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    Your Baby Deserves The Best Skincare Product

    Recently I have a couple of friends are going to have new borns. And baby showers are added into my calendar. To prepare a nice gift for them, I did some research about baby product. Finally, I found something great for their baby shower gifts. It is Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy baby skincare.

    Many people refer to seborrheic dermatitis as “cradle cap.” Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo & Body Wash is A Pediatrician’s Solution® to fight flaking, itching, redness, scaling, and irritation on the scalp and skin for children of all ages. These bothersome symptoms are known as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. 1 in 3 children under the age of 5 are affected by this condition.

    Pediatricians regularly recommend adult dandruff shampoos for this condition because they contain an FDA approved active ingredient to control seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Until now there was no children’s seborrheic dermatitis shampoo and body wash.

    Happy Cappy is the first OTC (Over The Counter) shampoo and body wash made specifically for children of all ages with an FDA approved active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, which has been proven safe and effective for many decades for relief of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It also contains the natural ingredient Licorice Root Extract to help soothe redness behind ears, under armpits, and in neck folds.

    Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo and Body wash for dry or irritated skin.

    Happy Cappy’s Daily Shampoo and Body Wash is a pediatrician developed daily shampoo for soothing dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. This moisturizing cleanser is dermatologist and clinically tested and is free of skin irritants like fragrance, dye, alcohol, sulfates, phthalates, and preservatives known as parabens.

    In fact, over 95% of the ingredients are of natural plant-based origin. Ingredients were carefully selected for their soothing properties—Oatmeal Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Aloe Vera, Provitamin B5, and Hyaluronic Acid. Happy Cappy is cruelty free and vegan.

    Happy Cappy Medicated Baby Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis

    The only shampoo formulated to treat flaking and irritation of the skin for children of all ages.  Happy Cappy is the first OTC (Over The Counter) shampoo and body wash made specifically for babies and children of all ages with an FDA approved active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, which has been proven safe and effective for many decades for relief of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

    Happy Cappy’s gentle, fragrance free, dermatologist tested, dye free, alcohol free, paraben free, sulfate free, BPA free formula eliminates flaking while still leaving the skin and hair soft and smooth.

    Moisturizing Cream Soothes Dry, Itchy Skin

    Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream is a pediatrician’s solution for soothing dry, itchy, irritated, sensitive eczema prone skin for children of all ages and is formulated to hydrate skin all day. This clinically tested moisturizing cream protects and restores the delicate skin barrier. Adults with sensitive skin can expect similar results. Soothes without stinging sensation.

    Fast absorbing and not greasy, Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream is infused with natural ingredient Licorice Root Extract (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate) to help soothe redness. Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream is dermatologist tested and free of fragrance, dye, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Happy Cappy is Vegan and Cruelty Free.

    All three Happy Cappy products are fragrance free, dye free, sulfate free, parabens free, phthalate free, vegan, cruelty free, and dermatologist and clinically tested. Each of our products has many other features and unique ingredient combinations that will make your skin and scalp very happy.
    Dr. Eddie has a passion to provide families and children with the best pediatric care as he continues to practice medicine in Houston, Texas. He is a Board Certified Pediatrician and an active member of the medical community. He has served as President of the Houston Pediatric Society and in many capacities with the Harris County Medical Society.
    You can look through Dr. Eddie’s site to learn more about seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, and cradle cap and find out why Happy Cappy is the best for your family.
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    Baby Shower Must-Haves!

    As spring approaches, flowers aren’t the only things starting to bloom. Mom’s around the country are getting to experience the magical moments of being pregnant with their blooming bellies! This season, be prepared for your next baby shower with these amazing must-haves from Lucy Darling! Give your expecting mom cute and trendy pieces that will make her life easier once her baby arrives!

    Welcome a little one to the world of great gifts with the cute creations from Lucy Darling. From magical Memory Books to Baby Milestone Stickers and Nursery Closet Dividers, this adorable company has a selection of beautiful baby shower gifts for any new family. After all, you want to be the most awesome aunt, uncle or family friend at the celebration, right? An art-centered baby brand that crafts products to simplify the life of a busy, modern mom, these delightful designs will be a present she’ll actually enjoy using!

    Lucy Darling began when founder Haily Meyers, a graphic design artist, became pregnant with her first child. Overjoyed to welcome her daughter into the world, she began designing baby sticker sets as an expression of her happiness and excitement. After sharing the first drafts with family and friends and getting an overwhelming response, Meyers started a small Etsy shop offering 3 sticker sets. Today, Lucy Darling has 60 unique sticker designs, 150 nursery art prints, closet dividers, memory books and multiple baby products in the pipeline!

    A Simple Book Of Firsts – Memory Book: This modern baby book brings the Lucy Darling mission to life by giving you a cute, simple way to celebrate major milestones with your tiny tot. Whether the baby is a Little Love, Captain, Artist, or Animal Lover, mom can easily record special memories without spending hours doing it. Perfect for you or as a gift, this guilt-free baby book helps mom remember baby’s first year forever!

    • Includes 2 pre-baby pages for photos, ultrasound and note to baby
    • 3 pages for when baby arrives, spot for footprints, birth announcement and hospital bracelet
    • 2 “your world” pages for photos of home
    • 12 pages of month documenting
    • 10 pages that include a family tree, favorite things, many firsts including holidays, etc
    • 5 birthday pages
    • 1 first day of school page
    • Made in the USA
    • Eco-friendly, soy-based inks

    Baby Milestone Stickers: With endless designs such as the Little Blossom, Little Tutti Frutti, or Little Poet, these unique and stylish patterns are the perfect way for mommy to share her munchkin’s growth with family and friends. Start making moments in just three steps: Peel, stick onto baby’s clothing, and click with your camera.

    • 12 monthly stickers
    • Pre-cut shapes
    • Made in the USA
    • Eco-friendly, soy-based inks

    Nursery Closet Dividers: These nifty nursery closet dividers help Mom by creating a simple and stylish way to organize the new baby’s closet. Simply hang in any closet or armoire and start organizing your newborn’s clothes by size – it’s that easy!

    • 8 closet dividers
    • Sizes Newborn through 2T
    • Made in the USA
    • Responsibly printed
    • Eco-Friendly, Soy-based inks

    Thousands of babies are born everyday and no two are alike. Celebrate the uniqueness of each newborn and enrich moments that are as special as each individual child with the delightful designs from Lucy Darling.

    Searching for a perfect present for that next baby shower? Visit https://www.lucydarling.com for more information.

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    The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner

    Mindy Weiss has created the best baby shower gift ever!  The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner is a practical and precious package. It is a ringed binder with pages that can be added or removed. I wanted this for my friend who is about to have a baby so that she and her husband can have a little baby book all the way to the fourth year. This is is a cool book because it knows family comes in all sizes and shapes.



    Mindy is a Beverly Hills based event planner who has created experiences for Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson, Denise Richards!  So you are in good hands.

    Here’s an amazing baby book like no other. For one, because The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner is in a binder, it’s completely guilt-free and customizable. Forgot to record baby’s first steps? No matter, just tear out that page. Is your baby adopted? No need to avoid the pages about your birthing experience; instead, add pages about your journey to adoption.
    Second, it combines the precious and the practical. The binder includes six tabbed dividers with pockets, covering pregnancy through age four. Then inside are 104 full-color pages, including everything from checklists, doctor’s notes, menu planning charts, vaccine and immunization schedule to All About Us, First Feelings, Your Favorite Things, Birthday Party Memories. In addition, there is a plastic pouch for odd-sized memorabilia like a hospital bracelet; ten pages of heavyweight stock to mount photographs and other visual memorabilia; a foldout growth chart (on the underside of the belly band); and a keepsake envelope for a lock of hair.

    And third, the binder includes three portable booklets—“Prenatal Doctor’s Visits,” “Nursing Tracker,” and “Pediatrician Visits.”

    This perfect baby shower gift is as stylish as it is useful. In the same format as the author’s category-killing Wedding Planner & Organizer, it is inspiring, easy to use, and fun—and will be a memento to hand down from one generation to the next.



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    Sleepy Face with @kikkopilo

    Ever traveled with your toddler and wished there was something comfy to sleep on?  When I was young, my mom would push together 2 chairs at Chinese restaurants and we would have to sleep while the parents chatted and ate dim sum into the late night (8pm was late for a 3 yr old!).  But alas comes an invention that both kids and parents would love and use everyday!

    Check out the Kikko Pilo!  It is made of memory foam, can you used anywhere and is transportable, chic and totally useful.  I totally wished that I had this when I was a kid.  So this would make a perfect present for new moms, baby sitters, grandparents and anyone who travels a lot.

    Kikkopilo is used for traveling on long fligths and train rides, lightweight, portable,hygienic as it’s easily washed, water proof so no worries about water spills or accidents, removing the cotton it would be used as a changing pad, secondary use is to roll behind lower back or neck and finally it makes a great baby shower gift 🙂

    Selling on Website: www.kikkopilo.com
    Twitter: @kikkopilo
    If you would like to win this Kikkopilo – Do the following:
    1. Follow them on Twitter
    2. Like them on Facebook and share with 3 friends
    3. Tweet the answer to this question  – What shape is the KikkoPilo  and how many inches wide is it?
    Winners will be announced on April 6. Good luck!