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    In the Biz: Michelle Reed with Velovita

    I recently met Michelle through our Tiny Hikes and Adventures playgroup and found what she does very interesting! Find out more about the company Velovita and Michelle here! She sells what are called “snaps”. One for the day kind (brān) and one for the night that’s called zlēm. Michelle Reed Where are you from/where do you live? ♡ I was born and raised in Portland Oregon, but just moved to Las Vegas in January.   If there was a theme song in your life, what would it be?  ♡ Roar by Katy Perry What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do? ♡ This kind…

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  • Las Vegas,  My dog Cami

    At Home Pet Spa Treatment with Kibble Pet

      Tomorrow is the day of Cami’s TPLO surgery on her right knee! We went back and forth last 7 months and we finally decided to do this surgery for her. She has been limping badly after running and playing and the dr confirmed that it is time. So in anticipation for her 12 week at home recovery, I have been pampering her to the max before the big day. I took her to the Strip for shopping! We went to Anthropologie and sniffed the fake snow and got lots of pets from everyone. And then we went to the park for a nice sunny stroll. Cami met a few…

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  • Bitty

    Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Gele for the Family

    This is our 3rd summer in Las Vegas! We are still acclimating to the desert heat and how to be summer smart, so I am always on the hunt for new products. As you know, we are expecting and with all the baby stuff coming into the house, I have been really overwhelmed. Babies can’t use certain products, pregnant mama’s can’t use products with Salicylic Acid, and dad just wants something simple and doesn’t smell girly!  But finally, there is a product that is good for the whole family. I am a huge fan of Aloe Vera and have been using it for ages but the Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Gele is…

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  • Las Vegas

    The Okabashi Flip Flop Phenomenon

    Being an official Las Vegas resident now, I have been amassing a collection of sandals and flipflops like never before. Socks and sneakers have been put away and high heels are nonexistent in my wardrobe these days. When it is over 109F already and barely May, you know that summer is going to be a hot one. I discovered the Okabashi flip-flops recently and had received a sample of Maui to test out.  There is a dedicated fan base for Okabashis online and from the comments, one fan suggests putting them in the dishwasher to clean them even.  I definitely will not do that, and I think just a quick rinse with…

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  • Las Vegas

    The Las Vegas American Advertising “Addy” Awards

    The annual American Advertising Awards celebrate creativity in local advertising. As the only advertising awards show in Las Vegas, winners go right to regionals and then on to nationals. All entries are independently judged, and winners are announced at the Addy awards show. Here are the list of winners from R&R Partners! Very proud of everyone’s hard work 🙂 Especially to Vaitari Anderson and his team for his vision to bring the Las Vegas VR Art project, LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality, to life!  Gold Award Print Advertising, Magazine Advertising, Spread, Multiple Page or Insert – Single LVCVA- Taxi Line Gold Award Out-of-Home & Ambient Media, Events- Single Event LVCVA…

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  • My dog Cami

    Cami’s Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

    It’s finally Christmas time here in Las Vegas! Cami is officially 1 and 1/2 years old! Time has really flown by and I can’t believe she is a real grown up dog now. She is not a puppy anymore and definitely not the youngest at the park. Cami really LOVES to play with other dogs. I make sure I let her experience a range of toys and treats so she can learn what she likes and doesn’t like. So here is her list of Cami’s favorite things! SWEDENCARE PRODEN PLAQUEOFF SYSTEM DENTAL BONES (VEGGIE) The vegan dog treats are made of sea kelp! They are easy to break in 1/2…

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