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    Put Me In Your Story – Personalized Coloring Books

    The coolest kiddo I know just turned 2 this month and what better way to celebrate her but with the personalized color books from our friends at Put Me in Your Story!   With the most creative and artsy parents ever… Her dad is a Pratt graduate industrial designer and mom is a DIY everything plus amazing baker… I just can’t wait to see what Dali’s medium will be.

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    Keep Calm and Color On

    by Katie Martin

    $19.99 Personalized Coloring Book


    Looking for a new way to get inspired? Boost your creativity with a personalized Keep Calm and Color On coloring book! Enjoy over 60 beautifully designed patterns and discover inspiring quotes throughout. From cool little kids to artsy adults, everyone deserves a few mindful moments for themselves. Keep your creations bound in the book or decorate your space with your colorful masterpieces. The creative possibilities are endless with this hands-on way to have fun and keep calm.

    Personalize this intricately designed, completely calming coloring book with a name and dedication message for the creative person in your life, or gift yourself a much-needed getaway.


    This is the best way to ‘unplug’ and get some ME time. Coloring is therapy and spending time with yourself is a way of meditation. So color on and clear your mind while you are at it.