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    Beauty Gifts: 3 Skicare Products for the Mom

    Moms have a busy lifestyle, but she can take the Cuvée Travel Kit wherever she goes. A three-piece travel set to help prolong any style, the Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Balm are the basics for the girl on the move. Shampoo and Conditioner to gently cleanse, add shine and hydration. Styling balm will help protect, tame frizz, without weighing hair down. Now that’s glamour on the go! ($30; CuveeBeauty.com)


    Gift your mom a new scent that is sure to be a hit with Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance Collection. Each fragrance starts with a warm base of Madagascar vanilla and layers on a unique blend of pure essential oils for an exquisite expression of nature that captures a mood, a memory, or a moment in time. ($58; Lavanila.com)

    Every mom is in need of some pampering! Gift her with the KORRES Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. More than a mask, more than a night cream, this overnight facial-in-a-jar delivers great skin by morning, as the weightless soufflé melts into skin and works overnight for brighter, petal-soft skin. Infused with wild rose oil that evens out skin tone, repairs fine lines, moisturizes, heals, and softens skin, this face cream with vitamin C also helps minimize the appearance of skin discolorations and black spots ($48; Sephora.com).

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    Zuly Tries New Macadamia Professional Shampoo!

    Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Shampoo  offers richer hydration for Medium to Coarse hair textures.  It contains the exclusive PRO OIL COMPLEX of Macadamia and Argan Oils to help strengthen and repair while Avocado and Hazelnut Oils nourish and lock in moisture. A blend of Vitamins A, C and E bring balance to hair and helps to improve tensile strength.

    Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Conditioner is a luxurious formula infused with the exclusive PRO OIL COMPLEX of Macadamia & Argan Oils, plus Avocado and Hazelnut Oils for deep hair and scalp moisturization.  A combination of Collagen and Silk Amino Acids help to repair and strengthen hair.

    I love how great it smells and that it lasts All Day! Also, I had not realized that my hair was dull. Using this shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair soft and shiny, without weighing it down. The shampoo lathers up so nicely. Personally, I appreciate a shampoo that suds up!

    I can’t wait to try more of their products!!

    Macadamia Professional and ColorProof Evolved Color Care products you’ll never be fooled.  Macadamia hair products are color safe, cruelty-free and free of sulfates, gluten and parabens while ColorProof is 100% sulfate-, salt-, gluten- and paraben-free and 100% vegan and never tested on animals.


    by Zuly G Schoeppner

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    Endless Summertime Vibe with Nature’s Gate

    There are certain scents that are synonymous with summer: sunscreen, salt water and… coconut! Nature’s Gate is excited to launch their NEW deliciously smelling Coconut Body Wash and Body Lotion. Both infused with coconut water for ultimate hydration and that “can’t get enough” beachy scent, these beauty essentials will make your summertime vibe last forever.

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    Nourish on a deeper level with the NEW Nature’s Gate Coconut Body Wash. Formulated with Coconut Water, skin is deeply hydrated and touch-ably soft! (SRP: $8.59/Wholefoods)


    The NEW Coconut Body Lotion is made with coconut water and contains a gentle blend of Dragon Fruit, Passionflower and Banana to moisturize skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. (SRP: $8.49/Wholefoods)


    Earth Day is just around the corner, and no matter how eco-conscious you are, it’s good to go green every now and again! Celebrate the Earth with Nature’s Gate, a brand inspired by the eco-conscious consumer and influenced by Mother Nature.

    Nature’s Gate offers a cohesive line of wholistic (whole (body) + holistic (lifestyle)) beauty products from hair to toes, economically-sound without sacrificing substance or quality. The products are trusted for their safe, vegan, wholesome, responsible and cruelty-free formulas. The packaging is recyclable and made with post-consumer recycle materials. In addition,Nature’s Gate has been a proud partner with WaterAid since 2008 by supporting Water Aid’s mission to help support the development of sustainable uses for rainwater and help communities, families and children around the world obtain long term access to safe, clean water.


    Nature’s Gate Body Washes are formulated with nourishing and hydrating oil blends to keep skin soft and smooth. The NEWNature’s Gate Lavender + Peony Replenishing Body Wash is infused with natural botanicals Lavender and Peony to help soften, soothe and repair skin. (SRP: $8.59/Wholefoods, Sprouts)



    Soften and soothe! The NEW Lavender Lotion is a blend of Valerian Root, Violet and Frankincense to help repair skin. (SRP: $8.49/Wholefoods, Sprouts)


    Nature’s Gate has the solution for everyone’s hair concerns. Say goodbye to lifeless locks and hello to Nature’s Gate Shampoos! Infused with natural botanical, Nature’s Gate Vegan Shampoos are formulated with effective, on trend ingredients that gently cleanse hair without stripping or weighing it down. Each shampoo nourishes and fortifies hair and scalp and addresses different hair types and conditions for every member of the family.

    The NEW Jasmine + Kombucha Shine Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner ($8.39, Whole Foods & Sprouts) is infused with natural botanicals Jasmine and Kombucha that smooth and nourish hair leading to increased shine and resiliency.



    The NEW Lavender + Peony Replenishing Shampoo ($8.39, Whole Foods & Sprouts) is infused with natural botanicals Lavender and Peony to soften and repair damaged hair.



    More information please check via http://www.naturesgate.com/.

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    We’re Going Nuts…Brazil Nuts that Is!

    Topganic Brazilian Nut Oil Collection

    Gisele, Alessandra, Adriana – they’re all Victoria’s (not so best kept) Secret, but another thing that these stunners have in common is that they hail from Brazil. Before the world turns its attention to Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Summer Olympics, discover the best that Brazil has to offer for your beauty regimen with Surya Brasil and Topganic. Utilizing ingredients straight from this South American nation, including Brazil Nut, Buriti, Acai and more, these products will have your hair and skin shining brighter than the Sao Paolo sun!


    Surya Brasil

    For the past 20 years, Surya Brasil has been unearthing the therapeutic performance of exotic botanical ingredients native to the Amazon region, like buriti, murumuru and cupuacu. They combine these with ancient plants and herbs, including Henna, a flowering plant, and Brahmi, a scalp-soothing botanical from India to create their best-selling natural hair colors formulations, hair care and skincare.

    All Surya Brasil products are 100% vegan, natural and organic. The brand has also earned EcoCert, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Kosher certifications.

    Line Includes:

    • Henna Hair Cream and Powder
    • Color Fixation Hair Care
    • Sapien Women Hair & Body Care
    • Sapien Men Hair & Body Care
    • Amazonia Preciosa Body Care
    • Vegan Lip Balms 

    Surya Brasil is available at select Whole Foods Markets, as well as online www.suryabrasilproducts.com.


    Topganic Brazilian NutOil Collection

    Enriched Brazil nuts are known as one of nature’s best sources of selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp appearance. They’re also brimming with alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that helps condition hair. They are also considered a terrific source of zinc, which combats shedding.

    The Brazilian Nut Oil Collection is formulated with a boosted combination of hydrating and deep nourishing shea butter, avocado oil and Topganic’s proprietary keratin protein. This unique combination repairs the quality of hair while imparting a protective coating that lasts between washes and leaves hair shiny, bouncy and silky soft.

    Collection Includes:

    • Shampoo with Keratin from Brazil
    • Conditioner with Keratin from Brazil
    • Leave on Silk Serum with Keratin from Brazil
    • Intensive Hair Mask with Keratin from Brazil
    • Style & Go Moisturizing Cream with Keratin from Brazil

    Topganic is available online via www.topganic.com.

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    Top 3 Spring Cleaning Shampoo for your Tresses

    Key West AloeThough your work load may be piling up as much as your social calendar, there might be another thing contributing to the scale. If you’re like the rest of us dry shampoo addicts your problem may lie in your hair, build up from gels, sprays and the everyday bacteria will start to clump together if your hair is never washed properly. I’m not saying you need to go cold turkey with the dry shampoo but you do need to switch it for a good rinse once in a while…or even a week!


    Wash away oil, bacteria and stubborn product with Nourish BeauteTopganic and Key West Aloe.


    Key West Aloe Key Lime Shampoo & Conditioner

    Want natural high lights and soft, silky hair? Add a little lime in your hair regime that hydrate while giving it that natural tropical glow!


    • 20% Aloe Vera
    • Chamomile
    • Lime Fruit Extract

    Price: $15.00 online via keywestaloe.com.


    Topganic Obliphica Oil Shampoo & Conditioner 

    Give life back to your hair with Obliphica oil, rich in Vitamin E &

    C it will replenish damaged and dried out hair.


    • Grape seed oil
    • Jojoba seed oil
    • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

    Price: $9.00 online via www.topganic.com.


    Nourish Beaute VITAMINS Shampoo

    Kill lingering bacteria and stimulant your hair growth with VITAMINS shampoo by cleaning away sebum and preventing fungal infections that can kill hair root


    • Coconut oil
    • Castor oil
    • Biotin
    • Apigenin

    Price: $37.50 via online www.nourishbeaute.com.

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    Experts Weigh In: Hair Washing Trends & The Right Routine For You

    From women who insist on washing their hair every night to those who are immersing themselves in the “no-shampoo” or “co-washing” movements, who wins out?

    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.39.47 AM

    With numerous hair washing trends emerging and “How often should I wash my hair?” being one of Google’s top 10 beauty searches for 2014, we’ve turned to NYC-dermatologist, Dr. Marnie Nussbaum and celebrity hair stylist, Naté Bova to save you (and your hair) a headache. Here is their easy-breezy guide to help you gauge the right routine for your locks:

    • Co-Washing. “Co-washing is extremely beneficial to those with dry, dehydrated or damaged hair, otherwise it will simply weigh down those the fine-haired. Since unshampooed hair retains more of its natural oils than shampooed hair, the conditioner’s moisturizing agents will now leave strands even smoother and silkier than usual,” says Bova.
    • Non-Foaming Shampoo and ‘No-Poo’. “The biggest problem with ‘no poo’ is many experience extremely oily and greasy looking strands in the beginning, because your scalp keeps producing natural oils at the same rate it did when you used a basic shampoo that stripped your hair. You can still get healthy hair results by opting for a shampoo that is made with natural or organic ingredients and one that doesn’t contain sulfates, paraben or harsh chemicals like Aviva’s Hydracreme Shampoo. Formulated with an assortment of botanical extracts, the shampoo works to eliminate buildup without stripping your hair of the moisture it needs, leaving your locks nourished and your scalp soothed,” says Dr. Nussbaum.
    • Cleansing Conditioners. Cleansing conditioners work well with thicker, wiry hair because they leave more humectants throughout the hair. It is also a frizz controller because the humectants in most of these products can give a ‘weight’ to the hair strands keeping unruly hair under control.  Dry or dyed hair can also benefit from these products, because they leave your hair feeling conditioned. Those with finer hair can also use these products, but should alternate regularly with a regular shampoo” says Bova.
    • Scalp Washing. “Incorporating a soap and alkali-free scalp shampoo into your weekly regimen can help to stabilize you hairs structure, as well as treat sensitive and delicate scalp conditions while eliminating dandruff. I often recommend Sebamed Scalp Activating Shampoo to patients as it’s a pH balanced wash that naturally supports scalp circulation – which is essential for hair growth and thicker-looking hair” says Dr. Nussbaum

    As far as to how often you should be washing your hair? Dr. Nussbaum says, “All of these routines allow your hair to retain its natural oils, which will prevent dryness of the scalp and strands. Depending on the texture and condition of your hair you shouldn’t wash your hair on a daily basis. The drier your hair, the less you should wash but I do recommend using a regular shampoo once or twice a week to cleanse the scalp and alleviate product buildup left behind from hairsprays, mousse or gels.”