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    A consciously colorful kidswear collection derived from ocean plastics Quirky, sustainable, durable, and laced with imagination, Joseph & Alexander is fashion with a conscious. Specializing in childrenswear, specifically, shorts, Joseph & Alexander’s environmentally conscious pieces are designed to inspire the imagination and provoke curiosity. With each piece designed to spark an “educational conversation”, critical world issues and championing environmental action are at the heart of the brand. Operating consciously using recycled fabric from ocean plastics, eco-friendly ink, and reusable packaging, each collection depicts awareness-raising narratives of minimizing our environmental footprint and having fun whilst doing so. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman’s son, Eric, is already doing his bit to save…

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    Miniware – All-Natural, Modern Kids’ Tableware

    Forget melamine kids’ dishes with distracting cartoon characters and instead go natural with Miniware – sustainable tableware for your ‘minis’ ages 4 months and up that not only looks like it stepped out of Architectural Digest but also offers unique self-feeding features, transitions from baby to toddler and older, is made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo fiber. Special functional design features include: An ‘easy-scoop’ 90° bowl and cutlery design for easy self-feeding A larger size that gives self-feeders more room to maneuver A detachable suction foot that reduces spills and comes off easily when the child no longer needs it Stackability for easy storage Choose from the Miniware Teething Spoon Set ($12 for 2…

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    Hooray New Baby

    Now that I am well into the 3rd Trimester, it is getting very real! Only about 9 weeks left until the little one gets here. I am trying to soak up as much information and watch as many Youtube videos as possible to prep myself for the big day. A few of my friends are also expecting and as you know, baby shower gifts are the best! Most of the time, I will stick to the registry but for some of my friends, I wanted to get them something that they would actually use and remember. With so many digital apps and photos, there is definitely a bit of a…

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    Your Breast-Friend for Mommy-to-Be!

    August as Breast Feeding Awareness Month and before I joined the pack to become a mom, I did not even think about it. I thought it is natural, easy and super straightforward right? WRONG!  I didn’t realize that breastfeeding could be so challenging that there are actually people called LACTATION consultants that you can hire to help you. Besides professionals and classes, there are also a lot of great products out there to help you. The Lansinoh Breastfeeding pillow is like a pillow arm sleeve that props the baby up to the right position for feeding. It is handy and small enough to take with you in your diaper bag…

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    Breast Feeding Awareness Month Must Have

    We all know the term ‘one and done.’ The Ellie Nursing Cover embodies this… and then some! With a multitude of functional uses for the momma on the move, the Nursing Cover can be used for breastfeeding, as well as a Stroller Cover, Carseat Cover, Highchair cover, and Shopping Cart Seat Cover! Taking mom from the infant stages and beyond with her little one, the practical Ellie Nursing Cover is an absolute must-have! In addition to the uses mentioned above, the colorful, stretchy fabric makes it a breeze to wear it as a scarf, poncho or hood. The Ellie Nursing Cover comes in a variety of bright colors, including Black,…

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    Bitty: How to Grow a Smart Baby Prenatal Tips

    As many of you know, I am into my 2nd Trimester now! 5 Months so far and 4 months more to go before we meet our baby boy. Very very excited!  I have been doing a ton of research on everything since I am a FTM on everything from Elimination Communication or the difference between a sleep sack and a swaddle! It is all very confusing and overwhelming but I am getting the hang of it. My cousin said there is so much new baby tech since he had his first kid 8 years ago, now that he is expecting his third. So as I grow and as the blog…

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