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    A TINY Obsession

    The cutest things come in the smallest packages. Former Go Pro Senior Designer, Chris Clearman, has launched a new venture, TINY™ Tents. Those miniature display tents that are “oh so cute” at sporting good stores are now a reality featuring all the realities of full-sized tents. Chris launched this brand because he “always wanted a Tiny Tent.” The size large is the perfect cozy hiding spot for a dog or cat! This would make an amazing gift!

    It has become quite the obsession! Proof Below:

    Clearman’s mission –  to equip the world with miniature tents.  “There is something awesome about a tiny tent that I can’t really put a finger on,” says Clearman. Each tent will come equipped with real, functional zippers and windows. Just like the big guys. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!


    Available in two sizes, small and large, Tiny™ Tents are great for indoor and outdoor camping

    excursions, desk displays, or model enthusiasts.  Little ones will love to use them to play with their dolls and action figures while pets can snuggle up inside the larger version for a nap. For photographers, these miniature replicas make affordable props capture realistic-looking footage. Tiny™ Tents is also a unique way to add a little humor to your home décor and makes a great gift for the tiny obsessed in your life.

    Join Tiny™ Tents for the launch of their Kickstarter on July 12, 2016.  Help Tiny™ Tents reach their goal of $15,000 by donating today, the Kickstarter contribution starts at just $12, by visiting their page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/499267624/1728731299?token=b4bcc110


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    Flutter away with The Butterfly Place

    Front side of the butterfly poster (the first one is the Blue Morpho I was trying to get a pic. of)

    It was a nice Saturday afternoon (before all the rain came down) to use a groupon that I had bought a while ago. It was for The Butterfly Place, an indoor garden in Westford, MA where you can see hundreds of butterflies.

    Aside from the butterflies there’s also a nice little koi pond and random quail birds that walk around. Before I walked into the butterfly room, there was also an exhibit to see eggs, cocoons, and caterpillars.

    I spent about an hour inside the atrium trying to look for certain butterflies since I purchased a poster to identify butterflies for $1. It was pretty awesome to take close up pictures but I didn’t have any luck of getting a butterfly to fly on me (I should have worn brighter colors!). I also didn’t have any luck of getting a picture that I wanted of a Blue Morpho butterfly. It was definitely still nice to check the place out though.

    Overall, this is a great place to see something different, to appreciate nature and its beauty, and to learn something new. Just watch where you step, as you don’t want to hurt a butterfly or a quail bird 😉 and definitely don’t forget your camera!

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    I think this is good for your…

    God is funny.

    FIGS – increase sperm motility and count!

    WALNUTS – develop over 3 dozen neuron transmitters for brain function
    KIDNEY BEANS -heal and maintain kidney functions

    TOMATOES – 4 chambers and red, improves blood flow

    CARROTS – enhance blood flow to eyes

    AVOCADOS -balance hormones

    I’m not making this stuff up! If you look up herbal medicine and “the Doctrine of Signatures” you will see. 🙂
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    Bugging Out

    Perception is reality. I’m truly bugging out from this amazing creative shoot done for OnPedder. We got Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo and Wendy Nichol.

    Nature inspires fashion but what inspires nature?

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