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    Event LOVE: @KayTranEyewear Launch

    Last week, a number of us gathered at Pink Eye Optical on Queen street west, to celebrate the launch of the KayTran Eyewear Collection. We laughed, ate, drank wine and it’s safe to say that I tried on every single pair of the glasses that were on display. I loved all the different styles, and I especially loved the fit! You don’t realize how uncomfortable your regular glasses or sunglasses are, until you try on a pair of KayTran glasses. Rocking a pair of KayTran glasses 🙂 LOOOOOVE these! “Reduced lens + frame curvature prevent the edges of the frame from rubbing and resting against your cheekbones.” “A narrowed bridge…

  • New York

    @LugLife Giveaway

    Love Canadian companies who are really making a mark globally! It all started with a guy, a girl, and a dog, 1,456 miles of asphalt, and 23 hours logged in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee from Dallas, TX, to Toronto, ON, Canada. Ami and Jason had met a few short months before on August 31, 2004, at one of the largest trade shows in the nation. It was Magic. Las Vegas. Thousands of merchants and two entrepreneurs with bags on the brain. They hit it off and then hit the road. Somewhere between stops for gas, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Cherry Coke, Lug was born with a clever name,…

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    She’s a BUSINESS woman 2

    She started designing jewellery for family and friends in the 90s. Turned the hobby into a part -time career while finishing her degree, opened up a tanning/gift boutique; and the rest as they say is history. I mentioned before that I had an awesome time, spending the day with Shah, and now you have a chance to see just how lovely she is. Get to know her! peace, love and health ♥Bella♥

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    Venus Upon Havana

    I mentioned last week, that I got to spend the day with Shah Emily, who is the founder and CEO of 3SHAHS; a custom jewellery line based here in Toronto. I had the opportunity to pick her brain, as well as get a preview of the new 3SHAHS Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which I loved by the way. Before the interview, I had to warn Shah that I an on an oohing/aahing-free diet while filming, as my videos pretty much o.d from them… it was difficult, and the occasional ooh and aah slipped out, but not biggie; the collection is wonderful, and has me craving warm summer weather! Enjoy! peace, love,…

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    She’s a BUSINESS woman

    I recently had the pleasure of spending the day with Toronto-based jewellery designers, Shah Emily Noaman.  I had no idea what I was in for when we set this up, but damn! This woman is an inspiration and half, I left feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do… unfortunately, now I want to do everything lol. While I was there, I was treated to a preview of the 3SHAHS Spring/Summer 11 collection, “Venus Upon Havana” which features pieces that were inspired by a recent trip to Cuba. The collection will be available at the end of this month at her store- Bask Tanning and Boutique at 1365 Yonge Street, as well as…