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    Please Stop Calling @POPPhoneNU

    Two summers ago, I saw these Pop phones at the International Gift Show at Javitts and was so intrigued by them! They plug into your cell phone and is a funny old school headset in bright pops of colors. Since then, I have seen them in metallic and most recently with artist collabos on the hippest Parisian store Colette.



    Which one do you like? Should I get one?

    Designed by the French designer David Turpin the POP handset combines classic style w/a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture

    UK & Worldwide · http://www.nativeunion.com

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    Wearing Dark Fantasy

    Kanye West. Can enough be said to describe him?

    Set to debut for purchase today (Monday April 9/11) are Kanye West’s limited ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – inspired scarves.

    Ballerina. Face. Phoenix. Power. Priest. The titles of each piece of art created by Kanye in collaboration with Parisian graphic design studio, M/M; as well as George Condo, who painted the original art on the album. Unsurprisingly, there are a limited 100 of each silk design at a price tag of $364, to purchase visit mmparis.com or colette.fr.

    We can all recall Yeezy’s hiatus when he went into (what seemed like) underground mode, while interning at the fashion house of Fendi. After a sneaker line for Louis Vuitton and his own Pastel clothing line, not to mention his undeniable eye for personal clean lines, its been obvious that Kanye’s passion for fashion and art are no less than real. The scarves are meant to be worn in layers, so the limited quantity and heavy price tag will encourage exclusivity to the individuals who rock them as intended.

    I probably won’t ever forget the emotions I experienced the first time I watched Kanye’s movie, Runaway. It was the evening of it’s premier and it seemed like the world was in anticipation. Staying clear of twitter and any other mediums, I was prepared to watch and discover my own review before hearing anyone else’s take. Private time growing up often involved some book or another, favorite authors would include Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Yaan Martel. One thing in common of each piece was their use of imagery in subliminal messaging. Anyways, I was submerged in Runaway for this same reason, if you deny that it was anything less than epic… another ‘go at it is in order. Press play.


    Poetic. Creative. Talented. Artistic. Exclusive. Mention one characteristic that doesn’t apply. The ever-so talented Mr. West graces us with (yet) another Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


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    (NY) Shearling

    Shearling has been making a huge hit this winter! Don’t let winter sloppy tendencies get you down. You are going to stylish, amazing and warm.  This is my first winter in New York and it is going to be hella cold. Looking for coats… and really over the down et goose… for now.  What about shearling?
    A lamb- or sheepskin that has been tanned with the curly wool left on. Offering rugged appeal and the ultimate warmth, shearling is a popular leather for winter coats, hats and gloves. Basically like UGGS.
    Are you going to do it up?

    The look sooooooooooooooooooo warm!

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    Colette says…

    Boredom helps one to make decisions.
    Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

    These past three months have been a lot of waiting and so call boredom. I always am afraid to admit that I am bored because my mom says you are only bored if you are boring. I think being boring is worse than being ugly. But like Colette said, it definitely helps you make decisions about what you need to do, who you need to see and what it all means at the end of the day.  What have you decided lately?  Maybe you need to tune out, press mute and stop so you can decide.

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    Colette says…

    Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God.
    Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

    Never been a fan of cats since my kitten ran away at the first meow of the stray alley cat down the street. Always been a love of dogs though. But you already knew that. The best way to gage a person’s trustworthiness is see how they act around animals and children. Animals are an important part of life, humanity and existence. If you have always wanted a pet, but never had one, look into it again. There is no time like the present.

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    Is it weird that I am in love with his mono-spec 🙂  I love him!

    Craig Redman is a New York based artist, with whom colette has been collaborating to extract his character Darcel from his blog. For the first time now, we have an exhibition entirely dedicated to him. Darcel’s inner world goes meta with “And a miserable day to you too” , as he explores everyday trivialities through painting, prints, sculptures and, of course, movie animation. You can go home with special Baggu bags, key-rings , Publik tee-shirts, Bodega stickers, the new colette candle, lighters, postcard or buttons with the monocle-wearing famous character.

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