• My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Cold Days, Hot Tea and Good Books

    My formula for cold winter days is cuddling with Jacob with some lemon tea and reading a good book! We dream about California, the sun and the beach. We read and read and hug and hug. Winter seems to go by faster but we are counting the days. He is so bundled up and PAWS balloon booties are a must in NYC. Here are some dog books we have been reading lately and highly recommend:   1. Ambassador Dogs by Lisa Loeb Dogs are ambassadors to the world and our own local communities. They come to serve and love us as only they know how. Accompanied by 175 color images,…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Car Adventures with @surefitinc

    National Dog Day is on August 26 but for dog owners, dog day is everyday!  We were so lucky to get a car for the summer from Tai’s mom and we have been fully taking advantage of it. The seats are leather and we needed something to cover the seats properly.  I have tried different things like fitted bed sheets, towels and canopy type plastic ones and nothing has worked as well as the Sure Fit. There are quilted padded parts and the straps are sturdy and will not move. In the past I have used ones that have velcro and it never held when the car or the dog…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    8 is the new 5 I’m so Hot Still @Arknaturals Treats

    …better crib, better food better automobiles…!  Jacob just turned 8 this year but he is still often mistaken for a puppy by people we meet. His energy level, health and attitude is still playful and happy and I attribute this to his diet and also some great supplements and all natural human-grade food we feed him!   If 60 is the new 40 in human years, then why shouldn’t 15 be the new 10 in dog years. Recognizing that dogs – like their human companions – are indeed living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before, a new brand of delicious vet-recommended soft chews called Gray Muzzle has just been introduced specifically…

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  • WorldWide

    Doggy Snacks from Kingdom Pets

    Kingdom Pets, an established favorite in dried meat dog treats, is proud to announce expansion into the Northeast. Their best selling chicken jerky treats are now available at Costco Wholesale locations from Virginia to New Hampshire.  Kingdom Pets products are 100% natural ingredient, lean meat treats that dogs love. “The expansion of Kingdom Pets dried meats is a testament to pet and pet parent satisfaction,” said Kingdom Pets product marketing manager, Benjamin Wu.“We pride ourselves in producing treats that are made from wholesome, natural ingredients and offer the real meat taste that dogs love. We’re looking forward to continuing the Kingdom Pets expansion and making these simple, savory treats available…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    @Aikiou for Smart Pets!

    If your pet eats their kibble way too fast or seems to be bored all the time – Get him/her a game!  The Aikiou feeder is a game that challenges the minds of your cats and dogs! They have different styles that have levels of challenge – It is a LOT of fun to see your pet try to figure it out. My neighbor has 2 cats so I gave him this one to challenge them. They are having  a lot of fun while he is at home I’m sure. This next dog one has a spinning wheel and a switch that goes back and forth. Great for hiding bigger…

  • My Dog Jacob

    The Cool Puppy StyleGuide @Givebones @FrostyBowlz

    It’s Toronto and Tokyo Fashion Week right now and fashion is on everyone’s mind. Here are three easy ways to update your pet’s wardrobe before the Spring Equinox in a few days. 1.GiveBones – http://givebones.com/shop/ Givebones has the most adorable and colorful collars for a good cause and a good price. National charitable pet company Givebones helps decrease the number of homeless and euthanized pets in the United States each year. Purchasing just ONE Givebones collar saves THREE dogs by keeping them warm and fed in a shelter for one extra day, rescuing them from euthanization. Givebones gives back 10 percent of sales to shelters and rescue groups across the country.…

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