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    Parris Goebel’s The Parris Project x HUE

    HUE has partnered with Parris Goebel on her first ever music video, “Friday”! If you are in the Las Vegas area be sure to check her out tonight at her personal music debut and at Hip Hop International presents The Parris Project!

    In case you are not familiar, Parris is an award-winning New Zealand-born choreographer, director, dancer and singer/actress who has worked with artists including Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, among others. Most recognized for her work in Justin Bieber’s latest album Purpose: The Movement, which she choreographed, directed, and styled, she is now making her personal music debut, with “Friday” marking the first song of her first album.

    Throughout the music video, you’ll see Parris and her dance crews, ReQuest and The Royal Family, rocking HUE’s bright and bold socks, tights, leggings, sleepwear, and accessories – select pieces are available to shop on HUE.com now, with the rest coming soon! Additionally, in celebration of the partnership, HUE will be selling exclusive Parris Goebel x HUE tights and socks, available for purchase late-September.

    Check out some behind the scene photos below!

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    VIM & VIGR: Great Socks to Combat Cankles

    At one point or another we have all faced the dreaded “cankle” after long hours traveling without moving much. This unfortunate feeling and looking lower leg swelling is due to the restriction of blood circulation in the legs and feet. VIM & VIGR, a line of high-quality compression socks for men and women, works to combat cankles and the detriments of poor blood circulation that is common during travel.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.10.07 PM

    As a result of the inactivity during travel, position of legs while seated, low pressure, dehydration, and low humidity, many people feel that their legs are heavy, swollen, achy, and in risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition where blood clots form in the veins.

    By utilizing VIM & VIGR’s advanced Gradient Pressure™ knitting technology, these innovative compression socks improve circulation and alleviate aching, prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins, and leg swelling. These fashionable socks engineered to energize your legs every step of the way are available in a variety of designs and fabric choices. They are a must-have travel item which allows the blood in your feet to gently get re-circulated back up your legs towards your heart to then be re-oxygenated.


    My friend Johann did the Brooklyn 1/2 and wore the socks while running/training! He gave them 5 stars!

    Compression socks are proven to provide relief and increase comfort throughout the day – espcecially during long travel periods. VIM & VIGR has recently been featured in The New York Times, Redbook, Triathlete, and Pregnancy & Newborn.

    Since he is the person I know most passionate about socks with great design and function, I trust his review 🙂

    Check out more about VIM & VIGR socks on http://vimvigr.com/

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    Dancing on my @Bombas Socks

    There are a few things I miss in the summer – Like sweatshirts, comfy socks and scarves!  I love being cozy and comfortable and with summer half over – I am actually looking forward to boot season! Call me crazy!  I recently came across the best socks ever. Bombas.


    The best engineered socks ever with a charity aspect too! – Get a Pair, Donate a Pair!

    The Sock-Tech:

    • Blister Tab – A tiny ankle cushion to prevent painful rubbing and chafing
    • Invisitoe – A hand linked toe seam to eliminate that annoying bump on the toes
    • HoneyComb Support System – Extra support in the arch where you need it most
    • Performance Footbed – Reinforced for comfort, not overwhelmingly thick
    • Y-Stitched Heel – The Y shape creates a natural cup around your heel
    • Long Staple Pima Cotton – Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, always soft
    • Better World – One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated


    It is time to upgrade your sock closet!  They come in Mens, Womens and Kids. They have the perfect amount to stretch, a little cushion for the heel on the ankle ones and a bit of tension right around the arch of your foot. So awesome for all day wear and all the fun colors!

    The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word for bumblebee.
    Bees work together to make the hive a better place. We like that.
    When we say Bee Better, we mean it as a mantra, a way of approaching every day.
    It’s stitched into the inside of every pair of Bombas for a reason.
    It’s a reminder to push yourself harder to be better at your athletic pursuits.
    A reminder that these socks are engineered and designed with thought to bee better.
    A reminder that you helped someone in need with your purchase.
    And a reminder that we’re all connected and little improvements can
    add up to make a big difference.

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    Funny Socks Monthly @FootCardigan

    Funny socks always tell you a lot about someone. When I was in Detroit for the Ford Trend Conference, the first thing I noticed about Seth Godin was that he was wearing really unique sock that didn’t match. What a fun way of having a little giggle to yourself stylishly all day.

    My friend’s wedding pics from Brooklyn also featured awesome socks on the groom.

    Socks lock in moisturizer for smooth feet, but don’t just rock any sock. Foot Cardigan is a silly sock-subscription that turns your feet into fashionistas, and every month you’ll have a new pair in your collection.

    When I went to Hong Kong, I got these clear rain boots so now I must have more fun socks to wear with them!  They come in a range of sizes, colors and designs. The fun part is you never know what you are going to get each month.  See all the fun #sockstgram pics: http://footcardigan.com/sockstagram

    DSCN4592 DSCN4593

    Sign up for yourself or a friend http://footcardigan.com/

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    @FootCardigan Subscription for Sock Lovers

    Tis the season to be jolly, and what could be jollier than a new pair of fabulously bizarre socks in your mailbox every single month? Whether you’re shopping for your own feet or those of your friends and family, Foot Cardigan offers a monthly makeover from knee to toe. And even though the true meaning of the holidays is peace on earth and good will towards all, everyone knows the best part is actually the surprise of opening an amazing gift. But Jolly Ole St Nick only comes around once a year. With Foot Cardigan you can get your jollies every single month, all year long.

    It’s a wacky gift but one that will bring a smile every month!

    “There is something magical about receiving random gifts in the mail, especially gifts that are as fun as crazy socks,” says Bryan DeLuca, Co-founder of Foot Cardigan. “We want to bring back the art of random gift giving that makes people feel special.”
    The website that just launched this year, is the brainchild of five fearless founders;  Bryan DeLuca, Tom Browning, Kelly Largent, Matt Fry and Matt McClard. The website concept combines creativity with gifting, fusing the idea of funky socks into a monthly subscription.
    Sock subscriptions start at just $9 per month and are available for both men and women. Gift subscriptions are available in 3-month increments as well.   Subscriptions are currently available in the United States. For more information and to subscribe, please visit  www.footcardigan.com.
    About Foot Cardigan
    Foot Cardigan was founded in 2012 by Bryan DeLuca, Tom Browning, Kelly Largent, Matt Fry and Matt McClard. The unique concept of a quirky socks subscription was conceived during a trip to Europe when DeLuca forgot to pack enough socks. The funky socks he purchased abroad were a big hit stateside, but nowhere to be found in local retail stores. The team put their heads together and Foot Cardigan, a monthly surprise sock subscription was born. Foot Cardigan now delights socks lovers around the nation monthly. To learn more about Foot Cardigan, to subscribe, or to gift, please visit  www.footcardigan.com.
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    The Best Socks from @joeblacksocks

    Blacksocks manufactures and sells luxury men’s socks by “sockscription.” Blacksocks is aimed at time-starved executives, who want one less hassle in their lives – and the convenience of having socks delivered right to their door. Our socks are made in Italy and you can buy them in any desired quantity or by subscription, which delivers 3 or 4 times a year.

    Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Samy Liechti, who found himself with a looming hole in his right toe while at a tea ceremony with Japanese business executives, Liechti is the epitome of the Blacksocks consumer:  tech savvy, affluent, on-the-go and someone who appreciates service and quality.

    These socks come in an beautiful package and it is made of the highest quality cotton.

    Pima cotton – also called “the silk of South America.” This cotton is characterized by its high stability and tension resistant strength. Thanks to the cotton’s long fibers, the socks become linty less quickly and are more durable.

    The classic calf socks: now available in black, navy, grey, brown and raspberry.

    These socks are are completely skin-friendly and allergy-tested.

    If you want to win a pair for your dad for pre-Father’s Day Tweet: @joeblacksocks are perfect for Father’s Day @heydoyou

    Winners will be announced June 5 at random.