• My Dog Jacob

    Pet Dental: PetSmile

    Prancing around in the snow, adorable winter fashion, and plenty of cuddle time at home; the cold winter months can be plenty of fun for you and your fur friends! However, nothing ruins snuggling with your pooch more than a bad case of doggie breath. With Petsmile® Pet Toothpaste, the first to be recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and created by the humans who brought you Supersmile®, your dog can easily have healthy teeth and gums plus fresh breath.   Petsmile® Pet Toothpaste allows you to customize your pet’s daily oral care routine – For a simple touchup, add the toothpaste to your pets’ favorite snack or chew toy, and let them lick their way to…

  • My Dog Jacob

    @Aikiou for Smart Pets!

    If your pet eats their kibble way too fast or seems to be bored all the time – Get him/her a game!  The Aikiou feeder is a game that challenges the minds of your cats and dogs! They have different styles that have levels of challenge – It is a LOT of fun to see your pet try to figure it out. My neighbor has 2 cats so I gave him this one to challenge them. They are having  a lot of fun while he is at home I’m sure. This next dog one has a spinning wheel and a switch that goes back and forth. Great for hiding bigger…

  • My Dog Jacob

    NEW Jerky Bars from @Dogswell

    Happy Hips are low glycemic, super premium, functional food and treats for pets!  DOGSWELL  recently launched new packaging recipes for its line of Jerky Bars, a healthy snack that helps maintain eyes, skin and coat. Jacob got a very special package today to try 2 flavors: Salmon & Veggies and Lamb & Veggies – I let him smell both of them for about 2 minutes and then decided not to be a ‘jerk’ and just open it for him already! The new Jerky Bars are made with 85% meat and 15 % veggies with added health benefits and ingredients including Flaxseed, Vitamins or Glucosamine and Chondroitin. DOGSWELL products do NOT include any grains, soy or…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Share the @PeaceLoveanPits

    What a morning of dog related news. First 26 were rescued from a Florida based dog fighting ring and then another 14 in North Carolina! Thank you for the 40 dogs saved this unseasonable warm day! A lot of people have asked me why I love dogs and have a ‘pitbull’ type dog when I can have any kind of dog in the world. Being a owner of a bully breed, you get a LOT of grief from people and it takes a special person to own a bully type dog. To me, a dog is a dog is a dog and dogs can be trained to be and act…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Easy Walk with @CoLeash

    It is probably accurate to say that 90% of dog products are invented by dog owners who thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to have ____________. The Co-Leash was founded in 1999 and has achieved many awards over the years. One were most proud of is The Co-leash being used on the military dogs overseas with our troops protecting our freedoms on the front lines.  It is essentially a collar and leash in one so it makes walking your dog or training your dog easier!  Since Jacob really enjoys walking off leash, this is a great tool to have. The leash easily extends by a velcro attachment that is perfect for…