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    Spring Break Prep Workout

    Can you believe that Spring Break is right around the corner? I feel like the year has just begun!  Spring break is a U.S. phenomenon and an academic tradition which started during the 1930s in the United States. College students from all around the country travel south to enjoy sunny weather and cold beers! People workout all year around to get their bodies in spring break ready condition. If you are anything like me, you are not one of those people! For the next three weeks I will be taking the #21daychallenge and will be trying different workout and eating program to get my body “Spring Break Ready”! Here’s are a few of the workouts below!

    Join the #21daychallenge and let us know below how it goes!

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    New Year, New Me: Fitness Motivation

    Losing weight can be challenging, frustrating, and time consuming, but with the right attitude you can surprise yourself with the results. Keep this in mind: It takes 21 days to start or break a habit. Three weeks from now, your body will stop craving sugar and fried food and ask for clean foods and water. All you need a little commitment! Here are a few fitness and eating tips to jump start your new found lifestyle!

    1. Make healthier choices and NO Junk Food! Here are 25 quick healthy dinner ideas to try.


    2. Try a fad diet to help jump start your process.

    3. Workout, workout, and workout some more!

    Remember in a few months your body will thank you!!

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    Event LOVE: #InTheDanceTO with @IAMYENDI


    I got an invite to attend a Dancehall Fitness class a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what to expect. I’d never even heard of a Dancehall Fitness class, but I knew that there was no way I was going to miss it. AND, when you hear that the gorgeous Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe Yendi Phillips is flying all the way from sunny Jamaica to cold and freezing Toronto to share her work out secrets with us, there is definitely no way I was going to miss it. She  recently released her fitness Dancehall video, In The Dance Fitness Jamaica and came to Toronto to tell us all about it and share some moves from her DVD to whip us into shape!

    20140130_162034As soon as she walked in, you could feel the motivation go up by a 100%, because she has such an amazing spirit and her body is like WOAH! During her introduction she mentioned that she has a one year old, and you could hear the gasps of disbelief, because she is snactched! She also caught me staring at her mid-section in disbelief the minute she said that she just had a baby…yeah it’s FLAT like that. Needless to say we were all more than ready to try out this workout, especially because she says that majority of her fitness regime is dancing. Who doesn’t love dancing? I was so ready!



    What do I think about the In The Dance Fitness Jamaica workout? It was awesome! Yendi is an amazing instructor, and the workout was so much fun. I’ve never had fun while feeling the burn, but we were all having such a good time, that we asked for more when the class was over. It was awesome! I went home hurting so good, and woke up HURTING so good. Totally worth it.











    I went home and did the workout, cause I just couldn’t get enough!

    Thank you Yendi for coming all the way to Toronto and helping us add a little spice to our New Year’s resolutions of looking and feeling better on the inside and outside, and to Tika for sharing this awesome experience with us!


    If you’ve never tried this workout, I suggest you get yourself to the nearest Wal-Mart and get yourself a copy of In The Dance Fitness Jamaica!


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    Spend time on YOU…by practicing Bikram Yoga

     I’ve picked up Bikram Yoga again…it’s definitely different than the yoga some people might think of if you’ve never heard of bikram.

    This hot yoga is 90 minutes in a 105°F room and consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. I know some people don’t always come prepared so make sure you bring water, a mat, towel, and a washcloth (not everyone brings this). Another important thing is to make sure you hydrate before you go!

    The postures (they’re do-able!)

    I live in the Boston area now (Andover, which is about 15 minutes north of Boston if there’s no traffic). I found Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley (located in North Andover) because there was a really good Groupon deal (15 classes for $59). I went to my 12th class today and I feel great. I’ve kept a schedule of going every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Because each class is 90 minutes and the postures are the same, don’t think that it gets repetitive or boring…every class is a challenge and it takes practice to master each posture.

    This bikram yoga place is amazing. The teachers are nice and are willing to help you. Teri, the owner, pushes me and not in a bad way at all. I know there were a couple classes where I’ve never heard my name so many times before but it’s only because I wasn’t properly doing the posture. I love this place and the way I feel after every class.

    Standing Bow Pulling Pose (one of many postures that I’m still trying to work on)

    Be prepared to be challenged but know that it is totally worth it. The plus side, no experience is required! For a list of the postures, names, and benefits, click here!

    Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley on Facebook.

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    Hope all is well in your part of the world :). Soooo the other day i did something very adventurous that i have never done, what was it you say??? PADDLE BOARDING!!! As weird as it may sound to you and myself lol, its alot of fun. www.supatx.com is where you can find the best paddle boards here in Austin. I actually didnt know this until JUST now but they offer paddle boarding classes 5 times a week 🙂 how crazy is that?

    This may look easy, but i busted my arse like 5 times before catching on, but once you get it, you will be screaming “HOLLABACK!” because no one will be able to catch up to you :).

    Benefits from purchasing a paddle board from SUP ATX

    1) You will cherish your paddle board fooorrrrever because they dont come cheap!

    2) You can paddle board where ever and whenever you want too 🙂

    3)You will get ripped! Look at the guy in the picture above.

    4) Im sure there more than just 4 benefits to having a SUP ATX paddle board, but its all i could think of 🙂

    Check em out!

    2201 Lake Austin Boulevard

    Austin,TX 78703