• My dog Cami

    Cami’s Favorite Things February Edition

    Cami is almost 9 months old now and so far she has been on a raw diet! We are open to letting her try various treats and foods out there as long as they are top notch quality! A lot of people have asked me what my ‘goals’ are and intent in feeding Cami such high quality food. I guess I have a few answers. One, I want to make sure she thrives and not just survives. I want her to be healthy, happy and eating what is BIOLOGICALLY appropriate for her. If I feed a bird Snickers bar instead of seed and worms that it’s suppose to have, you…

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  • Las Vegas

    Tinder Date Spot Chronic Tacos

    Chronic Tacos, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant, recently opened a new location in Summerlin! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we recommend this to be a cool and fun Tinder date spot! No pressure or anything weird when it comes to Tinder dating. You don’t want to have too much pressure so the perfect setting is important. Chronic Tacos has healthy and fun ‘fast food’ and a full bar too!  First dates are all about getting to know each other so avoid clubs and stuffy settings. You can learn a lot about your date by what they order and if they like sauce or not. These are the fun facts you…

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  • Las Vegas

    The Best Las Vegas Deals

    We’ve all been guilty of letting ourselves consider vacation as a “reward” after eating healthy and working out for weeks, even months! So everyday is considered a “cheat day” right?! During our stay in Las Vegas, we were in Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Fremont and also the Red Rock! It was so nice to check out the Strip and everything else Vegas has to offer.  In a place like Las Vegas it’s easy for that to happen to anyone. The best way to stay healthy while on vacation in Vegas is to sign up for drop in classes and fun recreational activities. You can also hit up the hotel gym, and pool,…