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    Anonymous New York performance artists Gill & Jill Bumby provide “Fair and Honest Appraisals of Your Appearance” with nothing more than their manual typewriters and charming wit. It’s as simple as it sounds – you stand front and center and they type you a personalized assessment of how they think you look. Here is mine!   http://facebook.com/TheBumbys http://twitter.com/TheBumbys

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    Do Right Under God

    Make way for the new kids on the block. DoRightUnderGod™ tees have the perfect blend of egdy graphics, thought provoking content and quality thread that allow the wearer of the brand to feel both conscious and comfortable. The streetwear/ apparel company has made a name for itself the past few months on the local maket and has made its way on to our YRB shelves. We look forward to seeing more from the Harlem, NY based crew. More at @MrDrug

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    I love H.I..M

    H.I.M is an acronym for highly interesting men for the purposes of this post 🙂  New York is full of ‘interesting’ people and it’s really funny how once you like one thing about them, there is a trickle down effect and you just keep liking them. I walked down the street today and say a sign that says Betray the Usual. My sentiment exactly. Introducing the first of the series! If my theories about life is correct, what you want, wants you too! I will never admit that I have a type but… I love H.I.M!  Follow @GommiArcade Who: Malcolm Phipps Why: Brand Liaison, Consultant, Producer, Fashion Stylist/Image Director, Writer/Blogger What: Stay ready, so you…