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    Hairstylist on MTV’s Finding Carter Shares Styling Tips

    Celebrity hairstylist Richard Boggs, who is currently hair department head on the MTV drama television series Finding Carter, shares his tips for styling the show’s lead actress Kathryn Prescott (Carter Stevens). Watch every Tuesday at 10/9c.

    bob wig

    Photo from MTV.com

    1. Start out by cleansing and treating the hair with RBpro Essentials Moisture Shampoo ($17) and Moisture Conditioner ($17). This duo is sulfate and paraben free. Their powerful anti-aging and collagen-building properties act as a barrier to seal the hair cuticle and protect from fading and damage. This is a great way to maintain and keep reds like this bright for filming.

    2. When we are on set, I am blow drying every day and then restyling the hair can cause stress, breakage and fly-always. I make sure to reach for RBPro Essentials Everyday Miracle Repair Treatment ($17) when hair is damp and apply it just before I begin heat styling. It is a must for maintaining the integrity and over-all health of the hair. The treatment is weightless, which is important when using it on fine hair like Ms. Prescott’s.

    3. Since Finding Carter is shot in Hot-Atlanta’s humidity, it’s important to thoroughly blow dry hair in stages. Section the hair off into 4 main parts, then thoroughly blow dry root to end. This will ensure great long lasting and smooth volume. I always use RBpro Essentials Le Deux Styling Crème($17). No flat iron or curling iron needed. It’s a blow-n-go!

    4. To finish the style, a shot of White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray ($22) at the root area will always insure fullness. Finishing off a Hollywood style with White Sands is a guarantee your glamour work will endure the long day of shooting! This spray just holds the style no matter what the weather or shooting conditions are like.

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    Behind the Scenes – Weekly Rap


    Ah the magic of video production…

    Stopped by Columbus Circle to watch the 2nd taping of Weekly Rap. Hosted by Buttah Man (@I_am_Buttahman) and filmed by the NBRHD crew. The panel included Egypt (@EgyptSherrod), Datwon (@daydog) VIBE, Dru Ha (@druha) and Damien Lemon (@dlemoncomedy).

    Everything from Obama to Breezy, the panel had lots to say and even more to Tweet.

    Don’t miss a thing – Follow @NBRHDNetwork

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    Director X on Weekly Rap

    The Weekly Rap includes a panel of industry professionals who discuss current events, entertainment news and social events, moderated by Buttaman.  Today the pilot was filmed at the Time Warner building at the Samsung Experience Showroom with a quaint audience and a ton of anticipation.

    The panel included Jason Rodriguez from MTV, K.Foxx of Hot 97, Rapper Skillz and Director X. Each of the panelist gave their 2 cents and Director X came with Wikipedia/Google wealth of knowledge and unique point of view.  Follow him on Twitter to see what’s up.

    The show will be up early next week on www.nbrhd.com

    ps: best part of the night? finding my cosmic twin @greatScottinc

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    Baring SKINS

    I love movies… I’ll be honest, I’m not really the kind of girl who will watch a tv show (other than The Game-pre BET), for some reason theres something about a film that can solely grab and hold my attention. I go through the blockbusters, as we all do, and I LOVE to jump on English docu-type films, my favorites being Adulthood and The Firm [#shoutout to my cousin Harry who lives it day to day].

    My friend Liz and I have a ritual on free mornings of waking up, baking, and catching a flick with our breakfast… and while amidst our ritual (lol) the topic of Skins came up. More specifically, Liz filled me in on the just-launched American adaptation as well as the upcoming movie rumored to launch this Summer!

    Like Adulthood and its sequel Kidulthood, Skins is a British drama about the youth who grow up in some of the roughest neighborhoods in England, exploring topics such as substance abuse, death, eating disorders, sexual orientation, dysfunctional families, violence and more, the difference is that Skins is a television show. Baring in mind that the overall tolerance for subject content and nature in Europe is far more lenient than on this continent,  the North American media have been on a rant about the shows sexual content. While I admittingly haven’t had a moment to check out the show, I will say that my love for these specific types of programs has a lot to do with how deep they go into often untouched, controversial, racy subjects.

    The Parents Television Council wanted the show gone before it even aired, they’re currently requesting that MTV be investigated for laws surrounding child porn and exploitation. Several news programs are currently discussing the topics… MTV released this statement;

    “We are confident that the episodes of Skins will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.”

    Tell us what you think 😉

    Skins UK
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    Boys who love Boys ;)

    When I first moved on to my suburban street at 4 years old, my first friends (ever, in life) were of course Chelle & then there was Paul… how we’ve all managed to remain so tight is beyond me… but either way, we have!
    With that said… Paul, and his friends, have entered an MTV contest and they are going HARD! The video below is the teaser pitch for their reality show, The Village!!! “MTV’s first gay reality series” and I am soooo excited for them; its like The Hills, but in Church Street Village. I for one would LOVE to see the drama, and I know curious minds are bouncing sooo… become a fan on their fb page, give them your ‘likes’, and FOLLOW them on twitter!!!
    It IS a contest so show your love, if they win, you can watch them every week on MTV! xoxo

    Video courtesy of youtube.com

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