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    pip & grow Launches All-New “Mindful Method for Sleep” Program for Babies

    Two Data-Driven Courses Emphasize Mindfulness to Lower Stress and Improve Sleep for the Whole Family

    Known by parents around the world for its safe, simple, and sustainable baby boxes, pip & grow today announced the next phase of its mission to provide families with safe, restful sleep with the release of its Mindful Method for Sleep program. Created by infant sleep, infant health, and health communication experts, pip & grow’s two data-driven courses are backed by science and use mindfulness to calm parents and caregivers, which in turn, reduces baby’s stress and improves sleep.

    “Babies are wired to wake up every couple of hours when they’re born, but there are things that parents can do to encourage baby to sleep in longer stretches,” said Amber Kroeker, MPH, Infant Safety Expert, and Co-Founder, pip & grow. “One of the most important things for parents is to remain calm and be mindful that baby can sense your anxiety and stress. As tough as it is, especially when you’re exhausted, parents must create a consistent, calm environment for baby if they hope to improve sleep for the whole family.”

    Hosted by Liz Harden, MPH, pip & grow’s Mindful Method for Sleep program consists of two courses, Stellar Sleep 101 and Stellar Sleep 102. The first course sets your infant up for sleep success, providing valuable data-driven, educational insights for parents and caregivers. The second course provides parents with two options to mindfully teach your child to sleep independently based on yours and your baby’s unique needs.

    “We are thrilled to introduce pip & grow fans and tired parents alike to our newest offering, the Mindful Method for Sleep,” said Kate Compton Barr, Co-Founder and CEO, pip & grow. “As parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to make any meaningful changes when you’re sleep-deprived and questioning your abilities as a parent. We created this course to provide parents with simple solutions that can help calm their anxieties, pay attention to their own nervous systems, and create those pro-sleep vibes in their babies.”

    The Mindful Method for Sleep retails for $87 per course or $150 for the duo and is available direct-to-consumer through the company’s website at www.pipandgrow.com/sleep-courses. Providers, such as doulas, lactation consultants, nannies, etc., community organizations, including hospitals and non-profits, and corporations/HR departments can also purchase the courses for customers, patients, and employees by emailing pip & grow directly at hello@pipandgrow.com.

    About pip & grow:

    pip & grow launched in September 2016 with its Smitten Baby Box, a sustainable, easy-to-use option for safe sleep. The Smitten Baby Box is trusted by parents nationwide, and the company has experienced unparalleled success working with community organizations, including hospitals and non-profits, to provide their baby boxes to families in need. In March 2021, the company unveiled its Mindful Method for Sleep program consisting of two data-driven courses that emphasize mindfulness to lower stress and improve sleep for the whole family. pip & grow is led by CEO, Kate Compton Barr, a Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneur. For more information, please visit www.pipandgrow.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.



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    Teaching Kids to Embrace Diversity

    A great tool in teaching young kids about diversity is through books. Whether it’s story time before bed, or anywhere in between, a good book can be a great avenue for starting conversations. Sharing diverse children’s books with our kids helps them become more accepting, more compassionate, and less apt to feel anxious or scared when they meet others who appear different from themselves.

    Brazilian author, Isabel Cintra has published two books designed specifically to embrace and accept the differences that make our world such an interesting and fun place to live.

    Designed for kids ages six to twelve, The Great Little Tailor and The Princess and The Mirror, not only give children of color an opportunity to see themselves in stories but also helps broaden the perspective of all children by fostering children’s sense of empathy and connection with characters who might look different from themselves.



    Isabel Cintra grew up in the small town of Sao Joaquim de Barra, Brazil. At an early age, she entered the magical world of writing and literature. A shy girl with a head full of thoughts, her greatest desire was to share with the world, through her books, the vision of an enchanted princess who looked like her. Through her vibrant picture books, illustrated by her brother Zeka Cintra, Isabel strives to introduce kids to a world where diversity is valuable and beautiful. Fantasy, representativeness and diversity are common themes in her editorial production. Her work, Corvo-Correio was a winner of the 2017 Off Flip Literature Prize. She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and daughters.

    By reading stories that discuss skin shades, cultures, and clothes from around the world, little readers are able to gain exposure to these topics.

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    November New Baby Products

    It is hard to believe it is November already! After Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas time is on everyone’s mind. There is a list of friends that I have who are ready to welcome the Year 2020 babies soon.  There are no brainers when it comes to baby shower gift lists but there are new items that pop up every day that may no have crossed your radar. Here are some indie products we found gift-worthy for November!

    MACE Baby Bottles

    Paying for a premium bottle like this might not be for everyone but after trying numerous brands, your baby might not like any of them. The MACE bottle is different! “When choosing the right baby bottle, we understand a parents’ concerns. We want the safest experience for our little ones and the most peaceful experience for everyone! The aMACEing ZERO LEAK® Baby Bottle uses a patented nipple design to offer a leak-proof baby bottle. Milk only comes out when your baby is feeding on the nipple. If your baby stops, the flow stops! This reduces the chances of health-related and potentially life-threatening risks. Our patented leak-proof nipple also has a uniquely designed anti-colic vent that helps reduce colic and symptoms like burping, gas, and re-flux so feeding is always a great experience for both you and your baby.”

    Patch Organic Bandages

    Bamboo bandages for sensitive baby skin! My nephew has recently been obsessed with first aid kits and worrying how he can ‘fix’ your pain – These are really new and revolutionary. Definitely on my list of useful products that’s innovation and good for the environment. The designs are also cute and stylish too!

    PATCH is crafted with 100% organic bamboo fibre with the added natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil.

    We take pride in using natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable resources, that are historically proven to soothe symptoms whilst promoting wound recovery for even the most sensitive skin types.

    The Kitten, The Cat and the Apple


    A funny and whimsical storybook about the Kitten, the Cat and the Apple teachs young one how to deal with boredom and anxiety using these three characters. You can never have too many books and this is a good one to add to your library.

    When a cat goes out of its way to entertain its bored and impatient kitten leading to profound questions about the meaning of life, until eventually, both discover an obvious yet often overlooked answer.

    A deceptively simple story by Nicholas Tana, its profound message is certain to entertain both children and adults. Award-winning, German-based film composer, Richard Albert, teamed up with the author to create the perfect accompanying composition and sound design, in this marvelous philosophical addition to the New Classics Books collection.


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    Our New Baby Section: HeyDoYou Bitty

    An inspirational lunch with my friend Lali today inspired this!  Since fashion kids are everywhere and all your friends are having kids… this just makes sense!  The all new “HeyDoYou bitty” is a section of HEYDOYOU that is specially dedicated to the lifestyle of children who inherited their parent’s impeccable taste. This is a miniblog for your lil bitty out there!

    We hope you love all the baby related and children related upcoming posts.  As our readers progress in their lives, we are happy to celebrate the additions to their families as mothers, aunts, friends and neighbors.  Send in your photos with #heydoyoubitty and we will be happy to repost.

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    Book Review: Treatment Alternative for Children

    This is a guest post from Edmonton, Canada from my mom and nephew!

    ‘Treatment Alternative for Children’ written by Lawrence Rosen caught my eye when my grandson was 17 months old. He had a cold lasted for more than 3 weeks at that time. The medical clinic advised us to let him recover with his own immune system and no need to visit the clinic. Seeing the little sweetie suffered from runny nose, phloem and no appetite makes my helpless heart ache. I immediately leaf the pages and found out a lot of valuable information. Some of ‘Guidance to Parents’ is not even known for me, as a grandma. I immediately folded the corners of the concern pages to study in detail.

    Being Asian, our culture actually rejects the western medicine which was regarded as chemicals. Most of the time, we visit our own herbal medicine doctor even if the expenses are not covered by government or insurance companies. Surely using herbs to heal takes longer time and yet it is natural. Chemical stuff has quick effect yet we don’t believe it is good for long run health.

    However, the drawback of Chinese herbal medicine is that most of the time, we have to cook the exact proportion of herbs. It is time consuming especially in this no-kitchen era. Besides, most of the medicine contains unbearable bitter taste which for sure refused by all the kids.

    Alternatives treatment mentioned in this book gave us another natural and healthy channel to recover from illness or discomfort. This is especially true for the kids they don’t even know how to express themselves yet.

    The illustration about the dry and wet coughing is similar as what Asian regarding to the yin-yang condition of our bodies. Dehydration can be cured by coconut water rather than lots of artificial glucoses medication. Anger and tantrums’ curing way is sending kids to play more out door. Baking soda can be used for insect bites. If I know this earlier, I will save a lot of money to purchase the expensive creams for mosquito bites. Water should be used for curing fever. All these useful natural medical information bring us nearer to the Garden of Eden. We are blessed and thankful.

    There are also lots of information for special needs, such as autistic kids, head lice, kidney stone etc. I especially like the Top Ten Treatment Lists and the Alphabetical table at the back of the book. I strongly recommend have this good and helpful reference book on the shelf for the kids until, maybe, teenager!

    Get your copy on Amazon here!

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    Passion + Inspire!

    Thank you for having LongOverdew speak at Derrydown Public School! Given the chance to inspire young minds and tell the story of ‘following your PASSION’, LongOverdew had the opportunity to be a guestspeaker for the coolest Gr 4 & 5’s in Toronto!

    Passionate about what you do? Want to be a guest speaker at Derrydown PS? Email Mickella! mickellas@hotmail.com