Looking Forward With @FORD 2014 #UNMINIVAN

One of my all time favorite highlights of the Ford Trend Conference this year was the launch of the Unminivan!

 It is such an amazing idea and campaign that I really felt like this car was made for me.   Every year there are numerous highlights during at packed 72 hours with the Ford team in Detroit and this year was no different.  It was amazingly well organized, informative and one of my favorite press trips of the year.   The organizers always made sure we had plenty to eat, drink, tweet about, drive and even provided us with sunscreen on track day.  What more can you ask for!

The #UNMINIVAN is about making your unconventional life into your own unique spin. It is a 6 seater but you define what your family looks like and what you do!  It can work well in suburbs, cities and unique boroughs!  It is not about the white picket fence and your 2 kids and perfect lawn! It is about making the Transit Connect work for your life, small business and lifestyle.

It is so cute, incredibly spacious, with moonroof, additional storage space and convertible seats. This passenger seats has ‘stadium seating’ and comes in all sorts of amazing colors. This car is extremely reasonable in price and comes with all the bells and whistles too. Road trip anyone?

We got a chance to personalize and build our own derby car and race them!  Here is my pina car, zooming past you!

What is your ultimate #unminivan adventure?