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    AirCandy Inflatable Chair

    Make your home sparkle with the AirCandy Glitter Inflatable Chair!

    Whether you’re working, playing, studying, or just relaxing, the AirCandy Glitter Chair is a lightweight, easy-to-inflate chair that adds style and comfort to any room! It’s 100% waterproof and is built for use indoors and outdoors.

    You can control the firmness by adjusting the air pressure to the perfect level. You’ll feel like you’re floating on air – because you are!


    • Filled with holographic Gold Glitter
    • Measures approximately 46 x 40 x 28″
    • Durable PVC holds up to 250 pounds
    • Includes patent-pending Blow Dryer adapter – now you can inflate using your hair dryer!


    AirCandy Inflatable Chair ($49.99+): Vamp up the playroom and quickly add more seating with these glittery AirCandy’s inflatable chairs.  Easy to transport, pack up, and set up, this inflatable chair makes upgrading any space a breeze! These are JUMBO chairs. They’re comfortable like a bean bag, yet strong enough to hold a 250 LB person.  Perfect for mom, dad and the little ones! AirCandy is made with heavy duty PVC material and is 100% waterproof. Also available on Amazon.

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    Time to get a good night’s sleep with these silk pillowcases crafted from 6A grade mulberry silk, and your skin and hair will also thank you.

    Smooth, Soft, Breathable, Cool-to-the-touch. Perfect in Giving Silk Care to Your Face, Neck and Hair All-night. Waking up in Morning By Soft Silk Pillowcase Provides You A Good Mood At The Start of A Day! Silk never absorbs facial moisture. It is great for Your Hair and Skin. LILYSILK’s 19 Momme Pillowcase is the perfect choice to discover the world of silk. The pillowcase has an envelope closure for those who like to put their hands under their pillowcases when they sleep. Inexpensive yet effective in treating common sleep-related problems such as skin irritations, this pillowcase also leaves your hair feeling hydrated. Turn your average slumber into a rejuvenating deep sleep.

    Silk allow the skin and hair to slide over the pillowcase very gently and freely, reducing facial wrinkles, preventing dry/ knotted hair and reduce hair loss. Silk is also a natural temperature regulator which can adjust our skin temperature to an optimal level, ensuring deep sleep for all night. Experience the luxury of LILYSILK’s silk pillow cases. These silk pillowcases are constructed from pure silk which gives it its smooth finish, even after many times wash and wear. Wrinkle free, easy to care for.

    Why Silk Pillowcase Instead of Satin or Polyester ?

    • An Economical Way to Experience Silk!
    • Protect Hair from Further Damaged.
    • Super soft and smooth, Nourishes Dry Hair
    • Moisture Skin, anti-aging and wrinkles
    • 3 Times Than Cotton and satin in Breathable Test
    • Made of 100% pure natural fabric, no chemicals
    • Looks Luxurious instead of cheap. Beautiful silk sheen, add a style to your bedroom
    • Benefits For Your Hair and Skin, its a long term process, try it, experience it and then stick to it, you will be surprised
    • Not only LilySilk has hot-selling white silk pillowcase, but they have ivory, light blue, silvergray, taupe, and light plum, rosy pink, dark teal pillowcase, and they can customize the size and other color for you.
    • LilySilk also has both sides pure mulberry silk pillowcase, 22 momme silk pillowcase and 25 momme silk pillowcase.

    LilySilk‘s mulberry silk pillowcase has sold to more than 50 countries and they have dedicated to making better silk items for their customers for more than 10 years. No matter how old you are, boys or girls, you can use LilySilk’ silk pillowcase, silk night cap, silk bedding sets, silk pyjamas, silk duvets, silk hair scrunchies and silk women clothing for better sleep and better life ! A silk pillowcase is the perfect choice for you to enter the world of silk.

    Get to Know More About One Side Silk Pillowcase

    • Fabric: 100% 19 Momme pure Mulberry silk with 400 thread count; The underside of the pillowcase is cotton with 40-60 tex.
    • Cotton underside: The underside is made from 100% cotton. The cotton underside is designed to prevent pillow from slipping from the underneath of your head or slipping off the bed. In addition,a cotton underside can help to reduce the overall cost, and most people only use one side of a pillowcase.
    • Closure: Big opening and longer hidden zipper for style, comfort and better fit the pillow into the pillowcase. Each silk pillowcase is handmade and shows top-quality workmanship.
    • Size: Standard: 20”x26”(51x66cm); Queen: 20”x30”(50x75cm); King: 20”x36”(50x90xm)
    • Easy Care: Hand or Machine Wash in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle. Hang to Dry. Cool Iron. Do Not Bleach. Can Also Be Dry Cleaned

    LilySilk silk pillowcase are made with long stranded 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk. No chemicals are added in production process and the use of any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially compromise the quality of the silk has been strictly forbidden to ensure LilySilk customers enjoy the perfectly soft and smooth feel of the silk products.

    The Benefits of Mulberry Silk

    Silk is a protein fiber extracted from the substance secreted by silkworms after lots of handling and processing. It is a fiber closest to our skin and contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body. The laborious processing and inborn advantages brought silk the reputation of queen of fibers.
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    Big shoutout to all the graduates of the Class of ‘22!

    Graduation season is here, and it’s time to celebrate your loved ones’ achievements! Thinking of graduation gifts can sometimes be tricky, but Collage.com has it covered for you.

    They offer ideal and versatile tools to capture your graduate’s favorite memories and turn them into photos. Graduation is an exciting time, but also can mean a lot of change, so there is no better gift than photos that they can take on their next adventure. Whether your graduate is staying close by or going far, photographs are the perfect reminder of home, family, and friends. With gift guides, collections, and even the option to create a customized project, Collage.com will take away any extra stress and make gift-giving easy, fun, and fast! They also offer deals for new users to save 60% off and up to 70% off various products, including free shipping!

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for graduation, Collage.com is the best choice. With hundreds of prints, accessories, bags, blankets, etc, there is everything you need to make your loved one feel special and give them a life long gift.
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    Happy Father’s Day! Get dad a custom gift made just for him, with love from Collage.com

    What! You forgot this year’s Father’s Day gift? No worries, it is never too late to show your love to dad. Anyways he loves you. Just let him know his gift is on the way. No matter how difficult dad is to shop for, custom Father’s Day gifts are sure to hit a home run. Find meaningful gifts for dad he’ll truly enjoy. Shop customizable gifts for dad at Collage.com! Remember, it is never too late, get a gift and send him a screenshot first. Haha, that is how I always do.

    For my dad, his favorite things are my arts. Yes, he knows his daughter is an artist, he is the one who supports me all the time. I know he doesn’t need to hang my arts everywhere at home, but I know he needs blanket, mug and home decos. I can print my arts on all of these products on Collage.com. Is that cool? This year, I printed one of my newest artworks on a blanket to gift my dad. The artwork is my city – San Diego. It is a Queen size Woven Image Blanket.

    Your design is woven directly into this 100% cotton blanket with tasseled edges. This impressive blanket will be a guaranteed conversation-starter.

    If you want to print photos on blankets, you’re in the right place at Collage.com. It’s so easy to print your favorite photos on a soft, cuddly photo blanket that the brand guarantees you’ll love. Add photos from your phone, computer, Facebook, or Google Photos to make a collage photo blanket. Use the website’s professionally created templates to make something extra special. See why hundreds of thousands of customers love their Collage.com photo blankets. Design your own photo blanket today.

    Collage.com is proud to be one of the most popular places to design and order photo blankets online, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers every year. Their photo blankets have been featured as perfect gifts everywhere from “Good Morning America” and “The View” to AARP: The Magazine, Forbes, Mashable and Buzzfeed. Every photo blanket is printed in the USA and protected by their Just Right 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Make special blankets for holiday entertaining with your favorite family photos from the last year. Design an elegant blanket you can’t buy at the store with stylish custom patterns and a monogram to make sure everyone knows it’s yours. Customize a sherpa blanket in your favorite team’s colors to show your support while keeping warm at cold hockey and football games. However you design your woven image blanket, your order will be protected by Collage.com’s Just Right Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Other than blankets, there are so many different things that you can create at Collage.com, go to the website and get some ideas!


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    Got the 4th of July celebration coming up? Friendlily Press has got you covered

    Life hack: say goodbye to the community cup sharpie and use some fun drink stirrers to keep track of your drink! Pair your favorite drink with a witty Beverage Mixing Sticks from Friendlily Press! Available in a wide variety of themes including Throwback, Sports, Travel, and much more. There is truly something for everyone’s taste, but you can even reach out for a custom creation to fit perfectly with your style.

    Made of sturdy 1/8th inch acrylic, these fun Beverage Mixing Sticks work in hot or cold drinks. Friendlily has everything you need to soothe that craving for extra serotonin, the brand is sparking fun and joy in this crazy world through its imaginative and adorable designs. Wash and reuse again and again!

    Build out collections that fit your personality or even upcycle the stirrers by giving your houseplants cute new accessories that add flair to any room. No matter the occasion, their Drink Stirrer Sets are guaranteed to have your guests lay claim to their favorite stirrers for the whole night. Not to mention they make lovely gifts!

    Male Stripper Drink Stirrers

    4 Piece Drink Stirrer Set – Male Stripper

    Package includes:

    Navy Stripper
    Baby Blue Stripper
    Turquoise Stripper
    Green Stripper

    Made of 1/8th inch acrylic and measure approximately 6.25″ in height. Hand wash only. Works in hot or cold drinks. Always handle with care to prevent accidental breaking.

    Pet Cat Drink Stirrers

    4 Piece Drink Stirrer Set – Pet Cat

    Package includes:

    Orange Cat
    Pink Houseplant
    Mango Yellow Cat
    Ivory Cat Tree

    Made of 1/8th inch acrylic and measure approximately 6.25″ in height. Hand wash only. Works in hot or cold drinks. Always handle with care to prevent accidental breaking.

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    Top Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Look Great

    Top Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Look Great

    If your bedroom isn’t as large as all the luxurious, gigantic ones you see online, you don’t need to move house to get the space you desire. Instead, you can try little tips and tricks that will allow you to style your small bedroom and create space at the same time. Keep reading for our top tips on making a small bedroom look great! 

    Make Use Of Vertical Space

    Although you may not have much space horizontally, you’ve still got the entire walls and ceiling space to work with. Making a room look taller can work wonders in helping a room feel more spacious. One easy way to do this is to change your big, chunky radiators into gorgeous vertical radiators instead. Not only will it warm the room a lot quicker due to its design, but it’ll also draw the eye upwards, making the room feel much more breathable. You could also hang plants or photos higher up on the walls. This way they’ll be out of your direct eye line and again, draw your vision upwards.   

    Create An Illusion Of Space

    If you don’t have a lot of space, then you can work to create an illusion of it instead. One easy way to instantly make a room feel bigger is by adding mirrors. You could go as far as having one wall that’s entirely a mirror or even adding stick-on mirrors to the doors of your wardrobe. Mirrors reflect light, which in turn gives openness to a closed space so they’re an affordable and simple way to decorate a small bedroom.  

    Keep It Bright And Light

    Just because your room is small doesn’t mean you don’t need plenty of light. By skimping on adequate lighting in a tighter space, you can actually make the room feel even smaller! Make sure you focus on getting decent lighting and you’ll definitely notice the difference. You might also want to go for a lighter colour palette as too many dark colours can close a space up. The key to making a room feel bigger is to bring airiness to the room, so try and avoid anything that will darken the space. 

    Keep Furniture Off The Ground

    One tip that can do wonders for a small bedroom is to go for furniture that’s slightly elevated. For instance, try choosing a bed that has feet that keep it off of the ground. This way you’ll lift the room and create an illusion of space underneath it. Raised furniture is brilliant for making a room feel taller as well.  

    Be Smart With Storage

    Storage can be tricky when you haven’t got much space to work with, but it’s possible to have beautiful storage that doesn’t eat up the whole room. For instance, instead of a large, invading wardrobe, you could go for clothing rails as they require a lot less space and they look super fashionable. You could also incorporate hidden storage such as drawers underneath your bed or you could even opt for a unique headboard that has secret storage space. Another tip is to swap out any large units for floating shelves. You can place them slightly higher up the wall too so that they elongate the room and provide you with more storage space. Lots of furniture stores nowadays offer smart storage solutions as they’ve realised not everyone has the room for a lot of large pieces, so be sure to check out what your local shops can offer you. 

    Just because you might have a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it the way you would if it was larger. You just need to think about other ways you can stretch the room without physically doing so. Incorporating more light and openness into your room is a sure-fire way to bring a new lease of life into an otherwise small space.