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    Exercise Yourself Beautiful

    The importance of a workout for fitness and health is not lost on any of us. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, or just strengthening our bodies for the daily grind, it is essential to focus on fitness.


    That said, doing things for the “right reasons” is not an incentive for everyone. Knowing that we should do something, does not always translate into actually doing it – or doing it with any enthusiasm. We know that we should eat right but that alone is sometimes not enough. Let’s face it: advertisers know that. That’s why so many tempting foods are advertised as “guilty pleasures”.

    So wrong, but so right…


    So to strengthen the incentive, is it perhaps a good idea to sometimes we a little less noble? A little more… shallow? This bears some thinking about. Does it matter why you do the right thing, if you still end up doing the right thing? In other words, if you don’t feel motivated to work out for fitness and health alone, why not work out for beauty? It’s not like it’s a bad thing, after all.


    In any case, once you start doing something and get into a pattern, you see the benefits beyond what first convinced you to begin. So if you want to look better, here are some workout tips that will also have you feeling and looking better.


    Can Your Workout Improve Your Skin?


    Now, it is worth noting that working out with a full face of makeup on will diminish any benefits to beauty you get. In fact, you should cleanse your face before working out for maximum benefit. But yes, your workout can be a pivotal part of good skincare.


    In exercising, you better regulate production of cortisol – the body’s stress hormone. Too much cortisol causes the skin to age, thinning and encouraging blemishes. Not to mention that the best workout supplements have benefits for the skin. As AlgaeCal reviews point out, the supplement provides calcium, which aids healthy skin and regeneration. Remember: always check with a doctor before starting any supplements.


    So the more you work out and supplement yourself to do so, the less cortisol in your system – and that means your skin will be better than ever.


    Can Your Workout Help Your Hair?

    What can exercise do for your locks?


    You will no doubt be picturing a line of people on treadmills, red faced and sweaty. How, you might be wondering, could this ever be good for your hair? Especially as you’ll shower afterwards, and doesn’t that strip the hair of its natural oils?


    Studies show that, in fact, a vigorous workout can be one of the best things you do for your crowning glory. Far from making hair dirtier for no reason, intense cardio releases toxins. This benefits the release of purer, healthier sebum on the scalp – an oil that stops hair becoming dry and lifeless. As another benefit, exercise stimulates blood flow which can increase the speed at which your hair grows.


    And Another Thing…


    Beauty is more than skin deep. We all know how exercise can help the skin and hair now, but it’s fair to say that everyone looks better when they’re smiling. And there, again, exercise has you covered. By working out, you will release endorphins, your body’s natural “happiness hormone”.


    Just one note of caution. Studies have shown that too much endurance exercise can be bad for your teeth. Avoid sugary energy drinks (just avoid them anyway – they’re not good for you in any way, shape or form) and when working out, try to limit how much you breathe through your mouth. Mouth breathing can dry your palate, which harms teeth, and as a double-protection you should gently brush your teeth after any gym session.


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    BARRE3 Online Studio

    I have been looking everywhere for Barre type classes where you work with your own body weight, stretching and lengthening. I haven’t had the time to go to a studio and I was so excited to discover Barre3. They have online videos where you can do the workouts in the comfort of your own home! The best part is, you don’t need anything! You can use a chair, a counter and even bottles of water for additional weights.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.22.24 PM

    These workouts are not easy! But they do offer modifications for people who are out of shape like me :). I tried the 10 min workout just to try it out and it was so cool! I am excited to try again later today with a longer workout. The instructions were clear and the exercises are fun and there is an option to turn the music on and off. Besides the instructor, there are 2 other people doing alternate options to follow.

    Sign up for Barre3 and get started on simple exercises to move your body!

    barre3‘s new online platform just launched and it’s taking workouts and whole-body health to the next level! With over 80 studios in the U.S., Canada and the Philippines, the online classes  allow those who don’t have a studio nearby or are on the go and traveling to use their workouts.


    • Fresh workouts delivered every single week, plus unlimited access to our growing library of over 250 workouts

    • Detailed how-to videos of key barre3 postures to help deepen your practice and boost your results

    • A dedicated top barre3 instructor on our live-discussion thread to answer your questions for 7 days

    • A weekly plan mapped out for you, including workouts and recipes that work together to energize and balance your life

    Founder Sadie Lincoln is kicking off our first-ever weekly workout! One week is all it takes to get a fresh start, feel better, and get stronger.

    Let’s do this!

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    What Makes Us Look Older Than We Want To Appear?

    I don’t mind getting wiser and more experienced. But like most women, I wish that wisdom wouldn’t show up on my face. Signs of aging can be quite hard to identify, though. It’s not always easy to figure out why we’re looking older. And it’s not always easy to figure out how to undo it either.

    There are dozens of signs that we are starting to age. It may start with your hair thinning. Perhaps you even have a gray or two. Dying your hair can hide those grays. Many good color products also provide nourishing creams to ensure your hair doesn’t become damaged. Keeping your hair moisturized can help it retain that soft, glossy look of youth.

    Our bodies will also give away our age over time. As soon as you have children, the body becomes a different shape. Between childbearing and menopause, the body will go through a lot of hormonal changes. You may find your joints become achier, and your muscles lose their tone. The skin on the upper arms, tummy, and chest can start to sag too. Gentle exercises every day can help keep you firm.

    It’s the face that gives away our age most. Pores can become enlarged as we get older. You may not be as susceptible to blemishes as you once were, but discoloration can still occur. Dark circles under the eyes make us look tired even if we had a good night of sleep. And puffy bags and eyelids can make us look much older than we are. Plenty of drinks of water and lots of exercises can help flush those excess fluids out.

    Picture credit


    Over time, the skin will sag. You might already be noticing those jowls along your chin line. Cheek bones also lose their definition as the skin folds over itself along the nose line. It is possible to lift these areas of the skin. There are several surgical procedures to pull back and lift up the skin. Alternatively, you can try Ultherapy that uses ultrasound rather than surgery to give you a lift.

    Clever techniques of makeup application can also hide the signs of aging that affect you the most. But there are also many ways to delay the onset of these signs too. Avoiding processed food, tobacco and alcohol can help a lot. Daily exercise will also keep your circulation healthy. It can help combat any weight gain that occurs as we get older. And exercise will also keep your muscles toned.

    There are even exercises you can do for your face to help those muscles stay toned. Regular exfoliation will remove all the dull, dead skin cells from the surface. This will reveal healthier, younger looking ones beneath. And whitening your teeth can help give you a fresher, younger look too. Our smiles make us look more relaxed, vibrant and energetic. These are all signs of youth!

    You don’t have to put up with those early signs of aging as they appear. Lifestyle changes can help keep them away for longer. And a good beauty routine will make sure your skin is in the best possible condition it can be. Feel good and look good today.  

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    Event LOVE: #InTheDanceTO with @IAMYENDI


    I got an invite to attend a Dancehall Fitness class a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what to expect. I’d never even heard of a Dancehall Fitness class, but I knew that there was no way I was going to miss it. AND, when you hear that the gorgeous Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe Yendi Phillips is flying all the way from sunny Jamaica to cold and freezing Toronto to share her work out secrets with us, there is definitely no way I was going to miss it. She  recently released her fitness Dancehall video, In The Dance Fitness Jamaica and came to Toronto to tell us all about it and share some moves from her DVD to whip us into shape!

    20140130_162034As soon as she walked in, you could feel the motivation go up by a 100%, because she has such an amazing spirit and her body is like WOAH! During her introduction she mentioned that she has a one year old, and you could hear the gasps of disbelief, because she is snactched! She also caught me staring at her mid-section in disbelief the minute she said that she just had a baby…yeah it’s FLAT like that. Needless to say we were all more than ready to try out this workout, especially because she says that majority of her fitness regime is dancing. Who doesn’t love dancing? I was so ready!



    What do I think about the In The Dance Fitness Jamaica workout? It was awesome! Yendi is an amazing instructor, and the workout was so much fun. I’ve never had fun while feeling the burn, but we were all having such a good time, that we asked for more when the class was over. It was awesome! I went home hurting so good, and woke up HURTING so good. Totally worth it.











    I went home and did the workout, cause I just couldn’t get enough!

    Thank you Yendi for coming all the way to Toronto and helping us add a little spice to our New Year’s resolutions of looking and feeling better on the inside and outside, and to Tika for sharing this awesome experience with us!


    If you’ve never tried this workout, I suggest you get yourself to the nearest Wal-Mart and get yourself a copy of In The Dance Fitness Jamaica!


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    Spend time on YOU…by practicing Bikram Yoga

     I’ve picked up Bikram Yoga again…it’s definitely different than the yoga some people might think of if you’ve never heard of bikram.

    This hot yoga is 90 minutes in a 105°F room and consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. I know some people don’t always come prepared so make sure you bring water, a mat, towel, and a washcloth (not everyone brings this). Another important thing is to make sure you hydrate before you go!

    The postures (they’re do-able!)

    I live in the Boston area now (Andover, which is about 15 minutes north of Boston if there’s no traffic). I found Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley (located in North Andover) because there was a really good Groupon deal (15 classes for $59). I went to my 12th class today and I feel great. I’ve kept a schedule of going every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Because each class is 90 minutes and the postures are the same, don’t think that it gets repetitive or boring…every class is a challenge and it takes practice to master each posture.

    This bikram yoga place is amazing. The teachers are nice and are willing to help you. Teri, the owner, pushes me and not in a bad way at all. I know there were a couple classes where I’ve never heard my name so many times before but it’s only because I wasn’t properly doing the posture. I love this place and the way I feel after every class.

    Standing Bow Pulling Pose (one of many postures that I’m still trying to work on)

    Be prepared to be challenged but know that it is totally worth it. The plus side, no experience is required! For a list of the postures, names, and benefits, click here!

    Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley on Facebook.

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    Exercise tips from @NadeenBoman

    Yes I took a few sips before taking the picture…

    A lot of us get lazy and find it hard to stay fit and healthy during the winter months; so Nadeen Boman (spokesperson of Powerade Zero ION4) shared some of her go-to exercises to help us stay nice and tight during the cold season.


    Squat and Leg Lift– Start in squat position with feet about hip width apart and chest lifted. Knees should be over your heels so that you can see your toes. Stand and extend right leg back at a 45 degree angle, leading with your heel. Repeat squat, stand and leg lift on right leg for 15 reps before switching to the the left leg. (This exercise is good for a firm butt)


    Plank Ups and Downs- Start in plank position with your body in a straight line, toes and forearms on the ground. Keep your butt down to engage your abdominals or if this is too difficult then go on your knees pulling your heels to your glutes. Push yourself up onto one hand then the other before going back down into the start position. Complete 5 up and downs then repeat with the other arm leading. Do 2-3 sets. (Good for shoulders and core)

    Abs Do all 3 ab exercises back to back and repeat for a total of 2-3 sets.

    Knee Touch Crunches- Lie on back with feet flat on the floor, knees about fist width apart. Reach for your knees by tucking your chin and brining your shoulder blades off the ground. Do 10-15 reps.

    Heel Touches- Start off in same position as above. With your hands about 2 inches from the ground, reach your right hand toward your right heel then reach with your left hand toward your left heel. Touch heel 10-15 times.

    Knees to Shoulders- Start in same position as previous abdominal exercises. Beginners have hands pressing into ground beside butt or increase difficulty and keep by your ears. Roll your bum off the ground by brining your knees towards your chest. Do 10-15 reps.

    peace and love


    ps: don’t forget to hydrate!!