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    Live Life Adventurously @GOApeUSA Rockville Maryland

    I must be the only person who is jumping for joy that summer is over. To me, summer is great in small doses like 3 months and that is plenty for me.  Fall is definitely my favorite season for adventure.  It is after the sticky summer and right before the snowy winter.

    I wanted to find something to do and recommend to our readers so I decided to check out Go APE.  Go Ape Ltd. is an outdoor pursuits company which runs 28 Tree Top adventure courses in forests in England, Scotland and Wales consisting of rope ladders, zip-lines, rope bridges, trapezes and swings.

    On Friday, we drove the oh so sporty Silver FORD ESCAPE to Maryland got up early for our tree top adventure on Saturday!

    First of all Maryland is gorgeous. We stayed right by the RIO and the service was just exceptional. It is really nice to get a break from the hustle and bustle of New York. Look at this view!

    We arrived at the course and we were in a group of 12. We got our equipment and all the info from the Go Ape instructor Bridgette. She was funny and explained clearly what we had to do, to stay attached at all times and how to enjoy the adventure course. She is adjusting the harness on me right here – SO glad I didn’t wear shorts! The landing on your feet is not as easy as it looks!

    GoApe is challenging and fun but easy enough for a 10 year old. Good thing I was tall enough!

    Being attached with the red safety line is really really important. Here I am practicing before we got on to Course 1 – There were 5 in total.

    To land gracefully, you are suppose to land forwards running or land backwards by digging your heels in. I landed on my butt.

    The Tarzan swing was really cool! You attach all three hooks (blue, red and green) and swing!

    There were tough parts and easy parts – You can choose your level of challenge and there’s more than one way to complete each course.

    It was the most beautiful day and hanging out 40 feet high in the trees was so cool!

    I kinda felt like a monkey! Though I didn’t have a tail to help me balance I was strapped in place with the harness so I wasn’t scared of the heights for the most part. The park is well built, well maintained and the groups were spaced out so we didn’t feel rushed at all. Plus there was water at every station for us to stay hydrated.

    This bridge was by far the hardest of all! I got a bruise on my shin to prove it

    This is the perfect place to come on a date, a birthday, a weekend or for team building!

    Go Ape is a great adventure for anyone even if you are not a monkey, not in shape, not outdoorsy or not an expert!

    So much fun and we had an amazing time at Go Ape! If you want to see a video of me wiping out

    We will definitely go again.  Thank you!


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