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    Lulu Painted A Giant Halloween Paleta for Holy Paleta in Little Italy San Diego

    Happy Halloween, friends!

    (art by Lulu Live Art)

    Lulu was invited by Holy Paleta to paint a giant Halloween paleta mural in Little Italy San Diego. The mural paleta is illustrated as Holly Paleta’s Halloween special flavor.

    This purple Halloween Paleta’s flavor is Taro Oreo, with chocolate dip and sprinkles. It is amazingly delicious.

    Lulu had so much fun painted this big paleta. She used outdoor mural paint and mixed the color to be a purple taro color. And of course a nice creamy brown color for the milk chocolate dip. She added chocolate sprinkles by painting three different shades of brown colors on the top of the milk chocolate dip. The last, she painted the eyes, month and stitches on, to make the paleta spooky and cute.

    Other than the paleta mural sculpture, you can also find greeting cards with Lulu’s illustrations selling in the store. It is perfect gift for someone who is addicted to this delicious treat.

    You can find so many different paleta flavors in Holy Paleta. They all look so yummy. We call paleta the heaven on a stick for a reason, they deserve this beautiful name.

    About Holy Paleta:

    Inspired by the traditional frozen treats of Michoacán, Holy Paleta Handcrafted Paletas are made with All-Natural, Premium Ingredients and are bursting with tasty toppings for a one-of-a-kind treat limited only by your imagination.

    They are bringing paletas to the people in a bold new way, taking delicious risks to create authentic yet unique pops that would get just as much love from the ancestors as they do on the ‘gram.

    Holy Paleta pops delight, surprise and make your taste buds sing out, “Holy Paleta!” after every bite.

    So go ahead and try one (or two or three) and let’s get poppin’!

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    California-Based Asian Artist Lulu Yueming Qu Using Her Art to Spread The Word of #StopAAPIHate

    No Longer Staying Silent About Anti-Asian Racism

    The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy. With hate crimes skyrocketing during the pandemic, it is so important that we stand up against anti-Asian racism and the ways in which you can help support the community. Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian discrimination during the pandemic, said it received nearly 3,800 self reports of anti-Asian hate incidents between March 2020 and last month. Women made up a far higher share of the reports, at 68% versus 29% for men. There is an intersectional dynamic going on that others may perceive both Asians and women and Asian women as easier targets.

    Racism against Asians or Asian-Americans didn’t start with the Covid-19 pandemic. The story of anti-Asian hate in the US is long and varied and, like most of society’s ills, can be linked back to colonialism, imperialism, and white supremacy. Enough is enough. We are no longer staying silent about anti-Asian racism.

    California base artist Lulu, who moved from China to US in 2014, she had 3 years graduate school study in FIT New York. When she lived in New York, she met and married with Ryan, an American man who respects and supports her. She moved to California with Ryan and decided to become a permanent resident in US. Asian Discrimination is always an issue and she also heard some stories from her Asian friends about the inequities to American Asian societies. After Covid-19 pandemic started, she is shocked that there are so many anti-Asian crimes are happening, in New York, in California, in almost every state of US. “We have to stand up this time. Using our voices to support Asian community in US.” She uses her Chinese painting art techniques to illustrate three paintings to unveil the Asian discrimination and spread out her voices.


    Phoenix – I can actually SEE you.
    Stop with the slanted-eye racist gestures.
    Different is normal. We are proud of our looks.

    Dragon – I’m not your fucking China doll.
    Stop the submissive, hypersexual and exotic stereotypes of Asian Women.
    We are not your Geisha, Dragon Ladies and Asian Baby Girls!

    There is a long history of misogyny and violence directed specifically at Asian women by men of all races. Asian-American women have long been stereotyped as sexually submissive, portrayed in popular culture as exotic “lotus blossoms” and manipulative “dragon ladies,” or as inherently superior to other women in a way that erases their individuality. 

    Tiger – I am not weak!
    Stop the desexualization of the Asian male
    We are not weak at all!

    Asians were characterized as passive, effeminate and weak. From a study, the top five stereotypes experienced by East Asian men were being good at math (79%), being good with computers (72%) and having a small penis (69%), having slanted eyes (65%), and having kung fu / martial arts skills (58%). And usually Asian men are told that they simply don’t possess the ingredients to be considered masculine or attractive. Stereotypes hurt and are not true. I have so many Asian male friends and also my dad, my cousins, they are strong, smart, positive and attractive. I agree that some of us are very good at math, and I take it as a compliment to say that we are smart. But being good at math doesn’t mean that we are not good at arts, sporting or socializing.

    RACISM is a dangerous virus can make people sick. Just like what Nelson Mandela said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

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    Artist Lulu Did Live House Portrait at Serena & Lily’s Store Soft Opening in One Paseo Del Mar

    Serena & Lily, opened their first San Diego location at One Paseo. Last Thursday was the soft opening day. Lulu was invited to do live house sketches for their guests. The sketches include interiors looks and houses’ looks. Lulu’s sketching station was set up at Serena & Lily’s patio, it was a beautiful table with roller chair – very coastal style with cozy and casual designs. Here are some live sketches that Lulu did at the event.

    The design shop showcases the California-based home decor brand’s signature coastal aesthetic, which blends classic influences with casual, fresh sophistication across home furnishings, bedding, décor and more.

    At Serena & Lily, they combine their love of breezy California style with the passion for great design. Serena & Lily’s look is casual and coastal, relaxed yet refined. Their designs blend classic influences with modern lines; eclectic inspiration with great American style. Serena & Lily loves spaces that feel put together, yet livable – well-traveled with a personal point of view. Serena & Lily believes home should be a welcome oasis – your favorite place to retreat, gather, and live well every day.

    Founded in 2003, Serena & Lily brings a fresh California spirit to the home. Known for its mix of original and curated designs, the brand inspires customers to cultivate their own personal style and express it with confidence.

    The Serena & Lily look is casual yet sophisticated, with a decidedly coastal sensibility. Categories include custom furniture, bedding, rugs, pillows, wallpaper, lighting, dining and outdoor. There are twelve design shops located in Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, East Hampton NY, Newport Beach CA, Pacific Palisades CA, Palm Beach FL, Summit NJ, San Francisco CA, West Hollywood CA, and Westport CT. The company is headquartered in Sausalito, California. Please visit www.serenaandlily.com for more information and to explore the collection. The store is opening to public today on February 15th, by appointment only. To make an appointment, please visit here.

    If you want to know more about Lulu’s art, you can visit her website, www.lululiveart.com or follow her on Instagram @qululululu.