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    Preorder Your New Fall Essential: Lørdag & Søndag Bag


    Lørdag & Søndag, Norwegian for Saturday & Sunday, is one of Mexico’s hottest breakout brands, merges clean aesthetics with timeless designs and environmentally friendly materials. They have been featured in major magazines such as GQ, L’Officiel, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Life & Style, Grazia, and Esquire.

    Designed and made in Mexico under the vision of Salvador Compañ, every piece displays a timeless Scandinavian simplicity, quality, and functionality aimed by Lørdag & Søndag in the creation process to allow both men and women to wear each bag.

    All of their pieces are handmade by Mexican artisans, and they strive to use only local raw materials to help support the community’s generations old craftsmanship. Additionally, the Lørdag & Søndag branded dust bags that come with each piece are made by an organization of Mexican mothers of children with muscular dystrophy.

    Here is the best part for HeyDoYo fans: As part of the lead up to our launch, they have partnered with HeyDoYou.com to give readers a sneak peek and an opportunity to preorder their bag before they hit any brick & mortar retailers in the United States & Canada!


    Håndsag is Lørdag & Søndag’s iconic bag. It is an Industrial felt and vegetable tanned leather backpack with inner division and compartment, also both made out of felt. This backpack has reinforced leather straps and its closures are two metal clasps, which allow easy access to the content of the bag.

    Size: (40 x 35.5 x 9 cm)

    Price: $354

    Bucket– Burgundy – Tumbled leather bucket bag featuring details in pinewood. This piece comes with a small interior pocket and solid hide strap. Also comes in Black, Ocean Blue, Forest Green.

    Size: (Height: 32.5cm Diameter: 24cm)

    Price: $225

    Søm is a beautiful black leather clutch. This piece comes with a long leather strap to close it up and its design makes it perfect to be used as a tablet case.

    Size: (26.5 x 21 x 1 cm)

    Price: $99

    Waxed Håndsag – Olive Green is a square backpack made out of one hundred percent waxed cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather. This piece comes with a waxed canvas inner division and a compartment for small items. It can be found in this month’s issue of Esquire Magazine Latin America

    Size: (42 x 36 x 9 cm)

    Price: $299

    Site: www.lordagsondag.com

    Global Preorder Site: www.lordagsondagusa.com

    Promo Code: HeyDoYou Saves You 10% on Preorder

    Promo Period: 9/16 – 9/30

    The Folclore (Exclusive US & Canadian Distributor of Lørdag & Søndag): www.thefolclore.com

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    Winter Care Tips: Protect Your Shoes

    Winter can be tough on your leather shoes. I find myself replacing boots annually and tossing some one my favorite shoes after the season changes. I recently went on a hunt for an alternative to this problem and I saw a lot of articles online about this product called Galoshes. Galoshes are a type of rubber boot that is slipped over shoes to keep them from getting muddy or wet. One brand that people seemed to be obsessed with is SWIMS. SWIMS is a apparel company that developed the modern Galosh. The stylish solution to bad weather embodied the essence of practicality: Wear your favorite shoes, slip on SWIMS when the weather is rough, slip’em off when you arrive at your destination. I was lucky enough to try a pair for myself!

    Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.10.11 PM

    SWIMS Galoshes:

    • Intelligent fit and great stretch
    • Low friction when slipping on and off
    • Durable and flexible
    • TPU outer shell
    • Unique inner lining and insulation
    • Better grip on slippery surfaces
    • Shock-absorbing heel
    • Tear-resistant
    • Waterproof

    On the real, it not the cutest accessory but it gets the job done! You can wear your favorite leather shoes regardless of the weather and expect them to be in pristine condition once you slip off your Galosh. It protects your shoes against any weather to come and they are easy to carry. The New York City weather is very unpredictable, so I definitely suggest throwing a pair in your bag! Check out their product line for more great weather friendly products and amazing styles.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.26.10 PM

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    Day vs Night Fashion Face Off

    If you’re like me, you are already thinking about how to update your wardrobe in 2016. It’s never to early, right? Luckily for you, I’ve found several websites that will help me do so on a great budget! A new found favorite of mine is This Girl. Their amazing style are highly curated and designed for the fashion-forward female that loves constantly experimenting with and evolving her look. ThisGirl’s variety of affordable separates enables her to mix, match and make them uniquely her own. Some of the hot trends to look forward to in the new year are slip dresses, metallics, cut outs, and pastels. Here are two great looks to get your year started on a high note with styles fresh off of the Spring ’16 runway. Don’t forget to wear it, and share it!

    Check out these products and more of there stuff on https://www.thisgirl.com.