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    Cali Style: Savi Style Activewear

    The story of SAVI STYLE™ is about two up-and-coming entrepreneurs demonstrating their passion by fully pursuing a concept and vision given all the challenges it presents.

    Terry Leon (first generation Mexican) and Iris Lopez (first generation Salvadoran) sought out to achieve the American Dream and didn’t let any roadblocks get in the way. They both grew up in southern California, graduated from college, and both have their daily jobs. Even though buried with living expenses, student loans, and their own weddings in 2016 – they wanted more with their careers.

    Now Terry and Iris are entrepreneurs, founding SAVI STYLE over 6 months ago and their first product to market is SAVI SLEEK™, a fashionable and functional hair tie bracelet for all occasions. SAVI SLEEK is a stunning bracelet that holds your hair tie while looking seamless and comfortable for whatever life throws your way. It transforms a very important necessity into a beautiful accessory.

    “Becoming an entrepreneur is such a surreal thing given all the challenges of starting your own company and developing a product.” said Terry Leon (Founder). “I even used the Airbnb platform to rent out personal space to raise money for development and prototyping.”

    SAVI SLEEK is launching November 2nd and will have deals available that deliver in time for the holiday season.

    “Our lives seem to get busier and busier so finding the time to develop an ideal brand and product absorbed all of our so-called “free time” as it took late nights, early mornings, and the weekends in order to launch this November.” said Terry. “The past six months have been a blur and we’re confident it will all pay off with a successful launch. We know the work won’t stop and we’re really excited to interact with our customers”.

    SAVI SLEEK was developed with clean lines, perfect angles, and a minimalist approach. It provides the flexibility that allows you to place your arm on any surface without the risk of pain or discomfort as the bracelet molds to your body. SAVI SLEEK is safe, made of medical grade silicon that provides water and sweat proof protection. All made in the USA.

    “We want SAVI SLEEK to be a part of you, your second skin, and to bring fashion to your everyday necessity.” said Terry Leon.

    Now that’s a breath of fresh air to hear about an inspiring story of two young women who had the drive to accomplish so much given the challenges every entrepreneur faces towards achieving the true American Dream!

    The SAVI SLEEK Bracelet will launch November 2 on Kickstarter and available for preorder at www.savistyle.com.

    Retail price: $19.99.

    About SAVI STYLE
    SAVI STYLE (www.savistyle.com) provides fashionable chic designs with functionality for activewear accessories. Designing for the active lifestyle woman who led an active lifestyle. Whether working out, at home, at work or out with family and friends.

    The company is headquartered in Orange County, CA and distributes its products in the US and selective international countries.  For more information on SAVI STYLE, visit us at www.savistyle.com. Stay up to date with the latest products and events facebook.com/thesavistyle and on Instagram – @thesavistyle.

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    Derevos: The Natural and Stylish Solution to Protecting Your Pet

    For many of us, our pets are more like family. They’re our best friends, companions, and keep our families from harm’s way- making it that much more important to keep them healthy and safe. And while we usually have only the best intentions when using flea and tick collars to keep pesky insects off of them, most don’t realize what kind of harsh chemicals we’re putting on our furry family members. In fact, the toxic sprays and repellents are incredibly dangerous, the pesticides commonly found in most flea collars often contain propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP), which pose significant threats to both pets and humans.

    Derevos is the revolutionary cedar wood pet collar for dogs and cats with powerful flea and tick repellent without harmful chemicals. Not only is cedar wood is the world’s natural defense against insects and fungus, but Derevos collars also boast stylish designs and pleasant aromas that pose no threat to pets or their families.




    See why Derevos is quickly becoming the top choice of pet owners:


    • Safe for pets and their families: Contains no harmful chemicals or poisons
    • Long-lasting: Lasts two to three months, add a protection plan and be covered for 5 YEARS! You can also rejuvenate flea repellent by applying cedar oil to the collar
    • No more plastic collars: Choose from several beautiful Eastern Aromatic Red and Siberian Cedar Wood designs
    • Great for your pet and you: Derevos also offers bracelets and ankles. No more mosquito bites!

    To provide pets and their owners with the safest possible flea collars, Deveros — the same company that brought you Cat of Thrones (toilet seats for cats!)–  is launching a Kickstarter campaign in a couple weeks to provide pets and their owners what they deserve: the best.

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    Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses with Covry Sunwear

    When I was in High School, this punk rock boy my friend was dating would teasingly say my nose looked like a “skateboard ramp” because I didn’t have a bridge. For a while after that I became super insecure about my nose. Was I weird for not having a nose that looked like all the actors that I saw on TV and the magazines?  I spent a good portion of that year looking into the mirror, with my fingers in the shape of an angled L on my nose trying to imagine what my nose would look like if it were a little “bridge-ier”.  I did this for hours at a time being emo listening to “Dashboard Confessional” and “Panic At the Disco” and practicing my liquid eyeliner in the bathroom.

    covry 5covry 2covry7

    It was only with time did I realize that most Asians like myself have little to no bridge anyway. It’s a characteristic that makes me, and all my other fellow asians intrinsically unique.  That and the kid ended up dropping out of school and I realized he was just a silly teenage boy.

    That is, until it gets to be a sweltering, sunny day (like today) and my sunglasses (https://www.globosurfer.com/best-polarized-sunglasses/) slide off my nose and I’m stuck pushing up my glasses like a nerd every two seconds. I think to myself, “DAMN IT. He was right all along! My nose is a skateboard ramp for sunglasses!”

    HOWEVER, there is a solution! For anyone who’s ever been in a sunglass situation similar to mine, Florence Shin and Athina Wang, co founders of Covry Sunwear are  launching a line of sunglasses that are specifically targeted towards problems like these! I mean, sliding sunglasses not teenage boy bullies.

    Covry Sunwear,  besides being super cute + stylish, have longer nose pads, narrowed nose bridge and a smaller curve of the frame.  As a plus, for all you green conscious pals out there, these glasses are hypoallergenic,  made from renewable resources, and made of high quality Acetate.  Polarized, UV protected lenses round out these sturdy yet fashionable specs, so I’d say anyone’s momma would approve! These are a perfect for my features, and anyone who has had any trouble with contemporary sunglasses skating off their face.

    covry 4

    These ladies have already fulfilled their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN with an amazing$53,127, surpassing their original goal of $18,500.  You can get your own pair of COVRY  sunglasses this Fall by signing up for updates here.   PLUS THEY SHIP FOR FREE ALL OVER THE US, AND SHIP ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    covry 6



    Ciao for now!



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    Support WINGMATE on Kickstarter! #perfectcollar

    Men have been experiencing floppy collars since the dawn of time, but there had never been a solution. If you have ever encountered an unruly collar that just won’t stay down no matter how many times you try to press it, you understand the bona fide frustration. We’ve been there. What if there was a product cost effective, disposable product that kept you looking polished and that incredibly cruel collar in place?

    Introducing WINGMATE: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory for Men



    1 Pack = 40 Wingmates
    1 Pack = 40 Wingmates

    A “wingmate” is a fiercely loyal compadre who always has your back no matter what, now in the form of a go-to clothing counterpart. Wingmate’s customized formula enables its triangle-shaped design to hold any collar in place without harming the fabric, solving any fashion dilemma, from floppy collars, to misbehaving ties, to droopy pocket squares. Just like the term that inspired it, Wingmate always sticks by you, no matter what.


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    City Soles: Telling The Real Story of Artisan Shoe Designers by Scott Starbuck

    Scott Starbuck of City Soles, an independently owned artisan footwear retailer, seeks to create the documentary Telling the Real Story of Artisan Shoes.

    The KickStarter campaign launched April 21, and has already raised $9,400 towards the $30,000 goal. The documentary will tell the story of artisan shoemakers from around the world including the conflicts they face in a fast fashion world.

    Starbuck offers backers exclusive and unique offerings for supporting the documentary. View the KickStarter campaign, here.

    • Ever want to create your own shoe line?A $5,000 pledge will give you access to work with Italian manufacturers and have the finished product sold at City Soles.
    • A $2,500 pledge will give you two pairs of custom, handmade Italian shoesfrom a designer featured in the documentary along with a hand signed certificate of authenticity from the designer.
    • A $1,000 pledge earns you the title Associate Producer,and your name in the opening credits. You will also be a VIP guest at the documentary launch party in Chicago.

     About City Soles:

    City Soles is a designer shoe boutique and online retailer featuring unique fashion footwear for men and women from across the globe. City Soles seeks to provide sophisticated, luxurious, and all-around avant-garde merchandise to their customers.

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    @COSIGN Will Forever Change E-Commerce and Social Shopping

    A really cool APP that is for fashionistas worldwide!  Tai recently worked on a project with a really cool Kickstarter program and I can see myself using this app. I love finding new trendy items and people always ask me where I get my stuff. From the subway to events to just on the street. I would love to ability to easily refer people to where I find these unique fashion items.

    Cosign needs your support so whether you can donate money, or just share on social media, every little bit counts!

    by Year20Twenty.com

    The COSIGN app brings discovery and commerce together – turning photos into interactive, shoppable pictures. The first social media tool that allows members to share and profit from their recommendations.

    Now, the where did you get that? question is answered seamlessly.

    As your photos spread across the web, the ‘what is that and where can I buy it’ information travels with them.

    The COSIGN app fixes the missing link of paying for what is undisputedly the most credible and effective form of marketing: word of mouth. It is also the ideal way to get paid for something you already do: influencing your social network. You can learn more about COSIGN here.

    Support us by spreading the word like Huffington Post.

    About COSIGN: COSIGN is the first mobile app of its kind that allows users to “tag” items within content they upload to social networking sites. If their followers purchase the items, they receive a monetary reward. COSIGN transforms images and videos into interactive and viral storefronts by tagging additional information such as location and cost of products and brands. For more information, visit cosign.co.