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    2020 – Year of the Purple Tea with Kabaki

    KABAKI has harnessed a way for maximum health benefits with your morning /afternoon beverage! Their rare PURPLE tea plants are grown on small farms amidst the highest peaks of the Kenyan mountains producing a power packed level of antioxidants – more than green or black tea! PLUS these vibrant purple leaves provide  violet-colored anthocyanin and polyphenol antioxidants, two of the most researched natural compounds in the prevention of cancers, brain diseases, and heart disease!   Discover the Health Power of PURPLE  From high in the lush hills of the Kenyan Mountains comes KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea–a vibrant new tea varietal whose purple exterior hides a wealth of benefits to help you meet your health and wellness goals in the new decade. These…

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    7Bee Designs – Best of Korea Housewares Showcase

    I was invited to check out this ‘online showroom’ or Korea Housewares. It is up until Nov 15th so you have 3 more days to check it out. The Korean Housewares Showcase 2013 in New York is hosted by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) starting from October 30th to November 7th. This showcase will offer exclusive access to the top 20+ Korean Housewares companies and their expansive product lines, including hundreds of tableware, cookware and kitchen essentials products. The New York Showroom will be on display from October 30th to November 7th, 2013. The Showroom viewing is a free admission and on an appointment-basis and those that are in the…

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    The Classic Summer Drink with a Twist @DrinkAriZona

    As a child growing up, my family would throw barbecues all the time. One drink you would see all the time was Ice Tea. It’s a crowd pleaser what can I say? The Ice Tea brand would change from time to time but my favorite was always Arizona Ice Tea. A few weeks ago I decided to try something different. Instead of the usual Lemon Ice Tea, I added some lime instead. I loved it. It was so much more unique. The lime added a flavor to my pallet that i don’t taste very often. I now drink like 2 glasses of LIME Ice Tea everyday. Its such a simple…

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    Sup Cole World!! I went to a place today that might have change dmy whole attitude towards hot coffee ! Nooo i aint talkn bout no Starbucks lol, its called Halcyon ( http://www.halcyonaustin.com/ ). Its a real trendy Coffee Bar located downtown Austin. If your ever in town this is a must go to spot, they serve anything hot (Tea, Coffee,Hot Chocolate etc..) with alcohol if your over 21 of course and it’s open until 2am! I ordered two Green Tea and whiskey’s and one irish coffee with whiskey and whip cream. Come Enjoy!

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    Fashion forward and trendy tea shop is kicks any mocha frappachino’s butt in just 3 mins of steeping. Check out DAVIDsTEA on Queen St W just a sweep east of Spadina. Yum yum, $2 a pop – i recommend the Creme Caramel Rooibos Tea With Romantic stories and quirky names – plenty of time to steep, stir, sip and FALL in love. This is an excerpt from the Zing Me Tea In the mood for loveWhat happens when you blend Chinese black tea with ginger bits and lush pieces of peach and apricot? An instant feeling of well-being. Aromatherapy claims that peaches can brighten your outlook, and ginger has long…