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    Brooklyn Expo: Purina Better with Pets 2016

    This week,  I attended the 4th annual Better with Pets Summit by Purina. I was so excited to head back to New York for this conference! I was not sure what to expect for this year and what topics would be covered but I was thrilled nonetheless. This year’s event was held at the Brooklyn Expo (same as last year) which I thought was a great fit.  I personally had a lot more to learn since I have a brand new puppy this year. Jacob had always been a fan of the Purina Pro Plan, a treat for him when we went hiking at Red Rock.

    William Vale

    The guests of the conference and I stayed at the brand new William Vale Hotel, only 10 mins from the Brooklyn Expo and it was fancy, modern and comfy. Some attendees brought their pets with them and we enjoyed a meet and greet at the beautiful patio in the Brooklyn sunset.  I saw some familiar faces and also met some new bloggers, pet journalists and staff from Purina.


    Some celebrity pets in attendance: Preston of Preston Speaks


    Reese from Harlowe and Sage


    Tinkerbelle the Dog from Manhattan, NY


    Cody the Blue Nose from Long Island NY


    and Knox the Dox from Raleigh, NC

    The day was divided into 3 panels and some interactive activities like pet tag engraving and puppy play center. With pet industry specialist, Purina experts and community leaders in attendance, we learned about the advancements Purina is making in the pet food industry and also in philanthropy.  In Missouri, the Children’s Hospital now has a pet visiting area for all kids due to Purina’s endowment and involvement.  St Louis Children’s Hospital also has therapy dogs and “Touch” dogs. The Purina Family Pet Center allows children in recovery to spend time with their pets. 

    Studies have shown that your life does improve dramatically with a pet and pet parents know this for a fact. I was so happy to speak with other pet parents and experts about senior pets, the joy of having a puppy, breed specific passions and causes as well as pet behavior, nutrition and safety.  With less of a focus on technology this time compared to last year, I still enjoyed the philanthropic focus, opportunity to donate and help local causes and the adoptable pets featured from North Shore Animal League that were present.

    From previous years, I learned the most from discussion topics around innovation, technology and design which were not covered this time unfortunately. Each year, there are different focused topics so I am definitely looking forward to next year!

    Find out more about Purina, their initiatives and how to LIVE BIG on www.purina.com

  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Nestle Purina Better with Pets Summit

    This week started with a quick trip back to the Big Apple for the 3rd Annual Purina Better with Pets Summit!  Pet bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and industry professionals came together at the brand new Brooklyn Expo center.

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    The format of the event this year was different from the last 2 events I have attended. The format this time focused more interactivity, with breathtaking educational exhibits and even a kitten play area.  The first panel discussion was especially interesting, discussing the way Millennials are changing the view of cat ownership. NYC’s Meow Parlour cat cafe owner Christina Ha shared some of her first hand learnings about this new wave of fostering and adoption trend.


    One of my favorite speakers from last year, Dr Arleigh Reynolds was back! He is Purina’s Senior Research Nutritionist. He spoke of the program for youth and dogs he spearheads in Alaska and the amazing impact it has in the community.  Dr Reynolds is soft spoken yet assertive, the perfect pack leader!

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    A huge thank you to the Purina team for making the event an epic success and bringing us together to learn why life is truly Better with Pets.