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    iSkin solo is back!

    iSkin has redesigned its solo series of cases to look, work and fit even better and they added a new special edition to the line-up.

    The classic solo for iPhone 4 is slim-fit, with bold colors and fit to provide top of the class protection. Check them out at iSkin.com/newarrivals.



    For those who prefer a case that is protective and has a sleek look.

    xoxo Kaycee

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    iSkin Vibes FX

    You know you are a fashionista when you just simply have to personalize and accessorize everything you own. For those of you know who about me and Blackberries – you know that it’s a love – hate relationship. I love them and they make my life so much easier but I have also been careless and lost.. um .. 6 of them this year 🙁 Anyway… I am with T-Mobile now with my Blackberry Curve and I am determine to put in the work to make this one stay!

    To show my Blackberry that this time it’s gonna be different and I really am going to try, I even got him a brand spanking new Vibes FX case from iSkin. The case is super snug and not like those wobbly silicon ones. There truly is a premium look and feel with this… loves it. You can get it for the Blackberry Javelin, Bold and Storm – so far. They come in 4 different colors and I think I have to rename my Blackberry GrapeJelly starting.. Today!
    You can get iSkin products at any Apple store, Target and of course iskin.com
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    iSkin SoloFX

    The most gorgeous place to get the most delicious experience for your iPhone has to be none other than iSkin. Say goodbye to the simple, the basic, the pigeons and demand an upgrade! This time around, the one that catches your eye is hard yet soft, body hugging and attention grabbing. She is bold, she is vivacious and the peacock. She protects, never slips and she’s glossy 24/7. Lucky for you – this spring, she’s solo – Solo FX to be exact; the high-gloss bodysuit for your beloved iPhone. iSkin is to iPhones what mascara is to lashes. Iskin is what top coat is to your manicure, what your stilettos are to your strut, and what love does for your complexion that no bronzer can.

    We know and love the original Solo; sophisticated, low profile and classic – the black pump if you will. Welcome to the iSkin family and meet the sassy younger sister, Solo FX. Solo FX loves a mango mojito, designer handbags and statement jewelry – the purple suede fringe boot, with a peeptoe. With integrated volume and power button coverage, unobstructed access to all ports, a non-slip surface – the Solo FX says, “Don’t be jealous cuz I’m perfect.” With a clear screen that doubles as a mirror when the iPhone is off, we have to admit she really is all that and more.

    Dress up your iPhone this spring in Breeze (translucent blue), Passion (translucent red), Lush (translucent green) and Sunset (translucent orange).

    Horoscopes say that the Solo Fx is compatible with the revoClip for solo belt holster (but he is sold separately).

    The iSkin solo FX is available now at www.iSkin.com , and retails for $32.99US.
    For additional iSkin solo FX information visit www.iSkin.com .

    About iSkin Inc.

    Home of the exceptionally popular and award-winning “iSkin” iPod fashion+protection package, iSkin Inc. designs and delivers an inspired line of accessories, enhancements and solutions for the thriving Digital Lifestyle marketplace. As a raving fan of everything cool in the world of Apple and beyond, iSkin gives its customers around the world an unmatched blend of design, technology, quality, fashion, selection and service.


    Kristian Ward, Marketing Manager

    iSkin Inc.
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