slim waists, and oversized bomber jackets are all brought together to celebrate the beauty of Parisian women.

    Milan loved it colourful


    When it comes to Milan Fashion Week, the street style was bursting with bright colours and bold designs. A pink skirt and orange handbag, an oversized neon orange raincoat, vintage polka dot dresses with bright red shoes, and a retro combination of purple shoes and a mid-calf flowy skirt with a bright pink turtleneck and oversized glasses transformed the streets of Milan into a carnival. It seems as if nothing is forbidden and you can wear pretty much any outfit in any colour as long as you’re confident enough.

    London inspired by the world


    The streets of London were packed with people who weren’t afraid to experiment and incorporate different styles into their own, unique one. “More is more” approach seems to be working here, and it looks like there’s no way to push things too far: a blue suede dress with blue shoes and a blue coat? Why not?! Head-to-toe denim – pants, jacket, bag and a hat? Sounds good! Oversized everything – maxi dress, bulky ankle boots, and an oversized coat? Rock on! Drawing attention with bold combinations isn’t something bad, but rather something these ladies with unique styles enjoy doing.

    Australia cherishes simplicity


    Aussie women are known for their laid-back style and love for comfortable and versatile pieces. Boyfriend jeans, ripped denim skirts, flowy floral blouses, high waist pants and crop tops, and shoulder bags all speak volumes about the great love that Aussie girls have for versatility. One of the greatest surprises in Sydney was the focus on functionality and comfort when it comes to shoes. Everywhere you looked, comfortable Birkenstock Shoes from Australia were present, from simple slippers and sandals to sturdy leather ankle boots.

    Times are changing, and today, street style is just as famous and important as the runway shows themselves. As anyone who has ever wracked their brains coming up with the perfect outfit for a special occasion will tell you – dressing to impress others isn’t easy. On the contrary, even models, designers, and fashion editors have their bad days and struggle to find inspiration. Learn from the best and find inspiration in the street style of the world’s most famous fashion weeks.

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    Inside @MBFW Lincoln Center Street Style

    To be excited about fashion is your right!  As a citizen of the fashion universe, I really appreciated those who participate in trends, pushing the envelope and expanding their own wardrobe to more than just ‘necessity’ but as an art form. Fashion allows us to be who we want to, that is why Fashion Week is such  big deal. It isn’t about doing it ‘right’ or getting everything spot ‘on trend’ but it’s about having fun with your look and wearing what you want.


    I found some fashion week attendees who really killed it!

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