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    Fall Beauty Essentials: Million Dollar Tan

    It may be time to say farewell to summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your sexy tan. Million Dollar Tan’s new limited edition self-tanner, Summer Sun is finally here. Now, you can be a bronzed goddess all year round!

    Have a beauty lover on your holiday list? Summer Sun is the ultimate sunless tanning mousse that compliments every skin tone. Nourishing and rich, this ultra-bronze self-tanner is made with raw, organic DHA, and contains ZERO parabens. It’s formulated with TANlock technology, a proprietary blend of botanicals designed to make your tan last longer and fade more evenly.

    Summer Sun is a buildable tanning product, meaning you have full control over how rich or light you want your golden tan to look. Unlike other self-tanners, this one leaves zero sticky residue and is streak-free, guaranteeing a flawless tan each time. Ultra-gentle and natural, this tanning mousse will not damage your skin or clog your pores. Made with natural botanical extracts, your skin will appear healthy and radiant.

    Farewell sunburns, premature aging and sunspots! For a limited time only Million Dollar Tan is introducing Summer Sun, The Ultimate Sunless Tan:

    • Formulated with TANlock TM Tan Perfecting technology
    • Contains Deoplex, a natural odor neutralizer that keeps tanning totally fresh and revitalizing
    • Light and airy mousse
    • Can be applied quickly and easily
    • Leaves your skin streak-free
    • Absorbs quickly
    • Works on all skin types
    • Does not clog pores
    • Ultra-gentle
    • Cruelty-free
    • No fillers







  • New York

    The No Vacation Remedy @vitaliberata

    Summer is almost over and with this spotty NYC weather, it is a miracle if anyone has even the slightest tan.  There has been hot days, there has been humid days, there has even been some sunny days – but with no beach days for me, it is definitely a tanless summer.


    I recently tried Vita Liberata – the luxury self tanner that is now available Sephora!  The 2-3 week tan is gradual and lasts longer than most tanning products. pHenomenal is the World’s first 2-3 week tan. Using a special combination of natural, nourishing extracts and the unique pHenO2 technology, this tan will last up to 4 times longer than your normal tan.

    Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.47.01 PMIt is easy to apply and didn’t look orange or streaky!  I am happy with this and will wear it til at least beginning of September!  It is easy to apply because it is a mousse and it comes with gloves!  First you have to exfoliate but do not moisturize prior to tanning. Make sure you put on the gloves!!  Then slowly apply to skin in circular movements. For a 2 – 3 week tan, apply 3 times. Leave each application on for 3 – 24 hours before showering and applying the next application.

    Hoping for more sun in this weekend!

    Check out all the products they carry on http://sephora.com