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    Count your glasses of water with the Outlander Mug.

    Dribble like a boss, sip like a champ. Hydration’s MOST VALUABLE PLAYER will always be the MyBevi Outlander Mug! 32 ounces of icy cold drinks for hours on end.

    Let’s sip with Style and Functionality! Introducing the 32 oz Outlander Tumbler – your go-to for all things sippable. With a dual-function lid, you’re in control: sealable straw hole for on-the-go sips or an ergonomic raised lip for leisurely savoring. Splash prevention and temperature retention, all in one tumbler. Sip smart, sip stylish!


    The durable Outlander keeps its gorgeous 32 oz. design in the most rugged environments, keeping cold drinks cold and hot beverages hot. With a beautiful and durable powder coating, the niftiest handle and straw on the market and giving you up to 32oz with each fill, this is one tumbler you’ll be thankful for having!

    32 oz Outlander | Tumbler with Straw and Handle | Powder Coated

    Superior grade 18-8 304 stainless steel vacuum insulated construction

    Copper coating on the outside of inner steel wall adds a 3rd layer of insulation

    Rugged powder coat paint finish for maximum durability

    Polished steel accents

    Comfortable ergonomic handle

    Dual function lid: Color matching straw included for use with the sealable straw hole, and an ergonomic raised lip with slide closure so you can sip how you want, when you want

    Lid slide closure intended to help prevent splashing and to retain hot and cold beverage temperatures. Lid is not leakproof and won’t prevent spilling

    Sleek design fits most cupholders

    Made with BPA Free materials

    Keeps hot or cold for hours

    MyBevi 32oz Outlander Mug is on everyone’s list for providing maximum hydration, awesome handling and design with temperature keeping insulation that is unmatched. Fill up your Outlander Mug and make it your companion through your thirst’s ebb and flow. With its 32oz capacity, the Outlander delivers 4 full servings of water per fill, and will keep it cold all day if you prefer sipping slowly.

    The MyBevi brand is made for true individuals, those who don’t settle for undistinguished, off-the-shelf products. At MyBevi, their motto is “Drink Life to the Fullest”. They make products that are as unique as you are, that will fit with your life and style, and go with you wherever life takes you, all the while reducing the waste of single use beverage containers. They craft exceptionally made products that are built to carry the beverages that make you, you. Whether you prefer a robust Italian coffee, a refreshing fruit fusion or good old H2O, MyBevi has a product companion to help you enjoy your favorite beverage in style, and at the perfect temperature.


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    Embark on a holistic journey like never before with Leefy extraordinary superfood tinctures – where every drop is a step closer to a healthier, more vibrant you!

    Looking for gifts that are good for your whole family and would make perfect stocking stuffers? Look no further! Leefy Organics’ 2 oz super food supplements are a perfect gift for the holidays.
    Give your family the gift of health this year with Leefy holistic tinctures that can help with a wide range of ailments like pain, inflammation, headaches, joint discomfort, menstrual cramps, insomnia, anxiety, immune health and more!

    Leefy Immunity Defense Blend – Help to support immune system

    Looking for a natural way to boost your immune system and protect yourself against illness? Look no further than Leefy powerful supplement IMMUNITY DEFENSE BLEND, formulated with garlic, ginger, onion, oil of oregano, and elderberry. Packed with all organic superfood ingredients like hardneck garlic, onion, ginger, elderberry, and oil of oregano — this blend is formulated to help support your immune system all year round.

    Each of these ingredients has been carefully selected for its unique immune-boosting properties. Garlic, for example, has been used for centuries as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent, while ginger is known for its ability to support respiratory health and reduce inflammation in the body. Onion contains high levels of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that can help protect against damage caused by free radicals, and oil of oregano has been shown to have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. These ingredients work synergistically to help support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and protect against illness. So why wait? Try Leefy immune-boosting supplement today and feel the difference for yourself!

    Leefy Organics PRANA – The Original Organic Liquid Turmeric Curcumin and Ginger Extract with Black Pepper

    Leefy uses only nourishing ingredients from nature. Made with an herbal blend of organic turmeric curcumin with black pepper and ginger, the formula embraces the synergistic healing power of these three ingredients. The benefits of turmeric are most effective when unlocked by three keys: in combination with black pepper, in addition to a fat, and in liquid form. PRANA has all three keys resulting in an effective way to get your daily dose of curcumin. PRANA uses vegetable glycerin as an extract leaving you with a sweet, honey-like flavor you won’t get with turmeric capsules. Recommend enjoying daily for the best results in improving your overall health and well-being.

    Leefy Organics NIDRA – Organic, Fast Absorbing, Tart Cherry Supplement to Support Sleep, Joint Health, Gout & Osteoarthritis

    A combination of tart cherry with specific herbs to: gently calm the nervous system, improve circulation, reduce pain and promote rest and recovery! Leefy uses only nourishing organic ingredients. Made with an herbal blend of tart cherries, passion flower, chamomile, and blue vervain. Sourced from US organic farms.

    Immerse yourself in the power of nature’s goodness as you explore our exclusive collection of supercharged elixirs. From inflammation relief to sleep support to immunity health, Leefy Organics has got everything you need to embark on a holistic journey of vitality and balance.

    Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with the purest, most potent and absorbable superfoods on the planet.

    • EASY TO ABSORB: Studies suggest that liquid supplements may be far more effective and bioavailable than pills and powders. Anecdotally, customers report greater effectiveness when used consistently.
    • EASIER TO SWALLOW: Liquid supplements can be easier to swallow than pills, especially for people who have difficulty swallowing pills. This can be particularly important for older adults or individuals with certain medical conditions that make it difficult to swallow pills.
    • EXPERIENCE CONFIDENCE: Made in the USA with domestically sourced ingredients, in a GMP-certified facility, PRANA is organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and doesn’t contain any chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
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    Lynn & Liana Designs: A Symphony of Resin Elegance for Unforgettable Holiday Hosting

    As the holiday season approaches, the art of hosting takes center stage, and Lynn & Liana Designs invites you to infuse your gatherings with a touch of sophisticated charm. Their exquisite resin serveware collection is a testament to the seamless union of functionality and artistic allure, creating an ambiance that turns every occasion into a celebration of style.

    Resin Trays: Start your journey into the world of Lynn & Liana’s resin serveware with their captivating trays. These functional pieces of art not only make a striking statement as they serve up festive treats but also double as the perfect canvas for showcasing your seasonal decor. The organic patterns and vibrant colors embedded in the resin create a visual feast, elevating your holiday table to a new level of elegance.

    Cheese Boards: Delve into the curated collection of resin cheese boards that Lynn & Liana Designs has to offer. Picture the delight on your guests’ faces as they indulge in a selection of fine cheeses, beautifully presented on these unique and tastefully crafted boards. The resin’s captivating patterns add an extra layer of sophistication to your holiday cheese platter, making it a focal point of your celebrations.

    Coasters & Accessories: Impress your guests with Lynn & Liana’s coasters and accessories, practical yet sophisticated elements that protect your surfaces while adding a touch of glamour to your holiday gatherings. These intricately designed pieces not only serve a functional purpose but also become exquisite accents, enhancing the overall holiday ambiance. Imagine a festive toast accompanied by the clinking of glasses on these artistic coasters.

    Unique Gift Sets: The joy of giving is magnified with Lynn & Liana’s thoughtfully curated resin serveware bundle sets. Whether you’re gifting a set of The Marble Bundle or The Caribbean Blue Bundle, these artistic serveware is designed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. The artful presentation adds an extra layer of delight, making them perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

    My choice – Baguette Acacia Boards

    These pieces blend gorgeous Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind piece of serveware for your home. These baguette boards are perfect for serving a group of 3-5 people.

    A great gift for housewarmings, weddings or maybe just a treat for yourself. Serve your favorite snacks for a girls night in, a date night with your spouse or for a get together with friends. The baguette board is perfect for serving sushi, baguettes, bruschetta, kebabs and more. We can only imagine the beautiful spreads you’ll create with your new baguette board!

    These cheese boards and serving trays now come in beautiful Lynn & Liana black gift boxes to make your gift presentation even more spectacular!

    Dimensions Including Handle: 5″W x 24″L x 5/8″H.


    Hand wash all items with a cloth and warm soapy water. Dry with a towel and allow item to fully air dry overnight. None of Lynn & Liana’s products should be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine.

    To keep your cheese and bread board looking new, Lynn & Liana recommends rubbing a food safe oil onto the wooden surface monthly or as needed. Food safe oils include, the in house Lynn & Liana wood oil, walrus oil, osmo oil or any other form of food safe mineral oil. You can purchase Lynn & Liana’s recommended cutting board oil on the shop now page!

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    ALZOO provides solutions for every member of your furry family

    So you know your fur baby is definitely on your list this holiday season! Let me introduce Alzoo to you! Alzoo® is more than just a brand – it reflects the love a family can give to their furry and feathered friends. Their dedication to providing natural and quality products is a testament to their deep passion for the health and well-being of their animals.

    For eco-minded pet parents seeking truly reliable solutions to everyday pet care and more, ALZOO provides solutions for every member of your furry family. In addition, ALZOO acts as a force for good in the world. Recently, ALZOO’s parent company, AB7 America, Inc., earned the prestigious B Corp® Certification, demonstrating the company’s combined innovative spirit, technological expertise, and global perspective to create the most sustainable, efficacious, high-quality wellness products that let owners and their pets do more of what matters most in their life.

    ALZOO debuted its newest line of products designed with a focus on sustainability and innovation just in time for the holidays!

    With additions to their popular concentrated shampoo, they will also add a concentrated stain and odor remover, as well as a new plant-based mobility collar and severe accident remover. Perhaps the most noteworthy of ALZOO’s new product offerings is a new category of natural soft chews, designed for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Please see below for more details on all ALZOO’s new product innovations.

    ALZOO’s newest 2023 products include:

    Concentrated Shampoos: Three new concentrated powders omit single-use bottles and never ship water while working wonders on your pet’s bath routine. In four varieties (Soothing, Puppy Care, Deep Conditioning and the original Hypo-Allergenic) these shampoos will be a new go to for all you dog bathing needs. Plus, save you time and money going to the groomer!

    Mobility Collar: The first dog collar to naturally soothe joint discomfort with essential oils, ALZOO’s clinically studied innovation showed to reduce stiffness and improve mobility within 3 days of usage. Each collar lasts up to 30 days and is waterproof.

    Severe Accident Remover: This highly absorbent lavender powder easily cleans up the worst types of messes pets leave behind without leaving behind any residue.

    Concentrated Stain & Odor Remover: A more sustainable option to remove pet stains and odors while reducing carbon footprint with NO water shipping and no single-use plastic.

    Soft Chews (90-count): Potent, natural blends of ingredients specifically formulated to improve target areas for your beloved dogs:

    • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and flax seed oil work wonders in Skin & Coat Soft Chews
    • Probiotics, fennel, and other immune-supporting ingredients keep dogs’ seasonal allergies in check in Allergy Soft Chews
    • Botanicals like chamomile manage stress (from fireworks to car rides to separation anxiety) for Calming Soft Chews
    • Powerful antioxidants support normal inflammation response in Hip & Joint Mobility Soft Chews.

    All ALZOO products are available on Amazon, Walmart.com, TractorSupply.com, VitaCost and other national retailers and specialty stores.