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    ck to basicsā€¦

    I haven’t cooked properly in soooo long. I work with food so by the time I get home, I have no desire to cook. Add exhaustion from work and school to the mix, and I definitely have no intention of cooking when I get home. However, I was tired of eating Mr. Noodle every night and missed having a home cooked meal; so I decided it was time to step back into my kitchen. I was in the mood for something quick, easy and delicious. Easy as one, two, three šŸ™‚ I loving snacking on peppers, and I enjoy cooking with them even more! A little minced garlic and onion……

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    Started my new job today and overheard my co-worker talk about the amazing Fruishi he had last weekend in Chicago.  I did some digging and found out Orange – The Contemporary Brunch Resto is responsible for such a medley and savory delight. Since I am in NY and the fruishi is in CHI… I am going to make my own! Now so can you… Frushi, or fruit sushi, is one of Orange’s most popular items and makes a beautiful and unusual breakfast addition. Serve it as a side to poached eggs and Canadian bacon or ham. We’ve used oranges and raspberries for the topping, but any fresh fruit will work.…

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    HCB #53: fried rice loving!

    I loves me some celery and adore sweet peppers, and sometimes I love them with my rice. So I put 2 and 2 together… or 3 and 3… Whatever, I was feenin’ for some fried rice, so I did the damn thing! You know I had to have some craisins in there! Why is fried rice so damn good?!Happy cooking lovelies!peace and loveā™„Bellaā™„*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    HCB #52: Cococococonut Curry Rice!

    I was feenin’ for some rice and peas… but I also wanted some curry rice. So I brought the two together, and mmm mmm mmm! So GOOD. I love making spice blends, so it was fun bringing my rice and peas spice blend and curry spice blend together. T’was a good move. This was delicious. And the raisins? oh… my… gosh… the raisins. They just make everything extra tasty! The coconut milk offered a delicious delicateness that I simply couldn’t put into words.My rice and peas/curry rice craving was WELL satisfied.Happy cooking!peace n loveā™„Bellaā™„*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    HCB #51: put that carrot in my coconut…

    There are many great things that I learned during my time in chef school, and one of the many things that I learned and keep so close to my heart, is the art of making A DAMN GOOD SOUP. For some this doesn’t sound like anything special, but believe me when I tell you that there is an art to making a GOOD soup. I cooked the carrots in soy and coconut milk, along with some garlic, onion and other special ingredients, then brought them together… I used to HATE soup, and dreaded ANY and EVERY occasion that involved soup… until I went to chef school.  Anyway, this soup was…

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    HCB #50: keep it in check!

    Tis the season of those weird cravings… you know, the ones you get once the weather starts getting a little colder, and your appetite get’s a lil uh… CRAZY… I know you know what I’m talking about. some like it naked… Anyway for those of us that find ourselves wanting to indulge a lil more during the cold months, BUT are determined to keep the health and shape in CHECK during the cold season; might I suggest we reach for more delicious and nutritious options, versus “delicious” i-will-fatten-you-up options that just leave you so damn disappointed that you gave in. I’m just saying. but a lil balsamic dressing ain’t never…