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    National Dog Day in Tel A Viv

    el Aviv will celebrate a special day for dogs, for the first time in Israel.

    Tel Aviv is the friendiest city in the world for dogs, with 1 dog for every 17 residents, making it the city with the highest amount of dogs per capita in the world.

    Photo: ELAN/TPS

    25,000 Tel Avivian dogs enjoy 70 public dog parks; 1.3 dog parks for every 1 square kilometer. Tel Aviv has also declared special beaches where dogs can roam freely.

    The city-wide dog day will be celebrated at the Bnei Dan Dog Park with many attractions for the city’s 4-legged residents. Among the attractions are:

    – A display of startups founded in Tel Aviv that serve dogs and their owners

    – Unique products for doggie birthdays

    – Sushi for dogs

    – Dog Spa

    And many more doggie-friendly “treats”.


    The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality sets dogs’ welfare at high-priority:

    – The city’s shelter is a no-kill shelter

    – Homeless animals are treated 24/7 by the city’s vet services

    – The city animal patrol checks complaints regarding animal abuse

    – The Municipality continues to create activities for dogs, while last month a

    special screening of the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” was displayed for

    dogs and their owners.