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    Grace Valerie – Don’t Wanna Be Waiting @MsGraceValerie

    American Idol judge Randy Jackson’s artist and pop sensation Grace Valerie has been steaming up the music charts lately with her newest single, “Don’t Wanna Be Waiting.” The song is also blowing up the dance music charts in the UK and is steadily climbing the charts here in the US.  “Don’t Wanna Be Waiting,” jumped from the number 21 spot on the UK Musicweek Upfront Club Chart to the number 6 spot. The song also peaked at the number 2 spot on the UK Musicweek Commercial Pop Club Chart, falling just short of One Direction who secured the number 1 spot. In the US, Grace Valerie is steadily moving up the NY Music Pool Chart from 42 to 39 and reached the number 16 spot on the BDS Dance Radio Airplay Chart. Valerie also recently entered the BDS CHR / Top 40 Airplay Chart at the number 84 spot.

    “Don’t Wanna Be Waiting,” produced and co-written by Grammy-winning producer Randy Jackson, officially arrived on iTunes late last year. In just two days, this single raced to the No. 1 position on KingOfSpin.com, a favorite destination for DJs and radio producers seeking the most exciting new music. Last month, the song charted at the No. 2 position on SiriusXM’s “20 on 20”channel and hit No. 1 on WNRG 107.9 FM – Florida’s Energy Dance Mix Radio!

    Check out the video here, which premiered on MTV Logo’s NewNowNext page:

    After signing with Dream Merchant 21, music-industry veteran and American Idol judge Randy Jackson’s record label, the 22-year-old Moscow native took the necessary steps forward and moved to Los Angeles. The beautiful pop sensation continues to make a name for herself and recently attended The Grammys. Valerie’s first hit, “When the Lights Go Down,” shot her career into full speed when it reached over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Valerie is currently performing in clubs and venues across the nation.


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    Sentimental Sunday: Why Did We Break Up?

    On July 12 it was official: Jennifer Lopez, 41, and Marc Anthony, 42, announced their divorce. They reported to People magazine saying, “We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.” Married since June 2004, this couple can’t take it any longer.

    Here are the rumors on why they broke up: Marc was jealous, Marc was controlling and Marc was cheating (notice how none of the problems were from Jennifer). I’m not so sure about the last one, but the first two claims are believable. I don’t think any of them expected Jennifer’s career to explode like this. Becoming People‘s ‘Most Beautiful Woman Alive’ at 40? Now that’s an achievement.

    Is it me or is Jennifer literally going back in time? She looks younger and more beautiful every day. On top of it she’s judging American Idol and just released her new album, LOVE! She’s on a roll and Marc definitely isn’t acting like her number 1 fan. And why would he be? It makes sense that he would be jealous. How can he possibly compete with her when it’s always ‘JLo and Marc’ and never ‘Marc and JLo.’ Can he handle being ‘the husband’ and not ‘the man?’

    Carla Lundblade, Beverly Hills sports and celebrity psychology councilor, believes that each individual has to make a unique decision for his or her own life. She says, “True happiness comes from genuine relationships and giving back in a way that is bigger than yourself — a way that helps other people.” Perhaps Marc feels like he doesn’t offer Jennifer the support he used to. Just being her husband might not be suffice for their relationship anymore. I mean, for a girl who has everything, what more can you offer her?

    If this type of happiness is too difficult to obtain, there’s an easier way to get your happy fix — get it on your own. “Instant gratification is one aspect of happiness that everyone benefits a certain percentage from,” says Carla. I’m sure they love each other and love their children, but if they’re both so focused on their careers it’s difficult for me to imagine a lot of action in the bedroom. Perhaps their professional success might be more instantly gratifying.

    It doesn’t help that Jennifer is super sexy and surrounds herself with equally sexy people. According to TMZ, there was nothing between her hubby co-star William Levy aka ‘Brad Pitt of Cuba’ during the filming of her hot ‘I’m Into You’ music video. “The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.” Purely professional or not, she’s still lying half naked next to a shiny, ab-tastic chest. God, talk about having the best job ever. Yum! I mean, all in a day’s work…

    Speaking of other hot guys, did you know that Jennifer’s mom Gaudalupe reached out to Ben Affleck? Us Magazine says the divorce was announced three days after Ben’s response. We all remember those ‘Bennifer’ days and how intense their love seemed. Do you feel the same way about her and Marc? Sources say he was a ‘bad husband.’ But I think if he wanted to perform with his own wife on American Idol it should be okay. Why does that make him controlling? We can’t know all the details, but to me it looks like Marc was trying really hard to keep them together. I guess a little too hard. He pushed his woman to the edge!

    I know we’re talking about celebrities, but the way the couple openly discussed their divorce and are working together on the legalities of it shows that this was a decision they made together. Carla isn’t being optimistic about break-ups. She’s just suggesting that there doesn’t really need to be a specific problem in the relationship for a couple to make this decision. “Divorce is just one of those life changing moments that a lot of growth can come out of.”

    Statistically speaking, 60-80% of athletes and celebrities become divorced or have financial difficulties. With facts like that it’s hard for Carla to be surprised about Jennifer and Marc breaking up after seven years. But were they selfish for wanting to go on their own? What about the kids? Carla believes there is nothing selfish about getting a divorce. If anything, it shows a sign of maturity. “If a couple is choosing to stay together only because of the kids but are not happy with each other. Kids know what’s going on even if it’s not spoken about,” she argues. “Life is not easy for any of us and we can’t affect the tragedies that happen over time. If our kids don’t experience this in divorce they will experience it in other ways.”

    Do you think JLo and Marc Anthony just grew apart, or do you think there was a secret scandal that happened behind closed doors?

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    Get Bronzed Legs Like Carrie Underwood With TEMPTU Pod Body Glow

    Ok, I’m kind of obsessed about Carrie Underwood‘s fantastic legs on the May 25 finale of American Idol. Makeup artist Melissa Schleicher gave her a super sexy bronzed look with Temptu’s 30th Anniversary Body Glow Bronze Air Pod available online exclusively at temptu.com.

    Don’t those legs look killer? “We were the first to put it to work on anyone for Carrie’s performance and red carpet appearance at the American Idol finale. The TEMPTU Body Glow is such a great product, it enhanced her gorgeous glow on the red carpet, and withstood her on-stage performance,” says Melissa Schleicher. Now you can get these air-brushed legs all by yourself! No more spray-tan!

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