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    Attn Baltimore: &pizza is Coming to Federal Hill

    Dear Baltimore residents and visitors,

    This Thursday, May 26th, is your lucky day! &pizza, the unconventional collection of local pizza shops known in the D.C. area for their craft pizza, housemade soda, and ampersand tattooed employees, is proud to announce it will open its first Baltimore location in Federal Hill at 1201 South Charles Street.


    In light of this joyous occasion, &pizza will offer free pies for all on opening day! The first five guests to request the shop’s signature ampersand tattoo will receive a complimentary one at the nearby Brightside Tattoo Shop, and free pizza for a year (one pizza/week for 52 weeks) once they receive it.

    Expect nothing but the best in both food and experience. Beginning with the Baltimore location, &pizza will become the first to serve desserts from Milk Bar, the world renowned bakery founded by James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef award-winner Christina Tosi and Momofuku’s David Chang in 2012. &pizza will also feature an ampersand painted on the white brick wall, paying homage to their first DC shop which has a large ampersand painted on the white brick wall.

    unnamed-1unnamed-2&pizza now has 15 shops in DC, Maryland, and Virginia–and is revered throughout the region as a brand that stands for more than just fresh pizza. Guests have the opportunity to craft their own individual pie or choose from seven signature pizzas, each one with their own unique flavor profile. The pizza shop uses fresh ingredients and works with local producers for its signature and seasonal menu of pizzas, snacks, craft sodas, and artisanal teas.


    •  Seven signature pizzas
    • Two dessert pizzas
    • Milk Bar cookies
    • Six craft sodas
    • Three teas

    Baltimore visitors will be the first to taste &pizza’s new core menu which includes two new signature pies and elevated ingredients.

    New pies include:

    • The Pineapple Jack, a take on a Hawaiian pizza with salami, pineapple, and Cherry Bomb BBQ.
    • The Salad Pizza, a whole new category of pizza with cucumber, tomatoes, pickled red onion and ranch.

    Guest favorites include the Farmer’s Daughter, a spicy sausage pizza topped with spinach and local farm eggs over easy; the Gnarlic, which incorporates garlic ricotta and garlic sauce with pesto; and the top seller, the Maverick, which includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, and salami.

    Be sure to stop by and grab a pie this Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at 1201 South Charles Street! Snap a picture of your delicious slice using the hashtag #andpizzabaltimore for a chance to win free &pizza gear and be featured on HeyDoYou!

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    “Foodie” Dedicated Camera App for Food Photos

    LINE Corporation has announced the release of “Foodie,” a new camera app available for free on both iPhone and Android devices, dedicated to taking delicious photos of food.


    Foodie is a new specialized camera app that follows the example set by, the selfie dedicated camera app B612 that has surpassed 100 million downloads worldwide. Foodie offers a cornucopia of features with a singular goal: to make food pictures look more delicious. Its 24 types of food filters are sure to make foods such as “Meats,” “Sushi,” “Cakes,” and other cuisines look delicious. Since the app’s “best angle” feature lets the user know through color when the camera is positioned horizontally above the subject, it’s a snap to take trendy flat lays like you’d see in a gourmet magazine.

    What’s more, the app includes features like an auto blurring effect to give images the air of SLR photography, as well as brightness adjustment and flashlight features to increase your shooting options. Foodie also offers the basic features expected of a camera app including sharing to social networks like Instagram and Twitter.


    Going forward, Foodie will continue to develop food-specific features, such as filters and effects, that allow users to have more enjoyable and enriching communication experiences through food photos.


    Foodie Main Features

    1. Food filters make culinary photos more enticing

    With a selection of 24 filters optimized for food photography, users can take exactly the type of food photos they want.

    1. Best angle feature for stylish flat lays

    Uses on-screen color to let the user know when the camera is positioned flat, directly above the food on the table, for easy flat lay photography.

    1. Auto blurring feature for pro-style images

    Automatically recognizes food as the subject and defocuses the surrounding area that is not food, producing images like those photographed using a single lens reflex (SLR) camera.

    1. Brightness adjust and flashlight features for shooting in dark locations

    The user can manually make the image brighter or darker when taking pictures. Plus, the light can be turned on like a flashlight to enable shooting in dark environments.

    Note: 40-step (-2.0 to +2.0) brightness adjustment is possible.

    1. Sharing through a variety of services

    Processed photos can be shared not only through LINE but also on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    Food filters for delicious food photos Best angle feature for easy flat lays


    App Overview

    App name: Foodie

    Supported devices: Android, iPhone

    Supported languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Thai

    Supported regions: Global

    Service began: February 2, 2016

    Cost: Free

    Developer and operator: LINE Corporation

    Copyright: © LINE Corporation

    Download links:

    App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1076859004

    Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.foodcam.android

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    Great Gift Idea: Snacking Soaps from HK Artist Ation Yeung

    Shun Kee Soap Bakery (順記肥皂餅家) design by Ation Yeung

    Shun Kee Soap Bakery design by Ation Yeung. This soap collection is designed as Hong Kong souvenir. The design concept is originated from Hong Kong style food and soap. “Soap” is a daily necessity but it usually in dull appearance and shape. Designer, Ation Yeung, who is born and raise in Hong Kong and he love HK foods very much, thus he mixed with soap and Hong Kong style food together to be a soap collection with fun, practical and environmental friendly principal. In this collection “Shun Kee Soap Bakery” shows us the most popular Hong Kong style foods, included Mini Egg tart, Pineapple Bun and Put Cha Ko etc…

    How fun! Always down to support a fellow HK artist, soaper and foodie! 

    Check out the soaps on his store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShunKeeSoapBakery

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    Fine diving in Bed-Stuy @Do_or_Dine

    finally made my way down the street to this Brooklyn favorite and i was NOT disappointed!  This ultra cool vibe and decor made me feel like I was eating at a garden chic dinner party. It is totally funky and the menu is like nothing you have seen.


    The creativity might be intimating at first but let the really knowledgeable staff tell you all about each and every item. The selection and we tried a few of the items.

    3430_10151402642900672_94196952_n 379766_10151402643100672_1391146075_n


    the drinks are really delicious and not too strong – will be back for sure…

    1108 Bedford Ave
    (between Gates Ave & Lexington Ave)
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    Neighborhood: Bedford Stuyvesant

    (718) 684-2290

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    Totally Scrumptious PlanB Tapas

    Plan B is dedicated to the union of contemporary Northern Spanish Tapas and an innovative beverage program both influenced by Barcelona and the Basque region.  The cuisine, the culture, the sensibility, and independent spirit of both regions desire to both honor the past and begin their future.   Plan B creates food and beverage menus in tandem, with the operation’s concept reflected both in dishes and in signature drinks, wine lists and beer selections.Plan B puts an eccentric and creative take on an urban tapas bar, culinary inspiration comes from seasonal local greenmarket ingredients and exotic imported Spanish items to comprise simple and flavorful dishes that embrace the ancient Roman philosophy of the 5th Quarter, or “Quinto Quarto”.

    I was so excited to go to the media tasting of PlanB. Their menu boasts of exotic dishes like python sausage, rabbit meatballs and bull testicles, I had no idea what to expect. Created by Hemant Phul (Masala Times and Earth Nightclub), this little Nolita gem is totally exciting and exotic. The carefully selected cocktails like sherries, Spanish/French wines and craft beers make Plan B a place to get more than a meal but a tasty adventure! This cocktail menu has been created by Ivy Mix of Clover Club and Tess Sawyer of Plan B.

    The Basque and Catalan tapas are awesome. I don’t claim to be an expert on Spanish Cuisine but I definitely know what delicious tastes like.  The downtown vibe of this restaurant comes in all aspect from the decor, food, drink and music. Started with this polenta and cherry to cleanse your palate.

    Everything is scrumptious and here are my recommendations:
    Potato Croquttes – Never has yukon gold, creme fraiche, salmon roe come together in a better way. This was by far my favorite experience

    Goat Cheese Croquettes – A simple and delicious combo
    Mushrooms – seasonal and wild – YUM the best texture ever and Tai’s favorite

    Paella Shooters – mussel, shrimp, clam, chorizo, white wine, shellfish broth

    Asparagus – Not my favorite but still yummy
    Octopus – The best 4 hour slow cooked texture, like a pillow

    Pic Ear – Crispy and perfect on a savory biscuit

    Rabbit meatballs – My first rabbit taste! The sauce is perfect
    Shrimp heads – I LOVE this, ask for extra bread

    Duck heart souffle – Beautiful presentation and texture and taste deliciously balanced

    Flan – Best I ever had, perfect consistency and like caramel candy

    Hibiscus & Cynar Ice cream – Eat this as fast as you can!

    You have to go or I’ll take you  if you ever visit NYC!

    Thanks to my sweet husband for coming with me!


  • London

    @FoodiesFestival London Event

    When the sun actually does come out, London is absolutely fantastic in the summer. I took a trip to the west and spent the weekend at Battersea Park for the London Foodies Festival. Now, there may not be a patio hanging out on the streets of London, but it appears you can drink literally anywhere outside, including a bus.

    But that’s not all! They even had ice cream chocolate bars. FOR FREE! I’m freaking out. The ice cream Snickers bar gave me a food-gasm.

    But beyond all the free food everywhere, you can actually learn a thing or two about making your own food. This guy had some audience members come up and cook with him. Fortunately I didn’t volunteer or we’d be stuck on a toilet for the rest of the night.

    Did you know that the English love their sausage? I had no idea how many ways they can be made. The selection on street dog stands seriously need an upgrade.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Forget Strongbow. There’s a massive selection of Magners ciders — my fave is pear! Soooo refreshing.

    If you missed it this weekend, check out the website for more locations near you.

    Until next time, Cheers! @missamandachen