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    For Your NailArt Lover @NailArtSociety

    Nail Art Society Partners with world-renowned celebrity manicurists to curate the latest and greatest trends in nail art and delivers to your door every month!

    Nail Art Society partners with world-renowned celebrity manicurists of ES Nail to curate looks for Nail Art Society kits! Nail Art Society kits are full of the latest and greatest trends in nail art and delivered to your front door every month for $19.95.  Join the society this month and receive a New Year Special of 50% off, bringing your kit to only $9.95 per month for the lifetime of your membership (just enter code: NAS10 at checkout)! Each month members will receive a package filled with professional tools, polishes and nail art accessories along with a step-by-step how-to instructional card to complete the curated nail art look at home.  So much fun!

    Nail Art Society Founder, Tia Valenciano states, “We are so excited for this partnership as ES Nail is known for creating some of the most elaborate Nail Art Designs for who’s who of Hollywood Starlets!  Although Japanese nail art has grown so much with popularity in Japan, it has yet to saturate the US yet.  That is until NAS and ES Nail have partnered together.   ES Nail was even behind Katy Perry’s notorious Obama Manicure that spread through Twitter like a wildfire.  This is only the beginning of what’s coming!”  Celebrities that are already fans of ES Nail include: Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Brandy, Katy Perry, Zendaya Coleman, Cassie, Bella Thorne.

    The nail industry is an ever-growing market!  Looking at a five-year comparison from 2007 to 2011, we can see that the market has grown from 5.4 billion to 6.6 billion in 2011. The increased market for a luxurious and complex nail experience is driving growth in the industry.  Tia claims, “What nail art essentially provides is a way to use your hands as an expression of yourself, an outlet to show your identity and sense of style.  We launched Nail Art Society to give women another opportunity to express themselves and to bring light to a market that’s not credited as much in the fashion and beauty world as it should be.” 

    Nails are the most understated accessories you can have!  They can be spiced up with studs or simply sweetened with a splash of pink.  Let’s face it, people want to accessorize with shoes, fancy purses, and clothing but most individuals can’t afford a $500 high-end designer bag.  With a NAS monthly membership at only a $19.95 month, nail art is an affordable way for those individuals to add a bit of luxury to their life and to keep up with the current fashion trends through their nails.

    By joining Nail Art Society you will not only get the latest trends in nail art, but you will receive exclusive access to Q&A’s, video tutorials, trend reports, and tips from Celebrity Nail Artists, Bloggers and Beauty Insiders.   What makes this society even more exclusive?  Whether you consider your style funky, classic, or bold, NAS has a personalized box just for you!

    To join the society of nail savvy individuals and indulge in this affordable luxury, simply choose the Nail Art Society membership that best suits you.  Nail Art Society is offered in monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships as stated below.  The longer you treat your nails, the more you save!

    Memberships:             US – $19.95 per month (Join this month and enter code NAS10 at checkout to receive 50% off your monthly membership, bringing it to $9.95/month for the lifetime of your membership), $58.85 per quarter, or $219.40 for yearly

    Availability:                US – NailArtSociety.com

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    Four Fragrances for the Men in Your Life

    1. The Always there for you Friend – LACOSTE’s EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Rouge

    All because it’s Valentine’s Day and you are single it doesn’t mean you can’t get a gift for your best guy friend!  He would love this because it will easily transition into a spring scent. Fiery and invigorating, the fragrance harvests a triple blend of spices at the heart to create this robust scent.  Spicy Mandarin liqueur, Madagascan black pepper, and Indian ginger provide a warm welcome from the cold weather. This fragrance is defined by its energetic, chic attitude and the sparkling Iced Tea notes.  A masculine and zesty fragrance that can only be described as energetic is ideal for the always on-the-go guy. All because he is ‘just your friend’ and ‘so not your type’ – it doesn’t mean he isn’t the perfect boy for someone else!  Help him out and send him lots of love.

    Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 – Rouge

    (Retail: $62)

    2. The BoyfriendHugo Boss Bottled Night

    The BOSS man is primed to succeed—competitive, driven, and ambitious. That’s why he deserves to be your man. His daily preparation rituals are integral to his personal quest for success and BOSS has become an established part of his daily armor. BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT is destined to become his secret after-dark weapon, instilling him with the same compelling presence that underpins his success by day. The scent features an intensely seductive composition of purposeful, aromatic top notes combined with a rich, woody base. Oh la la. The mystery and thrill of what he is thinking and where your Friday night adventures will take you!

    Hugo Boss Bottled Night

    (Retail $52)

    3. The Hope to be more than friends – Hugo Boss Bottled

    You guys do everything together but you are not official yet!  You just need that one thing that is gonna let him know… This is the perfect not to subtle hint that you want him to be BOSS in your relationship!  With the apple notes, it is soft but noticeable. Boss Bottled is described as clean and fresh with woodsy low notes. Sounds like new love to me.

    Hugo Boss Bottled

    (Retails $52)

    4. The Husband – James Bond 007

    He was brave enough to meet your parents and grandparents, hang out with your brother and even play with your nephew and nieces. Your husband is the one guy who is always on a mission juggling family, work, friends and making YOU happy all the time and making it look effortless. He deserves the 007 fragrance because he is irresistible and #1 and always aims to please. Give your husband the notes of bergamot, geranium, apple, cardamom, rose thorn, lavender, cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

    James Bond 007

    (Retails $40)

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    #LSNaughtyNights with @_la_senza

    Lingerie, girls in lingerie, djs in lingerie and much more… it was a very sexy night. We got to see La Senza’s latest ‘Eye Candy’ collection just in time for Valentine’s Day, and we were even treated to a “Naughty Night Kit” with a bra of our choice! Win.


    Thanks to La Senza for inviting us!

    peace and love


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    Valentine’s Day with @DalishCosmetics

    KISS ME: $58: JESSICA JENSEN Candy Apple Red Patent Cosmetic Bag DALISH COSMETICS Shea Butter Lipstick; Hot Mamma Lipstick; Ruby Red Lipstick

    Dalish Cosmetics and Jessica Jensen are at it again for their second collaboration!

    FOR MY VALENTINE: $48: JESSICA JENSEN Candy Apple Red Patent Cosmetic + Brush Bag DALISH COSMETICS Ruby Red + Clear Lip Gloss Duo; Hot Momma + Luminess Lip Gloss Duo

    Treat your sweetie or yourself to something special this Valentine’s Day.

    peace and love