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    LipSips is reusable and when used w/ a straw allows you to drink without pursing your lips, preventing wrinkles!

    Have you been noticing signs of aging…. Laugh lines, wrinkles around your lip from pursing your lips? Ever wonder how some people always have luscious, healthy, and young-looking lips? When you use a drinking straw or drink out of a bottle, you purse your lips. Studies have shown that repetitive pursing of the lips causes wrinkles to form around the mouth. Well, there’s a safe and all-natural way to achieve just that and it doesn’t take a trip to a doctor’s office! It all has to do with how you use a straw. LipSips allows you to enjoy your favorite cold or hot beverage with a LipSips silicone drinking straw.

    Introducing LipSips, the reusable food-grade silicone device that prevents lip wrinkles. Attach it to any drinking straw and enjoy a better way to drink your favorite beverages.

    Sip from a straw without pursing your lips to help prevent lip lines & wrinkles. Comes with reusable silicone straw, detachable, flexible, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, eco-friendly. LipSips helps prevent lip wrinkles.

    The LipSips 20oz. Tumbler is made of food-grade stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. This tumbler is a fun bubblegum pink color with kiss lips. The tumbler comes with a BPA-free lid, reusable stainless steel rainbow straw, straw cleaning brush, and a Candy Sip LipSips. Free Shipping in the U.S. for a limited time! Get yours today and Stay Beautiful.

    LipSips is committed to a lifelong goal, to “Stay Beautiful”. LipSips are carefully manufactured from food-grade flexible silicone. Browse through the product gallery and experience shopping with LipSips for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact them with questions, comments, or suggestions. Their delivery options and payment methods are generous and flexible.

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    Resting, relaxing, and enjoying your Valentine’s Day night in the green light

    Let’s talk SCIENCE! Did you know that several studies have linked green light to better quality of sleep? While it’s customary to gift jewelry, chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day, a lot of women would love a gift that brings them more and better sleep, reduces stress and alleviates headaches. Introducing the Allay Therapy Lamp, a revolutionary wellness lamp that gives women the gift of better sleep and a calmer mind.

    The Allay Lamp was designed to help women manage nightly sleep routines, alleviate headaches in a non pharmaceutical way, and more, by emitting a soothing, natural glow that clams the brain to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and create better quality, longer sleep.  And there are also very specific benefits for your kids’ moms! From the “up and down every hour” sleep patterns of newborns looking for their next meal to the sense of being overwhelmed and stressed that comes with parenting any age child, insomnia is a problem for moms and dads. However, by using the Allay Lamp in all bedrooms, expecting + new mothers and families can have a low stress, minimal sensory disruptive environment that will help every member of the family to fall asleep and stay that way. In addition, expectant and nursing moms will like the fact that the Allay Lamp offers non medicated relief from headache and migraine pain.

    What sets AllayLamp apart from other colored lights, is the green light. The one band of light wave, green light, has minimal impact, as electrical signals that green light emits via the eye to the brain are much smaller and therefore much less disturbing than other colors. The green light helps create a calmer brain, which has direct implications for stress, headache pain and sleep quality, which ultimately affect a person’s ability to function every day.

    With the help of a team of entrepreneurs and an engineer from NASA, the calming and effective green light emitting Allay Lamp was born and the big winners with this product are women. So many struggle with migraines and headaches, as well as insomnia and stress and anxiety caused by today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. Allay is truly a difference maker. Discovered by Prof. Rami Burstein, Allay’s unique narrow band of green light is non-irritating. It generates smaller electrical signals in the eye and brain. Smaller signals mean a calmer brain, even during a migraine.

    How Allay Works

    Allay produces a narrow band of green light that lets you get back to your everyday activities. To get the most from your lamp, be sure it’s the only source of light in the room.

    As you go about your life, the light you see generates electrical signals in your eyes. These signals cause a reaction in the brain, and it can be quite intense even in everyday light. While everyone squints in the bright sun, some people – often those with migraines, cluster headaches, brain trauma or dry eyes – are extremely sensitive to even small amounts of light.

    They end up spending much of their lives isolated in a dark room or wearing sunglasses to try to keep their pain from getting even worse. There is no magic or luck in the discovery of the Allay light. It is based on scientific evidence from nearly ten years of research at one of the world’s leading research hospitals. The studies show that everyday light, made up of all the colors of light – red, yellow, green, blue, etc., generates large electrical signals in the eye and brain, which tend to hurt people with light sensitivity.

    In contrast, a very specific narrow band of green light – which is the only light emitted by the Allay Lamp – generates small electrical signals in the eye and brain and therefore does not hurt people with light sensitivity. Try the Allay Lamp risk-free and escape from the darkness. Allay lamp retails for $179 and is available for purchase on the Allay Lamp website, https://allaylamp.com/


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    Discover True eco-friendly Comfort Underwear with Fabrics Made from 95% Bamboo

    True eco-friendly comfort is hard to come by. Don’t settle for less. Unity Underwear Co. keeps you & the planet happy. Buttery soft men’s and women’s underwear with a premium look and feel at an affordable price! Made from 95 percent bamboo and 5 percent spandex. Unity is all about leaving a small footprint behind, so they use bamboo, not only for its extreme softness but also for its sustainability! For example, bamboo uses 30 percent less water to grow that cotton and less machinery to chop it down. Even the company’s packaging is plastic free! They use cardboard for everything their super comfortable and stylish underwear is wrapped in.

    Aside from being eco-friendly, bamboo fabrics are incredibly soft and comfortable. Unity Underwear strongly believes they have created the most comfortable underwear for men. The moment you try it on, the mixture of the incredible fabric with that perfect fit converts people to Unity Underwear immediately.

    Unity Underwear wants to be good for any occasion. That’s why Unity Underwear focuses on a all purpose design. The fabric doesn’t change shape with moisture and is extremely absorbent. Many people have started to use Unity for gym wear because of this on top of regular usage!

    Men’s Premium Basics 3 Pack

    The Underwear You Deserve!
    Premium Basics 3 Pack

    Includes: 1 Deep Black, 1 Original Grey, 1 Simply White.

    95% Bamboo – 5% Spandex
    – Incredibly soft & comfortable
    – Eco Friendly
    – Naturally breathable
    – Moisture wicking
    – Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial
    – Thermo regulating
    – Highly Absorbent
    – Durable

    Men’s Premium Colors

    The Underwear You Deserve!
    Premium Colors 3 Pack

    Includes: 1 Royal Blue, 1 Pear Green, 1 True Red

    95% Bamboo – 5% Spandex
    – Incredibly soft & comfortable
    – Eco Friendly
    – Naturally breathable
    – Moisture wicking
    – Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial
    – Thermo regulating
    – Highly Absorbent
    – Durable

    Women’s Thong + U-Bralette Set – Deep Black

    The Underwear You Deserve!

    Deep Black – From Our Classic Bamboo U-Bralette + Thong Collection

    This set is a combination of the Classic Thong & U-Bralette made from incredibly comfortable bamboo fabric. The band is made with the signature repeating logo all around. If everyday comfort is what you’re looking for, then look no further!

    95% Bamboo – 5% Spandex
    – Incredibly soft & comfortable
    – Eco Friendly
    – Naturally breathable
    – Moisture wicking
    – Thermo regulating
    – Highly Absorbent
    – Durable

    About Unity Underwear Co.

    Unity Underwear Co. was founded in 2017 by Nikola Maharajh in Winnipeg, Canada. Nik considers himself a serial entrepreneur with a new found passion for making eco-friendly & comfortable underwear. When he’s not busy working on improving Unity Underwear, you’ll typically find him playing with his dog Chanel, hanging out with his friends and family, or eating a spicy bowl of ramen.

    From the beginning, Unity Underwear Co. has always had the goal to remain as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing quality or comfort. It’s no secret, they are proud that they have made Unity Underwear from 95% bamboo, the most renewable source on the planet.  However, Unity Underwear also made an effort to continuously adapt to be more eco-friendly everyday. That is why they also use recyclable packaging, and now ship all the products with recycled mailers & eco-friendly packing tape.

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    Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, Personalized Name Art Made With Love

    Looking for the perfect gift for your loving one in this Valentine’s Day? Name Stories® is one way to celebrate the people you love in a thoughtful and unique way. The name we carry throughout our lifetime can be a source of personal power and inspiration when we understand its source. With over 4,000 names available, Name Stories® art prints explore each name’s origin based on its meaning, historical context and usage through time.

    What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually! Check out our review of the personalized art prints from Name Stories.





    Once upon a time…this name came to be. These personalized art prints celebrate the singular stories of the names’ remarkable journey through history, featuring a detailed account of the names’ origin, meaning and how they managed to survive the test of time. The descriptive words at the bottom of the name’s print reflect the spirit and energy of its “Destiny Number” according to numerology.

    Whether this name is a newborn, teen, or grown-up, a family member, friend, teacher, co-worker or any special someone, each story is an inspirational reminder of him or her core identity: the name, that one wonderful word by which he or she is known.

    As a gift or keepsake to honor and inspire the person in your life, Name Stories art print makes for smart, engaging and distinctive décor. Combining typography with artistic expression, the original content is a result of years of rigorous research and carefully curated pieces of history. Every story they tell, they tell with love.

    Framed and unframed artwork is made to order in Name Stories California and Oregon facilities. Art prints are professionally printed on heavyweight fine art paper with archival inks for vibrant long-lasting color, clear text and crisp imagery.

    Each solid wood frame is handcrafted and available in smooth matte black and soft matte white painted finishes. With a buffered acid-free mat and backing to beautifully showcase your art, framing-grade acrylic glazing filters UV rays for protection and longevity. Frame is finished with a dust cover, wall bumpers and wire ready for hanging!

    Your story starts with your name, and your name belongs to you in more ways than you know. We have made it our mission @ namestories to spread the meaning and magic contained in that one curious word by which you are known: your name.

    Your name, even when shared by scores of others, is your own private one-word poem. It contains multitudes, and it cannot be defined by its meaning alone, but by the spirit it gains through its historic evolution.

    Name Stories mine and explore the essence of names through rigorous research that traces their linguistic origins, meanings, context and relevancy through time. Part science, part art, their process is intense, scholarly, and driven by their insatiable passion for the curious words human beings call themselves. After all, every name is full of life. Telling its story keeps it alive, and helps them learn not just about each other, but ourselves.

    Name Stories products celebrate the essence of the identities by showcasing namely narratives in a beautiful, artistic rendering that’s worthy of being treasured for generations. Each represents years of study and countless travels through history as Name Stories trace names that span time and geography, from Judeo-Christian narratives in the Old and New Testaments, to the incredible survival of Celtic and Slavic names, to the spread of Germanic names and the historical context of names of Arabic and Sanskrit origins. The work has taught that nothing about a name is accidental. Their significance and survival through history is fascinating. When we pay close attention, we discover a story of beauty.

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    Warm Your Valentine’s Day with Heat Holders

    Heat Holders® are the warmest socks ever!

    The socks and the other Heat Holders products are perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who needs to feel warmer in cold days! Someone like me, I always feel cold, especially my cold feet at night. Heat Holders Socks are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and nearly 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks because you can just put them on without fussing with batteries, wires etc. Heat Holders® means No more cold feet! They are made using a unique 3 step process which makes them the Warmest Thermal Socks™!

    Women’s Original Socks

    Size: Women’s 5-9
    Also fits: Men’s 4-8
    Women requiring size 8-13 can look at Men’s styles or Women’s Big/Tall.

    The first and original Heat Holders® Crew sock!

    Keep feet warm on the coldest of days and pull on this pair of solid color crew length Heat Holders® for women (ladies), the warmest thermal sock.

    Thick, chunky and with a massive tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders® are made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. With long pile cushioning, these thermal socks will help keep feet fully comfortable and supported.

    The inside of each sock has been intensively brushed that not only feels sensationally soft but also traps warm air close to the skin keeping your feet warmer for longer.

    Heat Holders® are non-binding. They are diabetic friendly and provide relief for cold feet due to circulation problems.

    Fiber Composition: 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane.


    Men’s LITE™ Socks

    Size: Men’s 7-12
    Also fits: Women’s 8-13
    Men requiring size 4-8 can look at Women’s styles.

    Heat Holders® LITE™ thermal socks have been designed to provide their famous thermal protection and comfort in a medium thick profile, ideal for wearing in casual shoes and boots!

    Compared to the original, maximum loop length thermal socks with 2.34 Tog rating (Thermal Overall Grade), Heat Holders® LITE™ thermal socks have a medium loop length with 1.60 Tog rating. Keep feet warm on the coldest of days and pull on this pair of solid color, medium thickness, crew length Heat Holders® LITE™ for men, the warmest thermal sock.

    Fiber Composition: 93% Acrylic, 6% Polyester, 1% Elastane.


    Women’s ULTRA LITE™ Socks

    Size: Women’s 5-9
    Also fits: Men’s 4-8
    Women requiring size 8-13 can look at Men’s styles.

    Heat Holders® ULTRA LITE™ thermal socks have been designed to provide their famous thermal protection and comfort in a lightweight profile, ideal for wearing in tighter fitting shoes!

    Compared to the LITE™, medium long loop length thermal socks with 1.60 Tog rating (Thermal Overall Grade), Heat Holders® ULTRA LITE™ thermal socks have a short loop length with 1.04 Tog rating. Keep feet warm on the coldest of days and pull on this pair of solid color, lightweight, crew length Heat Holders® ULTRA LITE™ for women (ladies), the warmest thermal sock.

    Fiber Composition: 89% Acrylic, 10% Nylon, 1% Elastane.


    Women’s ULTRA LITE™ Base Layer Tops

    Heat Holders® Women’s (Ladies) ULTRA LITE™ Base Layer Tops are a light weight thermal base layer ideal for everyday cold. Matching Bottoms also available.

    Supersoft HeatWeaver® yarn is carefully brushed both inside and out to maximize warmth and softness.

    The knitting technology and attention to detail produce the perfect stretch for freedom of movement and fit.

    The carefully finished flat seams minimize bulk to create a comfortable non-chafe fit, perfect for layering.

    Moisture and odor management technology helps keep you drier, fresher and more comfortable.

    • 84% Polyester 16% Elastane
    • 1 Pack
    • Machine washable at 40˚
    • Imported

    Women’s Hats

    Size: Approximately 8.25″ High, 9.25″ Wide

    This women’s (ladies) chunky cable hat is knitted in an attractive, soft yarn with a ribbed hem and incorporates the latest HeatWeaver® thermal lining, a luxurious, plush fur-like insulating fabric, that maximizes the amount of warm air held close to the skin.

    It also feels so soft and silky, it’s bliss to pull on when the weather turns colder. Matching gloves and neck warmers also available!

    • Black/Cream Outer: 100% Acrylic, Lining: 100% Polyester
    • Others Outer: 53% Polyester 47% Acrylic, Lining: 100% Polyester
    • 1 Pack
    • HeatWeaver® plush lining
    • Stretchable rib construction
    • Advanced insulating yarn
    • Machine washable at 40°
    • Imported



    Japanese-designed, cashmere-like acrylic yarn provides high-performance insulation with advanced moisture management.


    Innovative knitting technology produces extra-long looped cushion pile that boosts our breakthrough TOG rating!


    Sock inners are thoroughly brushed to retain maximum warm air inside for all-day comfort and wearability.

    Heat Holders invented the warmest thermal socks in the world in 2008. They started distributing the brand in North America in 2011. As our products made their way into the marketplace, local charities and organizations started reaching out to us to help those in need.

    They were touched. Individuals in their team felt happy to be able to help, from the person who received it, to the person who approved it, to those who helped ship out the product.

    With Heat Holders 10th anniversary in sight, they have made a commitment to continually help those in need. It is a privilege. And they are only able to do this because of you, the customer who has embraced Heat Holders®, and Heat Holders are very thankful.

    About Heat Holders 

    Internationally recognized as the world’s warmest sock, Heat Holders® socks are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. And introducing the new Heat Holders Loungewear – made with the softest fabric out there. With a variety of men’s and women’s selections, all ideal for sleeping in or just lounging around. Warm, light, stretchy, breathable and comfortable, Heat Holders® Loungewear is versatile clothing to make your life warmer! Choose from the Women’s T-Shirt Dress and Wide-Leg Pant or the Men’s button front shirt, V-Neck T-Shirt and Slim-Leg Jogger.

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    Step Forward: Ever-ready tech. Everyday style. If the season brings it, Sperry’s boots can take it.

    Shop Sperry’s full selection of Women’s fashion boots, rubber duck boots and casual boots to keep your feet comfortable, cute and secure on all your waterlogged adventures this year. Sperry’s classic rubber boots for women are designed with waterproof materials, including rubber duck shells and non-marking outsoles with patented Wave-Siping™ that will catch your footing in even the slipperiest conditions. Rawhide barrel lacing, rust proof eyelets and secure buckles provide a consistent fit so you can brave the elements in confidence in any pair of Sperry Women’s boots.

    Find cute boots for women with premium leather uppers and micro-fleeced linings that will keep you warm and dry on colder days, in styles ranging from classic galoshes to ankle booties to knee-high Women’s fashion boots. Whatever the weather throws at you, face it with confidence in the perfect pair Women’s boots by Sperry. With so many designs to choose from online, there’s no quest you can’t conquer in comfort and style.