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    Quick-Dry Swimwear

    Quick-Dry Swimwear Leave “Chafe Waddle” Behind in the Water and on Land for Guys

    Water lovers and adventure fans know just how painful and annoying chafing can be after spending a fun day in the sun. Luckily, you can don a pair of DryFins and leave the Vaseline at home.  Summer is in full swing here in Vegas already!

    DryFins is anti-chaffing swimwear that will keep you pain-free and comfortable so you can enjoy your vacation adventures worry-free! Plus DryFins are

    great to wear for strolling around town —go easily from the water to the land!

    Designed for guys by guys, DryFins is an adventure apparel brand for active men and boys who love to swim, boat, fish and hike. Unlike traditional swim trunks, these top quality board shorts have smooth, silky quick-drying liners designed to eliminate irritation from chafe, rash and burn. 

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.51.03 AMThe signature DryFins is a comfortable board short with a super soft outer shell that looks great wet or dry. Two deep pockets can hold snacks, keys, wallets or even cell phones when out of the water. 

    Available in men’s and boy’s sizes, DryFins Swimwear is available in Classic Red, Blue, or Green for men; and Classic Red or Blue for boys. These swim trunks retail at $52 for men’s and $42 for boy sizes.

    If you’re a water person, you need these shorts! DryFins liner will prevent that pain guys don’t like to talk about. Make them feel just as good at the end of the day as the beginning!  

    Please visit  dryfins.com

  • WorldWide

    Every Kiss begins with “Kay”… Clarke

    Blaque Diamond Fashions revealed their new collection: “KISS” at the beautiful Elle’s in Miramar, FL

    Miss Beautiful International, Delerice Clarke

    “Standing Out Is The Best Way To Fit In” says Anna-Kay Clarke and this new collection does just that… Stand Out!

    From first kiss to french kiss Blaque Diamond has a suit for any occasion.
    I especially love the flexibility of some of the pieces to go from a playtime at the beach to a night on the town with the addition of a maxi skirt, paper bag waist pants, or a simple pair of jeans.

    With today’s fashion, these custom convertible pieces are a must!
    From tie dye to animal print to color blocks I found myself mentally cataloging my shopping list for the few weeks 🙂

    Sorry to my Toledo and NY heydoyouers, Every season is swim season here in the Miami! But don’t feel left out, Blaque Diamond Fashions ships all over the world! check out www.blaquediamondfashions.com

    Thank you to Asante photos and www.imageryconcept.com for photos!

  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    Miss Jackson Swimwear & HeyDoYou Presents… Lovelorn Assassin


    I am so BEYOND excited to invite all of our HeyDoYou readers to this highly anticipated event… presented by us!!! Lisa Jackson, creator and designer of Miss Jackson Swimwear and myself have teamed up for some time now to build this extremely phenomenal brand!

    My initial interest stemmed from my passion for past collections, then after hanging out with Miss Jackson herself, teaming up only seemed to make sense! The cuts, materials and unique edge that defines this brand are untouched in the North American market, many have tried to duplicate but we all know… there is NOTHING like an original!

    I’m so excited for you all to come out to the sneek preview of Miss Jackson Swimwear’s 2012 resort collection entitled, Lovelorn Assassin. Check out the preview (above) and details below, see you all there!!! #xo