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    Top Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Body Shape

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    Clothes shopping would be a lot easier if we know which styles and shapes would suit our body types the best. While anyone can wear any clothes they like, some fits will flatter and compliment your shape more than others. But that’s good! Everyone is different, and the world would be a very dull place if we were all the same size and shape!

    Obviously body shapes don’t all fit into neat boxes, but there are basic shapes that you will generally fall into. The main shapes are apple, rectangle, wedge, pear and hourglass.



    If you are apple-shaped, you tend to have a wider torso, with a fuller bust and waist. You tend to have slimmer arms and legs, and gain weight mostly around your waistline. When choosing new clothes and fashion, look for items that will narrow the upper half of the body and highlight your slimmer legs and arms.

    Famous apple-shaped ladies include Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta Jone and Tyra Banks.

    When looking for jeans try low-waist slim trousers. The waistband will sit under your stomach, and the slim legs will elongate your pins. A swing coat is a very flattering fit for apple shapes. The tightened waistband will create shape, with the bottom half flaring out to accentuate your hips. Swing dresses are perfect for a formal look; the slim fitting garment will give you a great shape, but won’t cling too much. Make sure it’s the right length to show off those shapely pins!



    Rectangle shaped ladies tend to have similar proportions in their shoulders, waist and hips. With a more athletic build, they tend to go for styles which will create curves.

    Famous rectangle ladies are Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway.

    A sweetheart line dress is a cute option for a rectangle girl. The neckline will create interest and a cinched in waist with fuller skirt will create curves. Minkpink offer a great range of dresses that would look good on a rectangle shape. Long coats and tight trousers will show off your athletic figure and lean limbs. A pencil skirt and ruffle blouse is a great option for a formal event or office meeting. The soft blouse will create a feminine touch, with the tight fitting skirt showing off your legs and slim shape.



    A wedge shape is an inverted triangle, with broader shoulders and torso, and slimmer waist and legs. Your legs are your best asset, so show them off while softening your top half.

    Famous wedge’s are Renee Zelwegger, Naomi Campbell and Audrina Partridge.

    With a wedge shapes, it’s better to keep your top half minimal and clean, with any patterns and prints on your bottom half. If you have a narrow waist, eccentuate this with a high waisted belt. Fuller skirts will add shape to your hips, this will allow them to balance out your top half. Avoid halter necks and strappy tops as this will make your shoulders look broader.



    Ladies with a larger bottom half are described as Pear shape. Your hips are wider than your shoulders, with a rounder bottom but narrow waist. Make the most of your curves by widening your shoulders and highlighting your slim waist.

    Pear celebrities are Kim Kardashian, Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj.

    When clothes shopping for this shape, look at necklines that accentuate the shoulders and waist. Scoop-neck, halter necks and plunging do this well. These draw attention away from the hips and towards the shoulders. Try fitted blazers which will highlight that narrow waist, and pointy shoes to elongate your legs.



    If you’re curvy, with well-proportioned shoulders and hips and narrow waist, then you’re probably an hourglass figured lady. Your aim is to accentuate and show off those curves, and not hide them!

    Famous pear shaped celebrities include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

    Wider necklines will look great on an hourglass, broadening your shoulders and highlighting your narrow waist even more. Belted jackets and coats also achieve this. Crop tops and pencil skirts are very popular at the moment, and suit an hourglass figure really well. A wide leg trouser with high belted waist looks great for a day in the office, combine it with a clean, white shirt for that professional look.

    The important thing to remember when shopping for your shape is to have fun and feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Be confident and proud of your body, no matter what shape you are. We’re all beautiful in our own bodies, make sure you keep yourself healthy and happy no matter what the fashion trends are telling you!

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    Hope North’s Inaugural Celebrity Studded Gala–you’re invited! @HopeNorth @SusanSarandon @ForestWhitaker

    And now for something really special!

    Hope North is an incredible secondary school in Uganda that has been designed to educate and heal the youngest victims of Uganda’s civil war, including orphans and child soldiers. This school is located on a 40-acre campus and features an international arts center, vocational training, and a working farm for the students. It’s a place to heal, as well as a place to empower Uganda’s youngest generation.

    Hope North

    This month Hope North is holding their inaugural gala at NYC’s City Winery to raise funds and awareness for this fantastic organization. And you’re invited!

    Honorary co-hosts Susan Sarandon and Forest Whitaker (two of my faves) will be celebrating the contributions that actress and advocate Mary-Louise Parker has given to Hope North, while Rufus Wainwright and Sahr Ngaujah will both be attending and performing a set for guests. Zoing – incredible!

    hope north gala

    If you plan to be in NYC on 9/18, join the celebration by picking up a ticket here.

    If you’re out of town for the gala, Hope North is holding an online auction on September 10th, which has quite a few unique bidding items up for grabs, such as lunch with Susan Sarandon and Mary-Louise Parker (OMG!), a private concert at home with jazz pianist ELEW (swoon!), or a golf outing with Richard Kind (fore!). Check out Charity Buzz this week to place dibs!

    Read more about Okello Kelo Sam, the founder of Hope North, here.

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    Event LOVE: @HelloCanada #CanadasMostBeautiful Party

    IMG_20130509_214933I was so excited to join Trop 50 at the Hello! Canada party in honour of the magazine’s Canada’s Most Beautiful issue. As this was a private event, I was unable to ask any of the celebrities that were present for any pictures, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures of everybody else, and having a good time!


    The event took place at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto, in a beautifully decorated room, and was full of beautiful and wonderful people, smiling, laughing, hugging, sipping cocktails, nibbling on delicious appetizers, and just having a beautiful night! (See what I did there? Yes.)


    so pretty 🙂



    I was straight up taking pictures of the ladies pretty dresses 🙂20130509_201044I tried each and everyone of the Trop50 cocktails of course 🙂



    Secretly plotting how to take this beautiful floral Trop50 bottle with me… I kid? lol20130509_202442

    My date looking pretty 🙂20130509_202523

    I loved all the bright colours and flirty skirts and dresses!20130509_203349

    These people just seemed to be having such a good time, I couldn’t help but snap a picture!

    Her skirt! YAAAASSSSSSS!20130509_203750

    You know WE HAD TO!20130509_203856

    UGH! Love. Everything.


    This girl was werking it effortlessly!20130509_204108

    mmmmm risotto balls!20130509_204146

    Of course 🙂20130509_204153

    Hey Ryan!20130509_204158





    Lawd help me… what’s a girl to do when she’s tryna get summer body fit, and they keep serving up yummy sliders???

    more stalker shots… tee hee 🙂20130509_204357

    pretty 🙂20130509_205405

    The room just kept getting more and more packed with people, and don’t even get me started on the terrace!20130509_205413


    mmm mm mm…20130509_205500

    spent quite a bit of time here lol20130509_205628

    The pom-parazzi… my fave!20130509_210000

    pretty dresses 🙂20130509_211033

    Fierce. Just. Fierce.

    Loving that dress and her T.W.A!20130509_211150

    Werking that pink dress!20130509_211631


    20130509_213455Ah yes! It was a beautiful night. Thank you so much to Trop50 and Hello! Canada for having me, I had a lovely time 🙂

    Stay beautiful!


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    Trend Alert: Faux Bangs

    Bangs change up the style, shape and attitude of a haircut, which is one reason celebs love them. An easy way to shake up your style on the cheap is to get the same look with faux bangs.

    These aren’t the inexpensive hair pieces of yesterday; quality fake bangs come in any hue and texture to match your real hair. Celebs who’ve been showing off this trend include Leighton Meester, Sarah Jessica Parker and Selena Gomez.

    One reason celebrities might opt for fake bangs is to have a certain style or look for a role, and bangs don’t come into play. Or they might transform their style for one night for an important event, as Katie Holmes did for the Oscars and Kim Kardashian did for New Year’s Eve. Plus, any girl who’s ever had bangs knows that growing them out can be so awkward! Hair should be fun and help a woman look good. If a clip-on product can do that, why not use it?

    While fake bangs give A-list divas an excuse to have fun with their hair, these pieces work just as well for real women, too. Like other types of hairpieces, bang extensions come in human hair or synthetic materials. Only human hair extensions feel like the real deal and offer the same kind of movement and texture as your natural locks. You can even cut them to a desired length to suit your hairstyle.

    If you want to go incognito in bang-land for a day, spend a bit more to get real human hair. Remy hair pieces in particular are free from any chemical processing (before being dyed by the manufacturer to achieve a certain color), are cut to the same length to minimize frizz and contain hair with intact cuticles.

    Popping in the false bangs is super easy. Standing in front of a mirror, hold the bangs up to your head. Bangs look most natural when placed a couple inches back from your hairline, since that’s where your stylist would cut a set of real bangs. Part the hair and comb back the spot where you plan to attach the bangs so you can attach the clip. Work the clip into your locks, then close it so it’s secure. After installing, blend your hair around the bangs and style the hair so it looks natural.

    To flirt with bangs without the commitment of cutting your mane, try clip-ons. Seek inspiration from celebs in styling your ‘do and wearing this trend with confidence.

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    How to Pull Off a Chic Ballerina Bun Like @laurenconrad

    For years, the high bun has been making a fashion statement. It’s a comfortable style that can create a classy look for a black tie affair. Just look at Sarah Jessica Parker during her “Sex in the City” days; she could rock a bun with any outfit.

    The high bun is a sweet style and takes just minutes to put together. Many women may think their hair is too thin. However, with a little help from a foam hair donut, anyone can have the full-bun do. All you need is a comb, hair donut, two elastic ties and hairpins. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow these quick steps to get that classy look you’re looking for.

    1. Pull your hair up into a ponytail – Make it tight, so the style lasts all day. Place the cusp of the tail where you want the bun. Don’t worry about a few stray hairs that fall down. That just adds chic to the look.
    2. Slide a hair donut over the ponytail – Push your hair through the donut hole and press the sponge against your head.
    3. Fan the ponytail over the donut to create the bun – You are turning the ponytail inside out over the foam. When you find the center of your ponytail, smooth it down around the insert. Make sure to cover the surface of the donut completely. You don’t want any foam peeking out.
    4. Secure the hair by sliding an elastic tie over the top of the donut – It pulls the strands tight around the foam.
    5. Twist the hair sticking out around the donut and tuck it under the foam – This allows you to pin the twisted ends into place.

    You might need a little hairspray to tighten it all up and smooth it out. The finished look should be sleek looking. Keeping it a little messy around your face and neck gives the style a little sex appeal, but you don’t want it to look shabby, so don’t go crazy!

    Life is tricky enough. Balancing work, home and fun takes smarts, but your hair should be something that adds to your look without adding stress to your life. The high bun gives the impression you just threw your hair up without even thinking about it, but you are too classy to be sloppy.

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    What Does The Future Hold For These Capricious Stars?

    They grace the covers of almost all of the tabloids week after week. Is marriage in store for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown on the road to reconciliation? If you’re having trouble predicting what’s in stores for these celebrities, just turn to Oranum, a relatively new psychic network in the United States. Their consulting mediums are experts in providing clarity on these high-profile subjects.

    For many celebrity gossip followers, the big question when it comes to Kim and Kanye is “will they last?” According to Oranum expert Dr. Nikki, the answer is yes! “The question isn’t ‘do they love each other?’ it’s ‘is their love strong enough to withstand the tide of commentary that being a celebrity couple creates,” says Dr. Nikki. “The energy and love sparkles between these two –especially when they look each other in the eye –there is no doubt for me that they will make it longer than most do with a ‘world watched’ relationship.” But is a star-studded (and most likely televised) wedding in the near future? According to Dr. Nikki, not quite. “I think they are still trying to define the relationship between themselves. I would expect to hear about upcoming nuptials later in the year – I feel it will fall between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.”

    Even more shocking than the brutal assault Rihanna suffered at the hands of Chris Brown is the fact that the two of them appear to be communicating once again! But while it seems like they are rekindling their romance, Dana Waddell, a consulting Oranum clairvoyant, sees it as more of a professional relationship. “These two are indeed soul mates and had multiple past lives, but not always in a romantic sense,” she says. “In this lifetime, both are extremely competitive, super motivated, and highly driven to succeed, so while they might work well together, Rihanna and Chris should remain colleagues instead of being romantically linked.” Dana also senses that Rihanna feels that Chris is a deeply soulful artist, but is too much to handle in terms of relationships, while Chris feels she makes too many mistakes with men and that he understand her better than anyone else. “Will they get back together as love interests? Not while they’re still so young. But in terms of sharing the stage and collaborating in the studio –most definitely.”


    LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 12:  Kim Kardashian and ... LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 12: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West watch the video board from their courtside seats as the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets in Game Seven of the Western Conference Quarterfinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 12, 2012 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

    What’s to come for these notorious celebrity relationships? Only time will tell. But for now, get a sense of clarity with Oranum.


    For more information on Oranum please visit www.oranum.com

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