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    Absolutely Gluten-Free (AGF) Gets Creative with Great Tasting Gluten-free Options- More Variety & Better Flavor from AGF

    According to the Celiac Foundation, celiac disease affects one in every 100 people in the United States, about 3 million people. In addition, a growing number of people suffer from gluten sensitivity or allergic reactions to wheat. As a result, the number of Americans going gluten-free has tripled since 2009. “More and more consumers are limiting gluten to improve their health as well as for weight loss,” says Charles Herzog, Executive VP of Absolutely Gluten-free (AGF). “That trend is increasingly reflected on grocery shelves and restaurant menus. But it’s no secret that people think ‘gluten-free’ has to be synonymous with ‘compromise.’” Absolutely Gluten-free packs a flavor-filled punch with its full line…

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    Frozen Popcorn Snacks

    opcorn Utopia! At California Frozen Poppers we do it different than anyone else out there. The Mad Popper andThe Crew make sure to put a whole lot of love and positivity into the process which is hand-made! Enjoy our popcorn and let it bring a smile to your face! You can freeze & re-freeze our popcorn and it is best consumed FROZEN! Introducing a new way to eat popcorn – FROZEN! Have you tried these? I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried these but they are certainly quite different. If you are looking for a new snack to spice up your life, see what flavors tickle your fancy at California Frozen…

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    August 31st is National Trail Mix Day

    A powerful high-energy snack, trail mix done right is great for days on the trail or behind the desk.  In honor of National Trail Mix Day, leading food dehydrator brand, Excalibur Dehydrators, shares some recipes for trail mix you can make right in your own kitchen. These at home versions are preservative, additive and junk-free, but best of all taste great! More about Excalibur’s Food Dehydrators: Since 1974, Excalibur Food Dehydrators have changed the way people all over the world prepare and preserve food.  Compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter, the Excalibur Dehydrator replaced sun drying, solar drying, and oven drying.  The electrical dehydrator created a more predictable…

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    Summer Snack: The @EpicSeed #ChiaYogurt

    THE EPIC SEED, a new power snack and breakfast game-changer that is the perfect combination of thick greek yogurt, all natural fruit, and chia seeds all packed into one convenient cup. Finally a chia product that makes perfect sense… One cup of The Epic Seed is only 150 calories, has 17 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and more Omega 3’s than salmon…and it tastes delicious. Available in 4 flavors – strawberry, blueberry, peach and blackberry, these can be found at Whole Foods and other natural food stores nationwide. http://www.theepicseed.com/

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    Delightful Summer Treat @EatYasso

    I am a huge fan of summer because of my birthday and all the frozen treats available at this time of the year!  There has been a huge trend in Yogurts recently from frozen to Greek to yogurt competitions, showdowns and savory varieties. I found the best one of all and it took some hunting!  The YASSO frozen yogurt bars are awesome! They are small, tasty and satisfying. Not too sweet, not too many calories and totally yummy.  Their range of flavors means that you can have a different Yasso whenever you feel like it and it can be a dessert, a breakfast or even snack. Have you tried Yasso…

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    My Favorite Summer Snacks @RothCheese and #PRESSELS

    Summer pool parties, weddings and easy snacking! My favorite snacks have several key criteria: low calorie, delicious and addictive.   Pressels are New York Style bagels converted to a tiny cracker. They are flat, fun and salty. Imagine a pretzel texture and crunch with the shape and saltiness of a bagel. This a grown up LUNCHABLE that you can take to the next level. They come in a bunch of flavors and are great with soft and hard cheese. What’s your favorite cheese? I discovered an amazing cheese!  Emmi Roth USA  is adding three new flavors to their Roth® raclette lineup: Mediterranean, Five Peppercorn, and Roasted Garlic. It is extremely delicious…

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