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    All Pink All Summer

    As you all know, I am a summer baby!  I had a thing for dark blue for the past few month but I am going to declare my undying love for PINK once again! Here are 3 amazing pink products you need to have on your radar for your summer celebrations. Notorious Pink Rosé, the French Provençal rosé that’s bringing sexy back to blush wines. Whether you’re at a simple park picnic or living luxuriously on a yacht, Notorious Pink is the fresh young wine that will stimulate your palate and liven up your life. Pop of the signature glass top and enjoy. Notorious Pink Rosé 2013 (SRP: $19.99) is imported from…

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    Week 2 of Pet360.com’s #SummerOfPets Starts NOW!

    Everything you need to know about Pet360.com’s #SummerOfPets Week 2 – All American Furry Fun Week 2 of Pet360.com’s #SummerOfPets is just getting started with All American Furry Fun in honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday! This week, we’ve got a brand new giveaway with all natural Made In The USA products from Only Natural Pet, along with a wide selection of Made In The USA products available for purchase.   **Pet360 Blogger Challenge** Buy Made In The USA products this week!   Use statistics to show how buying Made In The USA products helps the economy In a recent Pet360 Community poll, over 86% of our members indicated that they prefer to buy…

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    Glytone: Getting Serious About Anti-aging Serum

    Sooner or later, sun exposure, pollution and stress—to say nothing of the inevitable natural aging process—all leave their mark on our skin. A tired, washed-out complexion, lines that seem noticeably deeper and an overall loss of radiance are a few of the inescapable signs that you may see when you look in the mirror. But why not look on the bright side? OurGlytone Anti-aging Serum ($120 / 1 Fl. Oz.) from the high-performing Antioxidant range, a collection of technologically-advanced skin rejuvenators powered with high concentrations of time-released, stabilized Vitamins C and E and Red Tea Flavonoids for exceptional antioxidant protection, can give you a considerable edge in reclaiming your glow and significantly reducing…

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    Fourth of July Essentials: LIQs’

    The perfect Fourth of July essential this year! Whether you’re poolside with friends, on a yacht, or at a family BBQ, LIQs’ premium innovative cocktail shots are the perfect packaged goodie to celebrate Independence day! The brand has created an on-the-go concept, ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! Flavors include: Tequila Cinnamon Orange, Vodka Cucumber Lime, Vodka Lychee Grapefruit and Vodka Kamikaze. LIQs is currently being sold in retail locations across South Florida and will be traveling it’s way up the Florida map this June, and across the nation by Fall 2014.

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  • WorldWide

    Bitty Style: Packit Freezable Baby Bottle Bag

    It is officially summer in NYC , our first with our lil D,and are super lucky to have my mother live near by so babysitting is no problem. The only thing I need to bring to her is bottles, and a milk stash to keep at her house. We were given a cooler bag as a hand-me down which was great-except that I have forgotten to add the cooler packs on more than one occasion.   Blame Mom Brain!  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across the Packit Freezable baby bottle bag! Just pop the whole bag in the freezer and you are good to go. Super…

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    Stay Sweat Proof in The Thompson Tee

    Summer is here and if you have to wear shirts, go to weddings, work or live with the blissful amazing sun, you need this shirt. It is made in America and has amazing technology that will change your wardrobe drastically! The Thompson Tee™—a specialized undershirt developed by the William Thompson Co., LLC, to protect shirts from sweat marks— will help consumers stay cool and beat the heat this summer. The innovatively designed sweat-proof undershirt expertly blends the company’s proprietary Hydro-Shield™ sweat-proof technology and 100% ultra-soft premium lightweight cotton to produce a clinical-grade sweat-proof material that guarantees unparalleled underarm protection in a comfortable and inconspicuous way. A brief overview of some…

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