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    Love Your Pets Giveaway @SureFitInc

    I love dogs!  There is no question about that. Not only do I love my dog, I also love my friends dogs!  But you know what we all have in common?  Our dogs shed, they shed a lot… Actually I met Pocky because her owner and I were talking about best brushes to get the most hair off the dogs! (ZoomGroom). If you love your dog, you can win these 2 sofa covers from our friends at Sure Fit. Cotton Duck Sofa Pet Throw $49 Deluxe Comfort Cover Chair ($59.99) To win these, send a pic of your pets on your sofa by tagging @heydoyou/@surefitinc on Twitter and @heydoyou/@@surefitslipcovers on Instagram! Good…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Car Adventures with @surefitinc

    National Dog Day is on August 26 but for dog owners, dog day is everyday!  We were so lucky to get a car for the summer from Tai’s mom and we have been fully taking advantage of it. The seats are leather and we needed something to cover the seats properly.  I have tried different things like fitted bed sheets, towels and canopy type plastic ones and nothing has worked as well as the Sure Fit. There are quilted padded parts and the straps are sturdy and will not move. In the past I have used ones that have velcro and it never held when the car or the dog…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    National Pet Day with @SureFitInc

    Did you know that today is National Pet Day? National Pet Day celebrates the joy pets bring to our lives, while creating public awareness about the many different animals awaiting a home in shelters all across the nation.  Treat Fido or prepare for a new furry addition to your home with products from leading slipcover and home solution provider www.SureFit.com. Whether at home or in the car, Sure Fit’s pet line protects furniture and car interiors while keeping your dog safe, comfortable, and feeling at home. All pet covers are customizable, machine-washable, easily removed and cleaned. Perfect for my shedding but oh so cute Jacob!

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