• Toronto

    TIDF 2011

    Myself and some of the artists, at last years CUTMR. The Toronto International Design Festival kicked off on the 24th of this month. I’ve been busy with school and work, so I can’t wait to check out as many of the event and exhibits as I possibly can. Tonight I get to go to the IDS 11 Opening party, as well as the CUTMR 2011 Press Preview! Exciting! For more info on TIDF 2011, click here. See you there! peace, love and health ♥Bella♥ *I’ve been having major computer issues so the pix might be a little delayed… but don’t worry I’ll make sure I capture all the magic!

  • Austin

    Nice To Meet Ya From Austin TX!!!

    Sup Everybody, my name is Craig Allen and i will be guest blogging for ya this year on HeyDoYou. I come by way of Philadelphia and i now reside in the very crazy and unpredictable Austin TX, which is great because im very unpredictable myself. I’m editor in chief for a locally based website here in Austin by the name of thefeedbak.com, where we cover the nightlife scene here and party goers can write about their experiences of the Austin nightlife scene. Im a Taurus which makes me stubborn right?? WRONG! ok maybe a little bit, but im very creative, i love people who have a creative sense of self…

  • Toronto


    Power couples always make a powerful entrance and find a way to balance one another. Their hustle is real and love life! Couples that pray inspire others together, stay together. HIS: Brad Lamb http://www.torontocondos.com/ HERS: Catriona Smart Lamb http://www.cocoandlowe.com/ *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    Baring SKINS

    I love movies… I’ll be honest, I’m not really the kind of girl who will watch a tv show (other than The Game-pre BET), for some reason theres something about a film that can solely grab and hold my attention. I go through the blockbusters, as we all do, and I LOVE to jump on English docu-type films, my favorites being Adulthood and The Firm [#shoutout to my cousin Harry who lives it day to day]. My friend Liz and I have a ritual on free mornings of waking up, baking, and catching a flick with our breakfast… and while amidst our ritual (lol) the topic of Skins came up.…