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    Holidays Gift Guide

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    The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and if you want to avoid panicking because you haven’t bought presents for your friends and family, you should start preparing in advance and making lists of things you can give to those you love most. To help you deal with Christmas shopping madness, we’ve prepared a brief list of lovely presents you can give and which everyone will love.

    For that special someone

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    For your special someone, you will want to find something that’s just perfect, and that kind of gift is always hard to pick. If you are familiar with their hobbies and know what they’re passionate about, it’s easy, but if you’re not quite sure, you can always get them something that shows your love. A nice frame you decorated with your photo inside, a special edition of their favourite book or a video game they’ve wanted for a long time, or even tickets to a concert or a show they wanted to go to will all do the trick.

    For the little ones

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    Depending on how old the children are, you can start buying things that will encourage them to develop their hobbies and inspire their interest in certain things. Why not you give them their first diary or musical instrument (before you get them the latter, make sure it’s all right with their parents). Of course, when they’re small it’s all about toys and accessories they can use in their rooms, for example a teepee tent where they can read, play with their favourite toys or simply daydream if they want. When in doubt, it’s also convenient to buy them clothes with prints of characters from their favourite cartoon or movie – a Star Wars hoodie or Wonder Woman shirt will be much loved and often worn too.

    For your parents

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    They have been doing their best to make every single Christmas peaceful and to make you feel happy and content, and now you can do something for them. As it gets cold this time of the year, you can always buy them super-soft blankets and warm fuzzy socks (the more ridiculous the design of the socks, the better). You can also give them personalized mugs and make your own Christmas ornaments which they can hang on their Christmas tree and wreaths to put on their front doors or windows.

    For gym rats

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    Gym rats are easy to buy gifts for because they make their passion clearly visible and don’t hesitate to share with you how much they love the gym and their workouts. This is the reason why this Christmas, your favourite gym rat should get a gym-related gift from you: a nice pair of yoga pants so their workouts are always comfortable, a pair of New Balance Australia running shoes, a fancy water bottle so they can finally replace the old one, or a brand new gym bag. They will love your thoughtful gifts and whenever they use your gift, they will think of you, which will be quite often probably.

    For yourself

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    When was the last time you bought yourself a Christmas present? The possibilities are endless, but you should give yourself time to reflect on the year that’s passed and to think about what you want from the year before you. If you are feeling a bit worn-out, you can treat yourself with a little something that will make you appreciate the Christmas spirit even more.  Buy that book you’ve wanted for months, treat yourself with a weekend getaway with your special someone or your best friend, visit a hair stylist and change your hairstyle, and go on a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant; you’ve earned it.

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when you get to spend quality time with those you love the most. People tend to get a bit carried away with the gifts and the food, when the focus should be on bonding and love you share with your family and friends. Don’t forget what the Christmas spirit is all about – feeling warm and safe, and sharing that feeling with others.

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    @lushcosmetics Serves Up Christmas Pudding, Christmas Kisses + Rudolph Face Masks!

    Someday I’ll make a list of all my favorite cosmetic companies — there are so many I love — but one that stands out (especially during the gift-giving season) is LUSH.


    LUSH has a great backstory, with the founders actually selling their winning formulas to The Body Shop franchise back in the 90’s. Now, LUSH is a worldwide brand that is all about fresh ingredients, staying green and giving back to the community. And no animal testing, ever. In fact, LUSH has gone as far as offering an annual “Lush Prize” to those that fight against animal testing–check out who won here!

    LUSH is known for their incredible bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, haircare, bodycare — ok, basically anything you want in the bathroom for hours of pampering and making you look fab, LUSH has it.

    Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 6.19.48 PM

    And with the holidays so near, LUSH is your best bet for satisfying every member of the family, all your gals and even spoiling yourself–you deserve it!

    I’ve picked out a few items that are so fun for the holiday season you’ll love:


    Rudolph Face Mask: ($6.95) Every gal needs a face mask to keep her skin in tip top condition and LUSH has the perfect one during the holiday season — Rudolph! This particular mask soothes and softens the skin with ingredients such as calamine, lavender and oatmeal. Fresh mint and cucumber are also in this power-packed mask, making sure your skin is revitalized and replenished. Mmm!


    Christmas Kisses: ($22.95) What do you need for fabulous Christmas Kisses? This gift set, that’s what! This adorable pack includes LUSH’s brand new fizzy cola flavored Santa’s Lip Scrub, Chou Chou… I Love You Toothy Tabs, cola flavored Santa Baby lip tint, and of course, the chicest box to store them all in!


    Pudding: ($35.95) So in England (and Australia, where I’m from), it’s tradition to enjoy a massive fruit pudding at Christmas time, so I’m naturally drawn to this quirky little holiday pudding gift set. What’s inside? A bar of Honey I Washed the Kids-scented Gold FUN, the boozy Mr. Punch soap, spicy and warming Cinders Bath Bomb, and the gorgeous, creamy scents of Bombardino and Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bombs.


    Fab Christmas: ($139.95) Ok, this is the mother of all Chrissie presents at LUSH. And, if you’re reading this, Mum, sister, BFF, work colleagues, I really want this under my tree! What’s inside?


    Wait, there’s more!


    Check out Lushusa.com to grab your goodies from the U.S. site or visit Lush.com to find your country’s LUSH online home.

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    Hollywood Gifts for you!

    It’s a guilty pleasure but we all enjoy knowing what celebrities are interested in and especially this year – many celebrities have opened up their homes and shown us a glimpse into their life. So for those of you who still have some last minute gifts to buy, here are some items for those loved ones on your list!

    George Clooney is often seen hanging out in Italy and enjoys a nice cup of espresso.

    How about a Nespresso coffee/espresso maker for that father in law or for the boyfriend who enjoys a caffeine kick?

    For the music lovers who are always on the go and need quality sound, “Beats” by Dr. Dre is a great gift idea!

    They better appreciate it though, these are priced around $300 – $400.

    OPRAH herself loves this item, it made her “Ultimate Favourite Things” list of 2011.

    Any woman who appreciates a nice tea would love this item too, it’s the Masala Chai and Yedi Houseware Tea Cup and Tea Pot

    I love Holiday cooking!! And to bring some celebrity into your mom or sister’s kitchen, how about Eva Longoria’s cookbook?

    For those who just can’t get enough of Mrs. Beyonce Knowles – Carter, here is her Live in Roseland Elements 4 DVD.

    Packed with behind the scenes and never before seen footage of her life, it’s sure to make you feel like you are almost a part of her dazzling world.

    Heidi Klum Shines with her new fragrance called “Shine”.

    She’s a super mom and for any woman who shines to you, this would be a great gift.

    The Loopie dog toys are very “pup-ular” with celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and our little pet pals would enjoy this Christmas present!


    Hopefully you’ll find everything you want this holiday season! Happy holidays from heydoyou.com

    p.s These products can be found on Amazon.ca and Barnesandnoble.com

    xoxo @misskayceeleigh

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    Opportunity International “Spread the Joy” Gift Card

    If you have family out of town like me, you probably have and will spend a ton of shipping Christmas gifts this year. If you want to save the Fed Ex fees and hassle, you can send your friends and family this little compact gift card. It mails perfectly inside a sparkly Christmas card!

    PRICE: $10 – $500 selectable increments

    Help Your Loved Ones Make a Difference:

    • Gift card recipients can choose to support an entrepreneur like Myrna in the Philippines, who sells clothing and needs $350 to purchase more ready-to-wear clothing and a tricycle to grow her business.  Or someone like Rosa in Nicaragua, who started a tortilla business with her loan from Opportunity International to literally build a roof on her home and make enough money to send her kids to school. At www.opportunity.org/give, recipients can read Myrna and Rosa’s stories, as well as those of other entrepreneurs, to learn more about their goals and aspirations.
    • All proceeds from its purchase go towards funding small business loans, often referred to as microloans, to economically marginalized people in 20 different countries who are trying to work their way out of poverty.
    • About 85 percent of loan recipients are female, as women tend to re-invest back in their communities, especially concerning healthcare and education for children.

    Here’s How the Holiday Gift Card program Works:

    • Gift givers simply visit opportunity.org/giftcard to purchase a tax-deductible gift card for a friend, family member or business colleague.  Once purchased, the gift card can be printed, e-mailed or mailed.
    • Gift recipients visit opportunity.org/giftcard to redeem the card and fund a loan to an entrepreneur profiled on the site whose business they’d like to invest in. Users can select from hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, operating a wide variety of businesses. Once the gift card is redeemed, the card recipient can receive updates on the entrepreneur whose loan they funded.
    • Life-changing loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world, made through the purchase of a “Spread the Joy” gift card, are part of a working solution to poverty around the globe that results in thriving communities.  Such a loan is also a gift that truly keeps on giving.  Once the entrepreneur repays the loan, the money is loaned again by Opportunity International to change the life of another entrepreneur, and then another, and so on… for many years to come.