• My Dog Jacob

    Pet Dental: PetSmile

    Prancing around in the snow, adorable winter fashion, and plenty of cuddle time at home; the cold winter months can be plenty of fun for you and your fur friends! However, nothing ruins snuggling with your pooch more than a bad case of doggie breath. With Petsmile® Pet Toothpaste, the first to be recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and created by the humans who brought you Supersmile®, your dog can easily have healthy teeth and gums plus fresh breath.   Petsmile® Pet Toothpaste allows you to customize your pet’s daily oral care routine – For a simple touchup, add the toothpaste to your pets’ favorite snack or chew toy, and let them lick their way to…

  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Easy Walk with @CoLeash

    It is probably accurate to say that 90% of dog products are invented by dog owners who thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to have ____________. The Co-Leash was founded in 1999 and has achieved many awards over the years. One were most proud of is The Co-leash being used on the military dogs overseas with our troops protecting our freedoms on the front lines.  It is essentially a collar and leash in one so it makes walking your dog or training your dog easier!  Since Jacob really enjoys walking off leash, this is a great tool to have. The leash easily extends by a velcro attachment that is perfect for…

  • New York

    What is Love

    Love is sleeping and waking up together everyday. Love is being thoughtful. Love is spending money and time. Love is knowing what you are going to do before you do it. Love is knowing everything about you and loving it any way. Love is puking in the middle of the night but no complaints or judgement. Love is not saying a word sometimes. Love is 1 in a million. Love is you and me.